Hi guys, sorry for not updating yesterday , was busy nowhere???
So missed me?? I think not…!!
OK so here goes 7 part of ILUETLUG
Really weird short form..????

Swara came out from washroom and went to bed sanskaar was not in room as he went to get dinner for her ….swara was sitting on bed resting her head to board behind her bed meanwhile kavita came into room…
Kavita to swara- swara are u OK now!!(lil concerned)
Swara- ya kavita m alright…and why r u standing …plz come and sit here (patting to bed signaling her to sit)
Kavita- thank u swara…if u were not there…I could not be here and may be I could not see sanskaar again…thank u soo much for saving my life…and m sorry Only because of me u r in this condition…m sorry..
” …..what do u mean by that swara is in this condition only coz of u..”
Both swara and kavita were startled by the voice they turned to the direction of voice and found sanskaar standing on door with a tray of dinner…
Swara-(tensed and fumbles) WO..WO..no..nothing sanskaar ….just …kuch bhi bol rahi hai…
Sanskar -(serious tone) don’t lie swara coz u know u can’t ….(turning to kavita)..kavita u tell me truth and I want truth only..???
Swara-(interrupting) sanskaar plz na…let’s eat dinner …..vaise bhi mere pet me Jo chuhe hai na unke pet me bhi chuhhe kood rhe hai…??
Sanskaar-(calmly but in angry tone) swara don’t change the topic and kavita u….u tell me ONLY TRUTH…
Kavita- yes swara let me plz tell this to sanskar…
Swara sighed heavily

Kavita- (turning to sanskaar) actually sanskaar today I went to market and swara was also present there …swara saw me there and she came to me…she talked to me and told me about ur marriage….I was so broken that I decided to end my life without listening to her fully…I was walking in between of road when a car came towards me and in process of saving me she pushed me but in between these all she came in front of car and that car hit her..she was in pool of blood n I was not getting what to do …….then I took her to the hospital with the help of some people….u know she was not supposed to get discharge today but she is so stubborn that doctor has to discharge her…she is very weak but she told me to not to tell truth to any one of u….but I thought at least I should tell u…

Sanskaar was teary eyed an now more restless and concerned n without wasting any second he engulfed swara into hug…he was crying unknowingly …whereas swara and kavita were shocked by this type of behaviour by sanskaar but end up in thinking it concerned towards friend….
Swara-(calming sanskaar) shhh…sanskar ….see nothing happened to me….m all fine ..so plz stop crying and by the way why r u crying…..u know what abhi toh mujhe tumhaara bohot dimag khana hai….or waise bhi abhi toh mera swayamvar bhi baaki hai..???
Sanskaar calmed down a bit and when he realised that he is hugging swara..he hesitantly pulled back….
Sanskaar- (avoiding eye contact ) now comeon take ur dinner and ur medicine and sleep for sone time (now lil serious and looking towards swara) and dont u dare to do this again u know kya haalat ho gayi thi meri…

Swara-(overwhelmed by his care) ok baba i wont do anything like that again…accha ab tum log meri baat suno ….now we hv to do something to make family members agree for ur wedding…so the plan is that we have to show them how good kavita is… and kavita unow u will do whatever i say ok..
Kavita- okay..
The screen split into happy face of kavita, determined face of swara and uninterested face of sanskaar.

Next morning…
Next day in afternoon all ladies were discussing what to make for dinner when suddenly swara nudge to kavita and kavita understood her motive and says to ap..
Kavita- badi maa if u dont mind today may I plz prepare the dinnet..
Alllook at her wheather swara also joined her..
Swara- ha badima let her cook I will also help her..
All look at swara who is insisting them to let her cook so they allowed her..
In kitchen..
Kavita was struggling with wheat doe and whenever swara lend helping hand to her she denied saying this is my left hand work..???
Swara left to her room to get her mobile phone..
Meanwhile sanskaar came to home to get some important file as he was walking to his room he saw kavita struggling with wheat doe so he thought to see what she will do ……he saw that she is continuously punching the doe and he moved towards the kitchen to get a better sight of what’s happening and reaching there he can’t control his laugh listening to kavita’s talk but he controlled somehow….
Kavita- u idiot(punching doe with one hand) u stupid( again punching) u ..u..yup u ..forget it..why its to hard yaar , why its so hard to make a doe….(she thinks for a while)..IDEA..
She took the doe from utensil and in a fraction of second threw it on floor and then started to rising it from floor from one side than again beat it on floor.(guys assume how clothes are washed like that only ???)
Seeing this sanskaar eyes widened and now he can’t control his laugh but still he laughed in volume so that no one can listen to him…meanwhile swara also came to kitchen and seeing her sanskaar hid so that swara can’t see her….
On the other side…swara came to kitchen and was shocked to see the sight…she went to kavita…whereas sanskaar was listening to them..
Swara-(utter shock) kavita WHAT IS THIS??????
Kavita -see na swara this doe is not mixing properly…??
Before swara could say anything they heard someone’s footstep…they started to panic..suddenly swara got an idea and she went to shelf …took the floor container and and pour whole floor on her… Both kavita and sanskaar were shocked because of her this doing meanwhile suddenly ap came to kitchen and was shocked to see the kitchen..
Ap- what is this?????
Swara- ma WO actually I was taking flour from shelf and it fell on me that’s why whole kitchen is messed up…but u don’t worry I will clean it..
Now sanskaar was more shocked seeing that swara is saving kavita and taking all blame on herself…
After listening this AP sweetly said swara that ” its alright” and went from there smilingly…..but sanskaar was standing all shocked and numb…meanwhile.
Kavita- swara why u took all blame on urself..
Swara- first of all wat have u done to kitchen and secondly I took blame coz I don’t want ur image to ruin in front of family…and now be side I will make dinner…
Kavita- what ….but..
Swara- no ifs and buts let me do it

After 1 hour dinner was ready and swara also cleaned herself..all were sitting on dining table and were doing dinner and praising the cook…
Dp- dinner is so Delicious… Who made it??
Before anyone could say anything swara interrupted
Swara- bade papa dinner is being made by kavita…
Now sanskaar is on the last stage of shock…he is not able to say anything…
After dinner everyone went to their respective room and swasan also went to their room….. After entering to the room sanskaar can’t control himself more so he decided to confront her..
Sans- swara…
Swara- haa sanskar
Sanskaar- ummm…swara WO actually I saw everything
Swara-(now tensed) w…what u saw???
Sans- everything…I saw how kavita was playing boxing with doe …..
Swara was shocked??
Sans- aise shock mat ho…dekha Maine…kaise kavita aate ke saath dhobi pacchad kar rahi thi….
But first tell me why u did this..
Swara-(when saw that sans know everything tells him) see sanskaar….u know that we hv to make u both marry and for that its neccesary that we should make her everyones fav
Sanskaar after listening this sanskaar was more guilty and angry on swara for defaming hersrlf for kavita.
Sanskaar- are u nuts swara for me and kavita u r defaming urself.!! Why..why r u doing this.(now more guilty) why r u doing this knowing this that after this ur life will be destroyed…
Swara(interrupting) hey..who said that my life will be destroyed…actually…i will become free bird…or waise bhi mujhe apne swayamvar ki tayyari bhi karni hai??

Meanwhile kavita enters the scene
Kavita- thank u so much swara for helping me…I can’t even repay u..
Swara observe environment becoming emotional so she decided to lighten it…
Swara-who said u can’t repay…u can surely repay(now teasingly) u can repay by giving two extra scoop of icecream to me in ur wedding..
Both swakav( swara and kavita) burst into laughter but sanskaar didnt liked the teasingness about him and kavita ….so he ignored it..
In between all this sanskaar was staring swara unknowingly but swara only noticed kavita who was continuously staring sanskaar though she was not feeling good but still she decided to Leave them alone
Swara-(teasingly to hide her feelings) ahem..ahemm..kavita m also here if u wanna stare sanskaar u can surely ….I think I should leave..(after saying this swara’s eyes are welled up coz she can’t control herself after all she is giving Her love to someone else… And other side sanskaar was not feeling good after being teased and was more guilty to see that swara was making environment light by hiding her pain…he was guilty by thinking that he is going to ruin the life of most precious and most sweet girl of world..soon swara went from there and san—kav (sorry guys I can’t tolerate them that much close) were only present there..
Kavita(going close to sans)- baby..didn’t u miss me..
Sanskaar(going backward) n..no..no..ac…actually.. Yes..no(he was stammering badly seeing kavita coming towards him)
Kavita was moving towards him and he was moving backwards….when he reached near the wall and there was no way to escap he stood there making face like he has seen ghost???
Kavita reached near sanskaar and blocked his way with one hand and with other hand she was moving her finger from her forehead to his chin
Kavita- babyyyyyy didn’t u miss me??
Sanskaar(making horrible faces???) kk…kavita w..WO…wo plz leave me..
Kavita- kyuuuuuu!!!!
Sanskaar -wo…wo aaj mera Somvaar ka hanuman Ji ka vrat hai…
Kavita(continue seducing)- par today is Tuesday na!
Sanskaar bit his tongue and said- WO..WO..yup..kalrakhna bhul gaya tha na isliye a..aaj ra..rakhliya iss liye abhi tum plz mujhe baksh do..
Saying this he ran from there as fast as he can..
Sanskar (after coming outside panting heavily) uffff…sanskaar Bach gaya tu…varna aaj toh Teri izzar par bohot bada khatra that…???
Oh god plz save my virginity..(lol???)
Time passed like this and kavita was becoming good in front of everyone,her every mistake was covered by swara which was not gone unnoticed by sanskaar…and day by day he was unknowingly falling for swara but has a mindset that he loves kavita that’s why he was not realising his love for swara….
So done with third last part..
So friends today m going to introduce myself …after all Ab hamara 7 episodes ka rishta ho gaya h..??
So m shivangi Shukla ….naam to suna nhi hoga…sunoge bhi kaise Maine aaj tk bataya hi nhi…???
M 16 and soon going to be a bio student and currently living in Gorakhpur… Iska naam to pakka nhi suna hoga kyunki iska naam Maine khud pehli baar 4 saal pehle suna hai…???
OK sooo Gorakhpur is in uttar Pradesh..
And m from UP.
So here ends my intro and thanks to all who hv supported me .
And HOPE if u r reading this..m so sorry I can’t comment on ur three shots coz of some technical problem.. But really it was awesome and all of u…plz read it coz its really new concept..??

Credit to: Serena

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    1. Thank u and I will give u the lengthy and funny wala epi at last which is my special wala last episode after my as..like a type of epilogue??

  2. Hi, Shivangi you write really nice it was so funny you know specially that swayamber thing that was amazing. And one more thing I have heard of that place cause I am also from UP.

    1. Thank u and can u tell me name of the place from where u belong..??

      1. Kanpur 🙂

  3. Its awesome and kavita in kitchen was awesome part..??

    1. Thank u dear..☺☺

  4. its awesome……pls pls I request u update n English alone pls

    1. Thank u and wish granted??but somewhere I hv to write in Hindi but I will surely give the translation??

  5. hey I know gorakpur .. meri best frnd waha se hai… good concept ..jldi post kia karo

    1. Thank u..?? and will surely post soon..

  6. Wow, cho funny chappy.Thank god, sanky bal bal bachgaya vo bhi uski virginity ke saath, lol.And wow, kya intro diya hai,wah, wah.

    1. Thankkkkkk uuuuuuu..??? kya h na..him UP wale hai….koi bhi kam mamuli tareeke se nahi large..??????

  7. It was too much ???? Kavita’s boxing… Sanskar’s vrat… ???

    Bechra sanskar uski izzat loot leti kavita to… ????

    N ek sec tu 16 ki hai to gorakhpur ka naam 4 saal pehle kaise suna… Baki 12 saal kaha gaye ?????

    1. Thank u Di..and actually my father was in defencedefence so we use to roam all over India…isliye puri zindagi surf ghumti rhi…or 4 saal pehle yaha land hui hu???

      1. Kya kya ghooma ab tak.. ?

      2. Punjab,Bengal,Rajasthan,MP,Delhi…??

  8. Please write in English I can’t understand hinde

    1. Sure …ur wish my command but I will use Hindi somewhere and will give u translations??

  9. hey shivu….
    i hope u dont mind me calling u shivu…. afterall hamara seven episodes purana rishta h…
    n i hav heard infact i hav been to gorakhpur many tyms….
    actually i am frm bihar bt i stay in dehradun fr my studies…
    i am fourteen nd curently in class tenth…..
    now enough of my bak bak…
    the update was very nic….
    i hope sanky realises his love fr swara…

    1. Actually I love it when someone call me by nick name and I would really love it if u will call me shivu..☺☺☺n I hv just passed my 10 std n thanks for reading..???

  10. Awesome but plz make sanskar realize his love for swara…..update soon….

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  15. Hey you are fantastic writer and i was rolling and laughing like mad on my sofa and it was amzing part and plzz plzz its BIG WALA REQUEST PLZZ MAKE SANSKAAR REALIZE HIS LOVE FOR SWARA ASAP AND PLZZ KAVI OUT ASAP PLZZ PLZZZ :-):-)

    1. Thank u soo Mich and don’t worry about swasan
      They will definitely meet..???
      Par pata nhi isi janam me milenge ki nhi????

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  17. Hi Shivangi. Actually I am also from U P. But I live in Basti. Basti naam to hi suna hi hoga kyuki Basti is very near to Gorakhpur. And one more thing Soooory I have not commented on any other episodes . Actually only today I read all U R Episodes. And One thing I want to give U my Intro . My real name is Smriti Verma. But I use Shipra name for commenting. My age 11 years 8 months. I study in 7 standard. kaha rahti houn ye to tumhe pata hi. And Soooory for my bak bak. And About U R writing skills. U R very good writer. U write comedy scenes very good. And I will call U di. Okey?

    1. Thank u for reading it and off course basti ka naam kisne nhi suna hoga….its very famous…and obvio u can call me Di..even I would be glad to get a lil sis coz I don’t hv any sis…???or waise bhi him UP wale hote hi aise hai….all Indians are my bro and sis ko seriously le liya hai…???

      1. Aapni bahan ko Thank u bolengi. Not fair di. Jase Friendship ka rule hai Dostimain No sorry and no Thank you. Vase Sistership mein bhi No Sorry and No Thank You. This is Shipra’s rule. So from now No Sorry and No Thank You. And I will also glad That I have got a elder sister. As I have no sister.

      2. Awww cho chweet of u.???

  18. hey shivangi our names are some what similar well , i am shubhangi panigrahi from odissa i am of 14 but i couldn’t understad how can u be in 10th as i am still in 8th coming to today’s part it was awesome

    1. Hahaha.. Even I could not figure out how I reached to ten.??? n well m not fully 16 m going to be 16 in July..??

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    1. Thank u and good to see u comment again??? and request accepted …n whenever I will write in Hindi I will surely give translation..???

  20. Hey….I am a silent reader of this forum you are just a wonderful writer when I read this i was laughing uncontrollably I am also from Gorakhpur in which school do you study

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  24. U r from up
    My home town os in up
    So we r sisy right

    1. Thanks.. N sure we are sissy???

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