Hi guys so here goes I love u enough to let u go part 2

Sans-(dreamingly)- KAVITA
Swara- (confused) huh!
Sans-She is kavita. My first love. her steps made my life beautiful I loved her a lot but my world took360 degree turn when she got to know about my marriage. She broke down completely she left me and before I could say anything to her she left this city, she changed her phone no., her parents denied to tell me anything about her.I really loved her and now I dunno where she is..
(He was saying this without noticing to whom he is talking and there swara remained teary eyed.)
Swara-(looking into his eyes) do u still love her?
Sanskaar- (lost somewhere) hmmmm..
(Then he came to his senses and look towards swara) (fumbles)vo…vo..nhi..nothing like that..I..I think I..I should go n freshen up.
And sanskaar flew from there.

After sanskaar went swara with a sad face and completed her work then she took a diary from drawer and went to terrace coz she knew that no one will come there at this odd hour.she sits on floor of terrace.and starts writing.
(M giving u her monologue guys)
Hi Annie( her diary’s name is Annie)
I know its long time since we talked after my wedding.
U know Ann today m again heart broken. (Now she started sobbing)

From my childhood I never complained to god for anything I never even complained when he snatched my parents from me I was just 10 with ragu but ragu was so small that time she was just 3 what was her fault why u gave her the punishment which she don’t deserve. But still I never blamed u god I accepted it as my destiny. I saved ragu from this whole world. I still remember how my maternal and paternal family left us on road after mom dad’s demise. We struggled for food and water for several days then I was not able to see my ragu like this so I started to steal food but only for her coz I promised mom that I won’t do anything wrong after few days I got job in nearby restaurant. How ironic it is that a 10 yrs old girl was doing job in restaurant and none thought about her studies .I never let ragu knew that m a maid in restaurant who just is nothing but one to clean other’s leftover dishes. I never complained when I was humiliated. I never complained when this whole world insulted me.I always stayed strong. Then after lot of struggles I got job in radio station but non not even ragu knew about it then one day she told me that she love lucky and want to marry him I was very happy but next moment changed my life when she said his parents wants to marry his brother first. And she and lucky has suggested my name for marriage but I still have not said anything I agreed for ragini and sanskaar agreed for lucky. AND WE GOT MARRIED.

I was very happy when we became friends. And I started to love him but…but he don’t love me.M I that bad that no one loves me.(NOW SHE STARTED to CRY) Did I really came between then. Is it true that only because Me they are apart. I started to love him but what’s the point if he doesn’t love me, actually I m the one who came between them but now no more…I will make them one even if it costs my life also, even if I have to move away from their life, from my love life, after all LOVE SOMEONE ENOUGH TO LET THEM GO is the first rule of love.
She closed her eyes and remince her sweet moments with sanskaar.

Pal bhar theher jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe Roka Karun……..
(She remembers about thier sweet pillow fight)
Meri taraf aata
Had gham fisal jaaye
Aankho tumko bharu…
(She thinks how he used to call her all India radio and swara calling him chicko)
Bin bole baatein tumse karoooon….
Agar tum sath ho
Agar tum sath ho.
(She remembers about their recent conversation about kavita)
Slowly she dozzez off there on terrace itself.

Thank u so much guys for ur valuable comments they encouraged me a lot and sorry for this boring no..no..actually super boring chappy. But I promise next is full of laughter and I will try to post it as soon as possible.

Credit to: Serena

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  1. Very emotional yaar….. Swara deserves happiness…… Anyway continue soon……

    1. Thank u and swara definitely deserves happiness??? but will she really get that? Keep guessing??

    1. Thanks a lot

  2. Super duper chappy.My cutie pie, sweetheart,baby (my cheesy word dictionary katam, lol) please post nxt part ASAP.Waiting for it.Aur wait karwana galat baath hoti hein, ri8???

    1. Lol..if u will say this much I will definitely become diabetic???
      Then who will write..??..and thank u so much ..and plz give that cheezy dictionary to me also…. It will be really useful to convince my mom???????? and don’t worry I will upload soon cause wait karwana galat baat hoti h

    1. Thanks dear??

    1. Thank u so much??

  3. Nice dear

    1. Thank u soon much??

  4. Yar don’t do this injustice to swara……i accept that kavita was also right but swara is also right….don’t separate swasan …,. And update soon di…. I can’t wait…

    1. Don’t worry there is lot more store???..n thank u so much..n I will update soon.???

  5. hi i m a silent reader bt wat an awesummmm story yaaar u made my heart go out for swara …plzzzzz update d nxt part soon

    1. M glad that I made my silent reader also comment???… thank u so much… but plz call ur heart back or else ur family will put me behind bars!!!????

  6. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Its really really gud

    1. Thank u??

  7. nice dear…….next part soon

    1. Thanks dear???

  8. Awesome

    1. Thank u☺☺☺

    1. Thank u soon much???

  9. it was really emotional dear ❤❤❤

    1. Thanks a lot???

  10. awesome and emotional too

    1. Thank u ????

  11. Aree atlest listen to him completely…

    1. Don’t worry Di she will listen but at right time???? and BTW sanskaar was the one who ran to washroom before completing..I think something important came to his mind?????

      1. ??????are bt she should listen to him na.. Then she should cry… Washroom se bahar ayega na.. Hamesha waha thodi rahega

      2. Ab Di washroom she aaya ya nhi ye toh baad me pata chalega..????…u know MOST IMPORTANT work????????

  12. It is so cute… n i agree with ur love rule …. tht is the one reason I’m reading this… thxzzz
    keep it up

    1. Thank u so muchhhhh…??? and I really think that love doesn’t means only calling baby sweetheart darling…..???? it means to do anything to make ur love’s life secured even if it costs ur life but at the same time it needs trust,love to make ur love a true love.because in love their is no happy ending actually it doesn’t have ending..???

  13. so emotional….nice…

    1. Thank u so much?

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