Swasan ss: its my love story part 5

Hi guys…tq each and everyone for your support to my story….and all of you has said to write the story as I have planned so am thinking to unite swasan and then an epilogue which shows swasan are married and leading a happy life…and guys you all still have chance to tell your opinion as if you all want to see swasa how they convince their elders for their marriage or….

Anyways just move with the today’s episode now…

Ragini and laksh are still in coffee shops…while ragini is lost in laksh’s charming looks and laksh is also stealing glances to ragini without her notice…then

Laksh: ragini….you didn’t said how shona fell for sanskar??I mean she was drunk that night..and after that night she didn’t even met sanskar…then..wait does she really loves him??

Ragini (still lost in his charm): ya she loves him…(came out of her trance) what??wait…who is this sanskar??

Laksh: what dfo you mean who is sanskar?? Ohh actually bittu..bittu’s real name is sanskar

Ragini: oh..OK..but you idiot..duffer donkey

Laksh:oh..wait wait..what’s wting with you??why the hell you are calling me with these…

Ragini: why you didnt said bittu’s real name when swara is here….

Then her phone started to ring…

In call :

Ragini: hello…

CalLer: aey chori…where is my swara…why is not lifting her phone??aur tum log gaye kaha ho

Ragini: daadi…vo vo swara and me came to coffee shop and swara washroom gayi hai…aap ko pata haina how is she..

Daadi: acha…OK OK

Ragini: ji daadi I will call you back when she comes

Daadi: caal back karne ki koi jarurat na hai….just tell her to reach home by 12.30 uski inlaws ki family lunch keliye aarahe hai..aur ha tu bhi aaj lunch keliye yahi aaja…remember the time its 12.30 ..you shouldn’t be late

Ragini: ji daadi..

Daadi: chal teek hai..abb main rakhti hu..remember 12.30

Ragini: ji daadi

She cuts the call…and here laksh is giving her what’s going on look

Ragini ignored him and called swara and asked her to come to coffee shop…and said to laksh to call sanskar and ask him also to come here only…laksh nodded and called sanskar

In call:

Laksh: hello…sanky
Sanky: hello…lucky why hpnd abt my goa ticket?? You still didn’t send itit

Laksh:vo vo…actually online booking nahi ki hai…you come to coffee shop and collect your ticket..and I want you to meet someone special…jaane se pehle mere saath ek coffee peeke jaana….

Sanky: kya yaar lucky…

Lucky: sanky plz yaar….you just come to our regular coffee shop..

Sanky : OK..am coming


Laksh : why you asked me to call sanskar and asked him to come here

Ragini: to meet swara..

Laksh: but why??swara was obviously going to meet him only na..why to call him here??

Ragijni: offo..daadi asked both of us to reach home by 12.30 and now its 12.00..so technically swara going there and talking to him takes min 30 min so I just called her and asked her to come backnand now sanskar will also be here in 10 min..so by thus we can save max 10 min time in that time we both can reach home…so got my point??

Laksh nodded in agreement and then swara came there

Swara: ragini..why you called me?? And lajsh..you still here??why??

Laksh in mind: off…aagayi question bank… Why the hell itg bothers her if am still here…and why am still here???

Ragini: daadi called me bcoz you were not lifting your phone and she asked both of us to reach home by 12.30 bcoz your in laws family is coming to lunch at your home (she said without taking any breath)

Swara was shocked to hear and laksh was bit confused to hear about swara’s in laws family…

Swara: oh..OK we’ll do something…I will go and get some cold coffee…I need it desperately..

Then she went from there…

Meanwhile sanskar came to coffee shop and find laksh with ragini who are smiling at eachother by exchanging glance

Sanskar in mind: ohh..toh she is someone special…here my love has breaked and he is in love and he wants to introduce his gf to me…

Sankar went to them….

Sanskar : lucky…my tickets

Laksh: oh…sanskar you came…meet her she is ragini…ragini he is sanskar ( in her ears) he is only bittu…

Ragini: hi..b..sanskar..( to laksh on his ears) I know he is only bittu..bcoz I have seen his video in swara’s mob..

Laksh: oh..aww
Ragini: hmm..aww how cue na..

Sanskar got confused by ragini and laksh’s behavior.. And thought to ignore

Sanskar: lucky…give my tickets..I have to leave

Lucky: leave where will you leave sanskar…waise ypur train is in the evening..so chill have some coffee….( to swara) swara…pkz get another coffee too my fiend is here…

Swara nodded in OK..

Swara in her mind : he himself is extra here..and now his friend also here…if he was not my bittu’s friend then I would have…I don’t know what I would have done to him

Sanskar got confused by hearfibg swara’s name…and thought to ask laksh..

Sanskar: laksh…who is this swara…

Laksh: swara..actually swara us no…

Then his words are cuttef by ragini

Ragini: swara..is my friend she came here with me..

Sanskar in mind: oo…so she comes to meet her boyfriend with her friend…lucky time aur koi mila nahi kya..aise kud jaisi girl hi milk this kya..waise whatever its his life..a d his decision.. Being his friend I should support his decision

Laksh : ( in ragini’s ear) why you stopped me from telling him that swara is actually his shona

Ragini: are you mad or what???let them meet themselves and enjoy the moment of their love

Laksh nodded….

Then swara has took the coffe and turned to come back…then she heard

Laksh: bittu…here goes your goa ticket…

By hearing the name of bittu and goa tickets swara fumed in anger and went towards them and gave the coffee tray to sanskar by not looking at him..

Swara: oh hello Mr..plz hold this for a while…

Sanskar also didn’t saw her face but he got confused and took that coffee tray and kept it on table…

Swara: you idiot…donkey.how dare you to book goa tickets for him…what the hell he do there in goa by leazving me here alone…beech main dance karega kya…

Laksh was hell shocked by swara’s behaviour.. And looked at ragini for help…

Ragini: swara..stop..leave him..

Swara was not listening to her and holder his collar….

By seeing this sansjar got angry…

And turned swara by her shoulders forcefully..and was shocked and surprised to see Ber infront of him and swara was also shocked to see him in front of her

Sanskar: shona….

Swara: bittu….

Raglak winked at each other..

Precap: as your wish…either their marriage or their efforts to convince their elders for their love… Guts remember swara herself stopped her wedding…

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