SWASAN SS I LOVE U ENOUGH TO LET U GO (Episode 10) last epsiode

Hello everyone..first of all thank u so much to all of u…coz of ur wishesh I n of course of my hard work I scored 10cgpa in my examination….so this is the last chapter n don’t worry today m not jokin??
But yup I hv a surprise for u guys after the chapter…
So here goes the last chapter of ILUETLUG….
Really weird short form..isn’t it???

Swara left to airport..
At kav-san side
Kavita and sanskaar were sitting in restaurant n having their dinner..sanskaar was thinking how to tell kavita that he don’t loves her and how to deny her for marriage …he was about to say something but kavita got a call so she excused herself from him..meanwhile sanskaar was thinking how to tell this to kavita
Sanskaar(monologue) – shit yaar! Where I hv been trapped…now how would I tell this to kavita that I don’t love her and can’t marry her coz I love swara…she would be heart broken…..but I can’t also destroy her life….(determined) sanskaar u have to tell her ANYHOW….yup now I will tell her. N after that I will propose swara n will tell her that how much I love her…
Sanskaar made up his mind and went in search of kavita as it was too late and she has not returned yet…meanwhile at other side
Kavita- (on phone) arey haa yaar…..no no I don’t love him yaar ….. Just once let me marry him than after 6 months I will give him divorce and will demand his half property in alimony…..that’s it..
Saying this she turned around and was shocked…her phone fell from her hand coz sanskaar was standing there all numbed… He was shocked ..he didn’t said anything and just went from there angrily…Kavita followed him but was stopped by manager …..
Manager – xcuse me mam..
Kavi- listen…m in hurry right now…will come back plz let me go..
Manager – no mam first u have to clear ur bill…only then we would allow u to go..
Kavi- but..but I don’t have money..
Manager- then let’s go….someone is waiting for u..
Kavi- where ….and who is waiting.????
Man- in kitchen where lots of dishes are waiting for u…
Kavi- what….don’t u know who m I ?
Manager – ummm….let me guess…u r OMG OMG..I
U r…u r a….
Kavita- bolo bolo main sun rahi hu(say I m listening)
Manager -u r a GIRL…but if u hv any doubt so..sorry I can’t help u….but u have to wash utensils…
Kavita – see u can’t do this…
Manager- I know I can’t wash utensils that’s why m appointing u…(to lady staff) inko baaizzat kheech kar laao…( drag her to kitchen with due respect)
Saying this manager ask lady staff to drag her to kitchen…

Sanskaar came back and at that time raglak also come back and told everyone about kavita angrily everyone was shocked and angry but they became speechless when sanskaar asked about swara’s whereabout..
Sanskaar- maa where is swara??
Ap- beta wo..WO swara actually(and she told him everything)
And before sanskaar could even react they were shocked to hear the news
“…according to latest report flight AZ235 which is going to California from Calcutta is blasted mid air….nor even a single passenger survived..”
All were hell shocked and tears were brimming in his eyes…he without wasting a second ran to airport..
Sanskaar reached to airport and only one thing is kept running in his mind ..that nothing should happen to swara….
He reached airport and enquired about swara to receptionist….
Sanskaar- (on the verge of crying) xcuse..excuse me….may I plz know about….swara…swara sanskaar maheshwari..
Receptionist- ya sure sir! Can u plz tell me the flight no.
Sanskaar-(wiping his tears and try to becoming strong) AZ235 Kolkata to California..
Receptionist – m sorry sir…but all the passenger of that flight died in mid air blast nor even single passenger survived…m sorry…
Sanskaar was again shocked and now he was trembling in the fear….the fear of loosing his life, the fear of loosing his love, the fear of loosing his SWARA….
He sat on floor with thud…he was not in senses…his eyes were red due to continuous tears…
At that time laksh also came there and was supporting sanskaar….but sanskaar was numb…actually he was lifeless…
Kho gaya
Ghum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha Jo
Apna banaya tha Jo
WO tera, wo mera
Saath nibhaya that Jo
Apna banaya that..
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadatiya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni.

Now he was crying bitterly when suddenly he heard a voice of a girl singing lullaby…

Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori
Lori lori lori…
Chandaniya chhup jaana re
Chhan bhar ko luk jaana re (Luk: hide)
Nindiya aankhon mein aaye
Bitiya meri so jaaye
hmm mm…
Nindiya aankhon mein aaye
bitiyaa meri so jaaye
Leke god mein sulaao
Gaao raat bhar sunaao
Main lori lori
Ho main lori lori
Lori lori lori… [x8]
The lady stops singing and saw that the child in her lap is fast asleep now…she gave that child to other lady…
2nd lady- thank u so much …I was trying from an hour to make him sleep…but see he didn’t even closed his eyes…thank u so much for make him sleep….well u sing very nice..what’s ur name..?
1st lady- nothing to say thank u…ur child is really so cute n my name is SWARA…

Yes she was our swara(hahaha did I scared u????)
Lady- so swara where are u going n when ur flight is gonna take off.
Swara- actually m going to California.. But unfortunately I missed my flight..
Saying this swara turned around…and sanskaar was shocked happy overwhelmed To see swara…he just ran to there and hugged swara very tightly…
Sanskaar-(crying) swara..swara u OK na…meri Jaan nikal gayi thi ..(my life was sucked out) ….u know I was sooo scared… I can’t live without u..(now crying bitterly)
Swara was standing there confused that whether she should be happy or sad that sanskaar is showing so much care for her….
But suddenly sanskaar broke hug and glared swara angrily…
Sanskaar-(angrily shouts) how dare u?? Ha! How dare u to leave me…are u insane…what if something would happen to u..
Hearing shouts the security guard came there
Security to sanskaar- sir plz silence .
Sanskaar- what silence?? Haa?? OK u say …is it correct to leave ur husband alone…(turning to swara) and u how dare u leave me….(again turning to security) u say m I correct or not..
Security -yes sir u are correct….
Before he could complete he got a tight slap from swara..(Ab iski baari???)(he held his cheek)
Swara- what correct ha(turning to sanskaar) n u..I leave u so that u can move on easily with kavita..is it wrong to leave anyone for his happiness.. (Turning to sec) now say..
Security yes mam u r correct..!
Now again he got slap from sanskaar
(He again held his cheek)???
Sanskaar- she is correct ? Huh!
Sect(remembering his slap) no..no no sir u r correct..??
He again got slap on his either cheek…he again held his either cheek..this time it was swara???
Swara- he is correct! Huh?
Sec. (Again remembering slap) ??
No..no..mam u r correct
Sanskar against slapped him..??
Security – sir u r correct.??
Now swara slapped him
Security- mam u r correct .??
Now he again got slapped by sanskaar
This process was going on for 2 to 3 times
At last security guard was tired and he sat on ground but still swasan were busy in their cute little fight
At last The guard was fed up so he shouted…
Guard-(shouted) ENOUGH….ENOUGH both of u…u both r correct so plz now keep silence…
Both swara and sanskaar glared him angrily and he gulped where as laksh laughed on his future condition which is going to be worst..???
Both swara and sanskaar looked at guard?
Guard gulped looking at them??
Then swasan looked at each other mischievously..??
Sanskar to guard- turn around!
Guard- what?????
Sanskaar – TURN AROUND!!??
Guard gulped and turned around….n as soon as guard turned around..sanskaar kicked on his butt….???
And he with a full force fell on a fat black lady…?
And that lady turned around and gave him a tight slap on his cheek..???
He fainted there holding his cheek…??
And laksh was laughing like hell..???
But swasan glared him and he closed his mouth with both of his hand n ran from there……now swasan turned to each other….
Sanskar-(angrily)- sooo?
Swara-(confused) so what?
Sans- so u r coming with me back to home..
Swara- (lil emotional) no sanskaar I can’t come…u n kavita…
(Before she could say anything sanskaar interrupted)
Sans(interrupting) I don’t love her…
Now it was swara’s turn to be shock…
Swara- WHAT???
Sanskaar- (calmly) yes I don’t love her…coz….coz I love someone else(looking into her eyes).
Swara-(again heartbroken n looking down coz she don’t want sanskaar to see her tears..) Who????
Sanskaar- (now teasingly) she is…she is…wait let me introduce her to u…after all u r my best friend….and by the way I also want to propose her…..u wait here, I will just come in a minute…(saying this he flew from there…)
Swara was standing there and was sobbing thinking once again her love is snatched from her…
Meanwhile laksh also came there.
As soon as laksh came there, there was announce ment …which can be heard by everyone present over there …
“…hello everyone”
Both swalak are shocked now
Swara-this is…??
Laksh-(completing the sentence)-…bhai’s voice..??
Sanskar on announcement mike..
“…I m sorry but now m going to disturb u…actually there is a problem….n the problem is that the girl to whom I love is going far from me…coz that duffer does not know that I love her…so I need ur help…actually m gonna propose her…plz tell her na to accept…”
Swara was standing there teary eyed thinking that his love is again going from her whereas laksh was smiling admiring his bhai…
” so sweet heart this is for u..

Zindagi hoti hai bunch of many relations,
Mere life me pyaar ka sensation ho tum…

Meri life ki ppt ki sabse acchi presentation ho tum,
Uss khuda ki sabse khubsoorat creation ho tum…

Meri neend udaane wali coffee ho tum,
Zindagi me Jo mithaas bharde WO chocolaty tofee ho tum….

Meri life ki supportive chair ho tum,
Meri zindagi ki sabse khoobsurat prayer ho tum…

Meri all time jannat ho tum,
Uparwale se eklauti mannat ho tum…

“..I don’t know when I fell for ur childishness. I don’t know when I fell for ur sweet nature…I don’t know when I fell for ur kindness…I don’t know when I fell for ur internal beauty… I don’t know when I fell for U …”
Swara turned around as she heard that voice from her back….
“…today I wanna tell u something …..(he sat on his knees with a plate of pani puri) I know its weird to propose someone with panipuri but…sorry I didn’t get anything except this to propose u….so…
Swara till now we were only friends, but it was only u who fulfilled every responsibility of being a friend..and that is to always make me smile., u even was going to sacrifice ur married life just for me..but now I promise I will do everything to make u happy ….I will make ur life beautiful like u made mine..but there is a complication(swara looked at him confused) we can’t be friends anymore..(swara was shocked) coz…I wanna be ur husband.
So Mrs.swara sanskaar maheshwari. Would u like to become mine…would u like to become Mrs. Swara sanskaar maheshwari AGAIN..n please year answer fast coz my knees are paining n my mouth is also watering seeing this panipuri..(he saw panipuri with lustful eyes??)”
Swara was overwhelmed and nodded yes..
Sanskaar lend the panipurii plate in front of her n she took one and feed it to sanskaar and sanskaar does also same with swara.. (How cuteee.??)
Sanskaar pulls her for a bone crushing hug and hugged her tightly…

Heere moti main na chahoon
Main to chahoon, Sangam tera,
Mai to teri saiyaan, tu hai mera,
Saiyaan, saiyaanaaaaaaaaaan
Tu jo choole pyaar se, araam se mar jaaun
Aaja chanda baahon mein tujhmein hi ghum ho jaaun mai,
Tere naam mein kho jaaun,
Saiyaan, saiyaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

everyone present there clapped for swasan..
Swara-(still in hug) but what about kavita…?
Sanskaar- don’t worry I will invite her on raksha bandhan,now u plz enjoy the hug and let me also enjoy..(winks) coz I m really enjoying it alotttt…

Sometimes love losts its way…but after all its love..it will cone back to u again but only if it is destinated for u only….
Love is not about any attraction and infatuation on person, its a belief that its all about let ur love go…n if the person will be in ur destiny he or she will surely come back to u…
So keep loving …but don’t force ur love to love u back n keep in mind..the first rule of true love…

So here ends my ss…thank u for so much of support and love…thank u for ur wishes also …..and as I told u about surprise….so the surprise is that I will write one extra chapter or u can say the last special wala epi of this ss and will try to post it soon….n guys plz comment.. As its my last chapter n I really wanna know that how much of u really read it…
N believe me it takes only 50 sec to comment…
N I really wanna thanks to all of readers whether silent or loud(opposite of silent???)
My sister like figure Meher Di,anu Ann,anaya,arohi,sree,Neha, my naughty friends Abdul Hafiz..my translator over here rey and priya???. My cute little sister shipra..my nickname friend janhvi..n my all special friends jenisha, shan, stone heart, ria, soujanaya, kaynat khan, purvi jannat,hope, MM(menaz), shagun, and my heart attack friend Natasha..thanks to all of u….and sorry to those whose name I forgot to mention…

Credit to: Serena


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      Thank u n I also don’t want to end it..but kya Kare…purana jaayega tabhi to naya aayega…????

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      Kavita abhi bhi plate dho rhi but for change mere Ghar mein????
      N that was not Bollywood style proposal….dat was shivangi style proposal????

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      Thank u..n m overwhelmed by ur comment n u won’t believe m right now in tears…coz I really craved for sisterly love but was not having it…n thanks for calling me babu..our side we call babu to those to whom we love heartily…. Thank u sooooo much coz I really wanted to be called as babu by someone…it feels so special…n ya I do heard about Lucknow n soon m going to shift there…

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      Thanks rey..n yup laksh used to get slap but this time guard interrupted their conversation.. That’s why this time he got that blissful chance of getting slaps…???? n rey I wanna ask u something…are u boy?? Plz don’t mind it.

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