Hi friends thanks for giving so many comments…here goes the 3 part of I Love U Enough To Let U Go

Swara dozzed off on terrace itself thinking about him and sanskaar.
Sanskaar get out of washroom and looks for swara as he was now habitual for his things getting from her..when he didnt found her, he asked servants but they also didn’t knew about her whereabouts. Sanskaar started to search her all over mansion.
Sanskaar-(little worried) arey yaar! Where swara has gone at this time..she knows that I can’t live without her..(he didn’t realize what he said(I think he has really got shaadi me side effect bina socche bolts hai.lol???))

Meanwhile laksh was standing there with his back towards sanskaar and as soon as sanskaar saw him he went to laksh but laksh didn’t noticed him as he was busy in his mobile.
Sanskar-(from his back) lucky tune apni Bhabhi ko dekha h kya…pata nhi kaha chali gayi.
Laksh- ha bhai shaayad terrace par h I saw her going toward terrace steps(saying this he turned around) what? Why?
Laksh- dont ask anything and plz dont open ur eyes or else u will regret.???
Sanskaar- (confuse with his behaviour) laksh why are u behaving wierd????
Laksh- m behaving wierd! ??Seriously bhai!???? Look at urself. Bhabhi ke aane ke baad itne dependent ho gaye ki ye bhi bhul gaye ki apki pant kaha rakhi hai.??????.
Sanskar-(confused) what?(and he looked towards himself) oh god!!!!?????
Where is my pant.
Laksh-(sarcastically) himalaya par!!!how do i know.
Sanskaar looked here and there and found curtain on window and ran to window and hid himself behind curtains such that only his face was poking out of curtains.(and guys don’t worry he has his t shirt don’t think kucch aisa vaisa????)
Laksh – (teasingly) bhai I didn’t knew that Bhabhi ke aane baad app THE SANSKAR MAHESHWARI who is best known for his memory power will forget his PANT!!!!!!????
Sanskaar- lucky ke bacche tu ruk(saying this he was about to run to him but was stopped by a scream…yes actually in process of chasing lucky the curtain was out of his hold and again he was in his old avtaar i.e.only in t shirt???)
He turned around and saw a maid with ap and sujju and all three were closing there eyes with embarrassment.????
Sanskaar-(funnily) hey bhagwaan kya family hair meri apne hi Ghar ke bacche ki izzat ke peeche nahaa dho ke pad gaye hai.???????

Sanskaar then spotted a carton(boxes used to pack stuffs like TV and fridge) and grab it and wore it below his waist(lol????)
And then sanskaar flew from there wearing carton. Whereas whole family members present there rolled laughing???????
Sanskaar we t to terrace with carton(lol???)
He looked around and saw swara lying on floor he worriedly went towards her and sat beside her and saw her sleeping peacefully with tear stains on her cheeks.he thought that may be she cried because of recent conversation.he felt bad for her, he unknowingly caresses his cheeks and carried her to their room and made her sleep.
After that incident swara started to avoid sanskaar and sanskaar was feeling very bad. Swara started to get lost in her work more and due to this sudden behaviour of hers everyone was hell worried for her but the most worried was SANSKAAR.

Precap – does this avoidness will lead to some storm.

Thanku guys for lots of comment???
U really encouraged me a lot guys. Keep reading and off course comment. And guys if u don’t like today’s part plz hold on for tmmrw and then from tmmrw u can throw anything on me actually today there is no water supply in my colony so 2day I will not be able to clean myself.??????

Credit to: Serena

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  1. Hahaha poor sanskar……I can’t stop laughing…… Try to update soon….

    1. Thank u so much dear???

  2. awesome update serena loved the episode and sanskar’s scene was the highlight of d episode very nice creativity

    1. Thank u sissy??

  3. Sanskar lol….. But pls don’t separate swasan……

    1. Thanks a lot and don’t worry m true swasanian.???

  4. Amazing epi i was laughing lyk a mad while reading ??? so funny ……….but sad for swara yaar??………..plzzzzzzz update soon???

    1. Thank u I was also laughing like mad while writing???dont be sad for swara.

    1. Thank u???

    1. Thank u??

  5. So funny…awesome…

    1. Thank u so much???

  6. Mind blowing dear.Aww, my poor sanky baby.I like ROFL, lol.Waiting for nxt.

    1. Thank u and really very poor of sanky??????

  7. M so sorry guys TU has not printed few lines i ‘ll write here its from where laksh told sanskaar about swara
    Laksh- ha bhai she is……(saying this he turn around)aahhhhh….
    Sankar(worriedly and scared by scream)what happened.
    Meanwhile ragini also came there listening scream
    Ragini-wat happened laksh
    Before she could say anything laksh covered her eyes with his hand.
    Laksh- ragu don’t look towards bhai.
    Ragini-(surprised and confused) what? But why??
    So this was the missing part.
    Thank u for cooperation and comments.

  8. I enjoyed it awesome pls don’t end it soon the story is going on well pls yaar & v.importantly update soon

    1. Thank u?? and sorry actually I hv already written it but ya I can say that it was going to end in 3-4 parts but now it will end in 6-7 parts with a special last epi.???

  9. Awesome
    Aaj maza aa gaya ep padkar
    Best line – hath dho padh gayi hai?

    1. Thank u and it was mine favourite line too.???

    2. Thank u and it was mine favourite line too.???????

    1. Thank u??

  10. nice…awesome…

    1. Thanks dear??

  11. ❤?Natasha?❤

    It was awesome dear…????❤❤❤

    1. Thank u sooo much dear?????

    1. Thanks ☺☺☺

  12. ur ff s really awesum dear… nd poor sanky haha… agar tum saath ho s my fav song dear… i realy felt bad fr swara …

    1. Thank u and really poor sanky???….ATSH is my fav too??

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