Hi guys. Hope u all r fine. Well I think u guys are not liking my story that’s why comments are decreasing day by day that’s why I hv a surprise for u all….I hv decided to END this ss in this shot??. So enjoy this last part and after the part one more surprise.

All were shocked after seeing the scenario and sanskar’s eyes were filled with tears. He was not able to say anything.
Swara was standing on the stairs(the place in MF which is connected to two different sets of stairs where sanskaar slapped swara unknowingly in show)
Swara was standing there with support of a girl she was having arm sling in her hand and bandage on her head.it can be seen that she is not able to walk properly.
Every one was just numb to see her like this but their numbness was disturbed by a voice…
It was sanskaar.he rush to swara ,his eyes were totally wet to see her like this.
Sanskaar-(highly worried and teary eyed) swara ….swara what happened to u? How this happens..? Why didn’t u call me…? O my god…. How..
Swara-(interrupting) oh hello! My KBC take a break!have a KitKat??
Sanskar(lil anger in concern) swara are u serious! In this situation also u have to show ur humor.(in disbelief)????
Swara- arey sanskaar m…(interrupted)
Sanskaar-(lil angry in concern) u just shut up..
Ap- but swara how it happened?
Swara- ma nothing..(again interrupted)
Sujju- hai chori ye ke ho gaya?
Swara- mom actually …(again interrupted)
Ragini- Di where u went.?
Swara- ragini WO…(again interrupted)
Pari- ha swara ! Did u hurt itself more?
Now everyone was firing her with questions and poor swara doesn’t know what to do??
Swara(shouting) statue! Statue all of u!!????(wow what a way to stop other)
Swara- (pouting) is this a way to ask question to injured way. Abhi toh aayi hu. SWAGAT NAHI KAROGE HAMARA.????
Everyone were amused by swara’s behavior after accident but they very well knew it that swara would never show her pain in front of all.and moreover they were happy to see old swara back.

Swara- what?? Why are u all staring me like this. (Pouting and innocently) won’t u all call me inside?????
Hearing this everyone realised that swara is standing in this condition from very long time.
Sanskaar- oh god! Ya come inside
He went to her left side and put his hand on her right shoulder and was about to hold her left hand but…
Sa skaar- no..no u have arm sling in this hand… wait a minute(he went to her right side and about to hold her right hand) no..no..not this side. Oh god! How to take u inside?? ???
Swara- sanskaar I can walk!!!(giving him obvious look)
Sanskaar-(suddenly shouted) NO!
Everyone was startled by his sudden action.
Sanskar-(still lil serious) no u won’t walk or else u will end up in hurting itself…
Laksh-(teasingly and jokingly) then bhai why don’t u carry Bhabhi to hall??
Sanskaar-(immidiately) ya laksh u r right..(saying this he immediately carried swara and ran to drawing room)
He ran to drawing room whereas laksh was standing there with his jaw dropping and touching the ground.??
As he was just joking.and the other side swara was shocked by this sudden action of sanskaar whereas whole family was adoring there relationship.
Sujju to ram- Ji sikho kucch apne chore se….Kaise apni bingdi(wife) ki seva Kare h….kitna pyaar kare hai chori se..or ek aap ho…
Ram- are tu ek baar gaadi ke neeche as toh sahi phir dekhna aisi khatirdari karunga ki 2-3 mahine se pehle thik na howegi tu..???

At other side everyone are continuously questioning and enquiring swara and sanskaar was just repeating their words whether swara was just giving dumb look to everyone and angry glare to sanskaar as he was adding fuel to fire.???
Ap- swara how this happened.
Swara- badi ma it was a minor accident.
Ap- whatttttt??? Is it looking like MINOR accident.
Sanskar- yes swara is it looking like minor accident?(swara giving him angry glare)??
Sujju- u should take care swara!
Sans- ya u should take care swara!(again?)
Pari- is it hurting swara?
Sans -ya is it hurting swara?(again?)
Ap- how could be u so careless swara?
Sans- ya how could be u so careless swara?(all this whole swara was angrily glaring at sanskaar and sanskaar was not getting why?)
Ragini- Di u should take care.
(Now sanskar again repeated it..and u can think of it now???)
Sans- ha Di u should take care.

Now everyone is glaring sanskaar and sanskaar was giving them “what-did-i-do” look when suddenly laksh stamped on his leg.
Laksh- bhai tu kyun Di bol raha hair Teri to wo legally wedded wife hai.
Sanskaar now got it what he has done.
Sanskaar-NOOOOO…..no di …badimaa swara is not my Di …..mom..Bhabhi she is not my Di and ragu plz don’t use this word infront of me.(he was sweating and panting heavily while everyone just giggling on his act.)
Sanskaar(now back in serious and restless mode)sitting on his knees beside her- swara now seriously tell me how this happened?
Swara- actually sanskaar I was crossing road when suddenly a car came and I lost my balance.
Sanskaar-(more restless) swara what is this!!! Can’t u walk properly. U should take care of urself..
Swara- arey sanskaar! m fine… See.
Sanskaar-(sarcastically) ya I can see…how much fine u are.
Ap-beta now u take rest…(turning towards sanskaar) sanskaar take her to room.
Sans- Ji badimaa(he was about to carry her when swara screamed..
Swara- oh shooooot!!!???
Sans- (concerned) what happened swara?? Why u screamed(checking her) are u alright?????
Swara- ya sanskaar m all right…actually I forgot to introduce my new friend to u all.
Ragini- new friend???????
Swara- ya ragu actually she was the one who took me to the hospital.
Ap- then toh we should definitely meet her and thanks her! Where is she swara????
Swara- there she is on stairs..☺☺
Everyone turned towards the direction except sanskaar.
Swara- she is my new friend KAVITA.
As soon as sanskaar heard the name he turned towards the stairs and was shocked to see the person.
Sans- (mumbled) kavita…
Hehehe what u thought I will end it so soon????????
….I should also get the chance na…to joke with u all. Well I know u all really want to rip my head off coz I again left sanskaar in shock. But it was neccesary n I know today’s part was very boring but soon m going to bring an interesting part…keep reading..??

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    1. Thank u??

  1. U gave me heart attack yaar..with ur so-called-joke..

    1. Arey no..no.. Take care of ur heart year or else ur family will file case against me.??? Then tommorow there will be headline “ff phadke aaya ek ladki ko heart stroke. Writer se jaari h puchtach”???

  2. Kavitha…..???? Yaar I just hate this name now a days…..

    1. Don’t hate it because every where only she is the one who unite swasan, be it by her evilness only.??

  3. Oh god… That di part was osm… U go rofl.. ??????

    N Swara’s filmy dialogue oh man.. ????

    1. Thank u actually I was also laughing while writing..???

  4. Nice dear

    1. Thank u dear.☺☺☺

  5. thank god it was a joke…I really like ur ss so pls don’t end it soon yr

    1. Thank u and don’t worry it was just trail or abhi toh puri picture baaki h?????

  6. awesome…but plz don’t make kavita a villain…..

    1. Thank u and sorry but she is villain but I promise u will enjoy her character..???

    1. Thank u???

  7. I can’t stop laughing…. Poor sanky….. Hope she is not same kavita…..

    1. Thank u and sorry for breaking ur hope but she is same???

  8. Its not boring ….. its so funny..
    Sply sanskar repeating every thing…. n DI too….

    keep it up…
    waiting for next

    1. Thank u for appreciation???
      And will surely update soon.??

  9. nyc..and plz dnt stop dis ff..:)

    1. Thank u..???

  10. its awesome nd dont dare to end it yaar…..

    1. Thank u?? n OMG itne pyaar se dhamki..???

  11. Tooooo good it was

    1. Thank u..???

  12. ohh goddd dear…..
    u gave me a mini heart attack today….
    bt d update was awsm….

    1. Thank u..??? n sorry for giving u heart stroke..??

  13. Wow, what a chapter, awsm.Loved it.Aww, poor swara, uspe sab logo ne questions ki barish kardi.And our sanky baby is co cute and caring.And copy karne ki time,oh my god, I thought for sometime’he is gone’, lol . About your joke,worst joke of the day, you gave me heart attack, you joker.

    1. Thank u..?? n truly speaking when I was reading ur comment I was drinking water n after reading joker I choked and my whole water was on bro’s face next moment…???

  14. awesome.. dont seperate swasan…. just my thinking… i think swara is the one who bring kavita home as she knows sanskar loves kavita,.. so may be she wants to unite them… i may be wrong in guessing also….

    1. Thank u..and bout ur assumption…let’s see in next epi…???

  15. Thank god u r not going to end this and superb waiting for next part plz upload soon

    1. Thank u..??

  16. awesome yr upload nrxt soon

    1. Thank u..??


    1. Thank u..??

  18. Yaar it’s tooo good… Whatever may happen pls don’t separate swasan and as you said Kavita is villian….. Let her plan bring swasan close…

    1. Thank u and don’t worry swasan are meant 4 each other but m very naughty..??? mera dimag kabhi bhi ghum sakta h???????

  19. awww soo cute … its realy soo funny episode nd our sanky s always soo caring nd lovable person nd plz dn’t give dis typs of heart attack dear..

    1. Thank u so much…and sorry for giving u heart attack but mere pandit me kaha h hafte me 2-3 baar kisi ko attack de diya kro uski zindagi me khushiyan as jaayengi???? so see m only thinking about u guys ….???.. Innocent me….????

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