Hi guys m a big fan of swasan and it’s my first try on TU to write a story.so let me introduce myself For cyber world m serena but unfortunately u cannt find me on other place except TU AND offcourse my home.

M silent reader of few of the stories here now coming to story its an ss of may be 6-7 parts so do read it and tell me should I continue. So here goes

The story starts with a man entering in room and a girl sitting on the bed with veil on her face.
Boy- u know na that we have done this marriage for the sake of lucky and ragini so..
Girl- (interrupting)I really didn’t expect anything from u.
Boy- m sorry
Girl- hey don’t be sorry. It’s not ur fault at all (AFTER PAUSING FOR A SEC)can I ask u something.
By- (relieved after watching her talking freely with him) yup sure
Girl- can we be friends.
Boy-(happy) ya why not! Sure we can be friends. So FRIENDS. (LENDING HAND TOWARDS HER)
Girl- (SHAKING HAND) friends …
Boy- so hi I am Sanskaar Maheshwari
Girl – well in this case I won
Sanskaar- huh

Girl- well my name is bigger than u soo
Sanskaar- seriously swara u are too much(chuckling)
Swara – well say something else because I know this already.
Both burst into fits if laughter.
Boy- so u sleep on bed and I will manage on couch.
Girl- (snaching pillow from his hand) no no its ur room u sleep on bed I will manage over there(pointing to couch)
Boy-( again snaching the pillow from her hand)no its okay I will sleep there
Girl-(snatching pillow) no I will
Sans- I said na I will
Their fight continued like this when suudenly swara’s grip loosened and pillow also teared into two parts but due to loose grip of swara the pillow and the pillow holder is that sanskaar both land up on couch with fur all over his face.
Swara was laughing like mad and sanskaar still couldn’t understand what happened few minutes back and when he came into his senses he glared swara which make her quite but she again started to laugh seeing sanku in cute angry mood

Sanskaar- why are u laughing.(fake anger)
Swara-(laughing) coz u are looking like hen.wait..wait u do one thing go n sit in hall and in morning say kukdoo ku..kukdoo ku .u know saving.
Sanskaar- accha ji..and wait..how will it lead to saving(questioning look)
Swara- (controlling her laughter) very easy when u will say KUKDOO KU…KUKDOO KU..then it will save firstly battery of alarm clock which will ultimately save the utilization of mercury which will lead in the saving of natural resources. And secondly it will save mobile battery which will lead in the saving of electricity so that our electic bill will be reduced by 2 to 3 rupees …and u know what (excitedly) we can eat toffees with that and ha m telling u I’ll eat éclairs u kow its soooooo choclaty.
Sanskar was looking at her amazingly and swara noticed it.

Swara- why are u staring at me CHICO
Sans- CHICKO!!!!!!seriously swara
Swara- (innocently)yaa actually u re looking like chicken right no soo…
Sans- u r unbeleiveable. Well what are u doing here u should be in vividh bharti and r u sure u haven’t ate radio when u were born.
Swra looked at him in confusion then said- no but why r u asking this.
Sans- nothing come lets sleep. And we will sleep alternately on bed .OK
Sanskar and swara became best of friends till now ,they are now liking each others company and sanskaar even is now fully dependent on swara for everything. Somewhere they are falling for each others company but are unaware of their feelings .sanskar is liking her childish,cut and bubbly nature.and swara has started to love to care for him.they have started to understand each other very well.
Swara was cleaning the wardrobe when she saw an album containing the photos of a girl.at that very time sanskaar entered the room and saw swara watching the album he goes near her and said looking into the photos
Sans- (Smiles and dreamingly) KAVITA!!!

Swara-(confusingly) huh!!!!!
So here ends the first part. Plz read and comment and if u don’t liked it then use whatever u want to throw at me coz I hv lifeboy to clean myself hehehehehe. Plz read and comment should I continue or not.

Credit to: SERENA

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