Hi guys m back with new part…so get ready with ur shoes and sandal coz after part u will need it??

Sans-(mumbled) KAVITA….
Sanskar was shocked seeing the person in front of him…flashback of him and kavita was going on in his mind..but his trance broke by swara’s voice..
Swara- badi maa she is kavita my new friend she only took me to hospital…
Ap- oh! Please welcome beta! And thank u so much.?
Sujju- haa chori…tharaa bahut bahut dhanyavaad..tune mhaari chori ki Jaan bachai hai..
Kavita- no no aunty..plz don’t say thanks coz what she has done for me is very big infront of this..
Ap-(confused) what??
Swara-(interrupting) no..nothing ma (after pausing for sec) maa, mom ,badepapa,papa I wanna ask u something…
Ap- ha beta bolo
Swara- ma vo actually …kavita is new to this city..and she has just came from Mumbai and want a flat soo….
Sans(tensed)- sooo??
Swara- so if u don’t mind can she stay here until she gets the flat plzzzzzz(making cute puppy face)??
No one can say no to her specially when she is making that puppy face. So everyone agreed but one person who was not liking their decision was sanskaar.
Ap-ok swara! Now u take rest(turning to sanskaar) sanskaar take swara to room.
Sanskaar- ha badi maa(turning to swara) swara chalo.
Laksh- bhai is baar Bhabhi ko uthaa ke nhi le ke jaaoge..??
Everyone laughed whereas swasan were highly embarresed.
After that everyone moved to their respective rooms.
Sanskaar brought swara in his arm whereas swara was continuously staring at sanskar without his notice. Once reached in room sanskaar placed swara on bed and then stand at her side with his hand on his chest.
Swara saw him.
Swara-(giving questioning look) whatt????
Sans- swara why u brought kavita here..
Swara- I hv already told u that she is not getting flat here so until she gets flat she will stay with us.
Sans- swara don’t lie to me,I know u very well.so tell me…
Swara(thinks) u really know me very well sanskar but still u can’t get it how much I love u but m happy about that..?
Swara- (hesitantly) sanskaar …..actually..WO…sanskaar I know we did this marriage for ragini and laksh..and in this all u ..u lost ur first love only because of me….I just want to rectify my mistake…that’s all.I want that u two unite…
Sanskaar was numb after listening to her side and he was feeling like someone is stabbing in his heart but don’t know this feeling..
(Guys as I told u earlier that sanskaar has fallen in love but is unaware about his feeling)
Sans-(lil angry) what are u saying swara….we r married dammit and the most important thing…U R NOT AT FAULT.. So don’t feel guilty…we both took this decision and we did this marriage with our consent and….
Swara-(calmly interrupted) wasn’t kavita was ur first love..???
Swara-say na sanskaar
Swara-(smile faintly) ur silence is giving ur answer to my question.
(Swara’s eyes are filled with tears right now but she composes herself..)
Sanskaar- but…
Swara- (interrupting) don’t feel guilty about me..
Sanskaar- (shocked that how she can understand him so well) huh!
Swara- I know u r feeling guilty ….but really don’t feel guilty and don’t worry about me.. M absolutely fine…(now teasingly and jokingly) or waise bhi u know when u both will get married na I will arrange a swayamvar for me ….n I will name as ….ummm…let me think …yup swara ka swayamvar…sundar or susheel var ki talaash ..??
N I will also put some demands like …..ummm…yup
Boy should know how to cook..,he should do house chores at least 6 days a week (sanskar’s eyes widened)
Sanskaar- 6 days..??????
Swara- (innocently) yes coz Sunday is holiday so I will appoint maid that day..???
Sanskaar – swara u r really mad..??
Swara- I know ??and u know what I will marry
That person who will pass all this test..??
Sanskaar felt bad when he listened swara talking about her marriage and thought of her with some other man is enough to make him restless and angry(or I should say jealous ??)(but still don’t know why)
Swara- OK now its enough I hv to fresh up so m going..
Sans- ya u should fresh up and m going to bring dinner for u and then u hv to take ur medicine.
Swara- sanskaar u don’t worry I will take my medicine u go…
Sanskaar-(interrupting) no m here na so u better keep quite I will get ur food and then I WILL GIVE U MEDICINE.. Did u get that…don’t dare to say no..
Swara-(at last accepting her defeat) OK baba now m going…
Saying this she went to washroom plastering a smile on her face but as soon as she entered the Washroom she bolted the door and leaning to the door she cried hard by keeping her hand on her mouth so that sanskaar who was in room can’t listen her..whereas in room sanskaar was extremely restless but he don’t know why….
Yadaan teriyan aaundiyan hanju le le ke
Rone aa assi kalle
Raati oss chan thalle beh beh ke (x2)

Yadaan teriyan aundiyan hanju le le ke

Tere bina dil eh dhadhakda nai (aa.. haaye)
Tere baajon dil eh lagda nai
Roi jaave seene de vich beh ke (beh ke)
Sohn teri dil sukkda nai

Aaye.. Tujhe bhi pata a
Mujhe bhi pataa
Yeh jo bhi hai dil ki hain ghaltiyan
Tujhe bhi pataa mujhe bhi pata
Yeh jo bhi hai dil ki hain ghaltiyan

Hum hain bekusoor ho gaye door door
Mar na jayein vichhode seh seh ke
Yaadan teriyan aaundiyan hanju le le ke

Humein jo mile
Yeh jo faasle
Marzi nai humari
Rab ke hain faisle (x2)

Hathon ki laqeer
Jo mod deti Heer
Ranjha aata nai khayalon mein reh reh ke
Yadan teriyan aaundiyan hanju le le ke

Tere bina dil ae dhadakda nai
Tere baajon dil eh lagda nai
Roi jave seene de vich beh ke
Sohn teri dil sukda nai

Hanju le le ke…

The screen splits on crying swara and restless sanskaar..

Hufff done with one more part and guys I really didn’t know that saying that m going end it will give so much response to my as???
Well guys how was the joke..and anu u guessed it right so here is ur reward??????
2 lakh rs, a empty gift box in which u can put whatever u want?? and a cute little pet???
And thanks to all who gave me DHAMKI PYAAR KI???

Credit to: Serena

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  1. It was osm.. Swara’s swayamvar joke was good

    1. Thank u Di?? I thought swara me swayamvar ki baat sun kar app log is savan mere upar joote chapal ki bafish karoge but I got appreciation… Well done Serena??

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    1. Yup its ss and just 3-4 parts remaining.?

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    1. Thank u for commenting…..but I can’t go to psyciatarist coz every mental hospital has abandoned me to enter there as I has already turned their Dr. Psycho????

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    Anyway Nice part dr…..

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    1. Is it really shot???? Actually it took 2 hrs to write this but sorry for disappointing u… Next chappy will be big….pakka wala promise.???

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        That’s like a good girl.

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    1. Thank u sooo much and I promise once in lifetime we will pakka meet.???and coming to ss it has to end on a day or two but I promise I will come with next concept soon..?? and yup thanks for complement coz I get it occasionally either if my friends hv some work with me or if they want to take notes from me.???poor me???

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    n i really wanted to ask u tht r u frm delhi?

    1. Thank u and no m not from Delhi I will tell u 2morrow about mW after chapter..

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