Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 9 – a part )


Hey everyone !!!! So m back with the next part hope u all will lyk it …. And sorry for late update ….

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So the scene starts with swaraglak conversation……

Swara : Waise Laksh when r u going to tell ur parents abt Ragini?
Lak: I don’t know yar but Han I’ll do it soon …
Hearing this Ragini blushes
Swara: Ohhh ho someone is blushing….
Ragini : stop it swara …. I’ll c when ur tym will come…. Waise bhi don’t worry u r elder than me so I have my tym
Hearing this Swara gets a bit sad
( In these two days she was trying to forget the reunion incident but some where it was something unforgettable )
At that tym Laksh gets a call and he goes to attend it …. Swara & Ragini were standing chit chatting ….. When Ragini saw a new guy entering the venue ….. He was indeed very smart and dashing but not more than Sanskar (hehe)
Ragini : Dii who is that guy …?
Swara: how will I know Ragu ….. (Then she turned towards him to c him and when sue saw him she felt as if she has seen him somewhere …. But she was not getting it so thought to ignore )

By the tym Swara was engrossed in her thoughts Ragini snapped her fingers before her to make her come back to senses …
Ragini: are … What happened now where r u lost ?????
Swara : nothing dr… Just felt that I have seen him some where ….. Achha leave it where is Laksh ….
Ragini: woh he is…. (Interrupted by Laksh who just arrived )
Laksh: here I m …. Just got a call so went to attend it …..

Swara: yeah oky oky no problem …..

Laksh & Ragini were busy with themselves while Swara was feeling a little hesitant between them she was feeling as if she is interrupting their privacy so she decided to excuse herself on her own because they’ll never mind her company)

Swara: Ragu Laksh I’ll just be back in sometime …
Raglak: yeah sure …. ( smiled)
Soon Swara leaves….

Meanwhile Sanskar’s POV(m first time giving a POV hope it will be OK )
I m continuously seeing her ….no doubt she is luking most beautiful today ….m first tym seeing her in sari …. I still remember how excited she was for the farewell function as she wanted to wear a sari then ….. But she didn’t even come in the farewell ….. In fact she bought her Sari even with me and of my choice but don’t know y she didn’t come …. I still remember that day …..
POV ends ….

Here Swara was having some soft drink standing at the corner talking with some ladies
Lady: Swara beta …. U r luking so beautiful today ….. Ur sari is really pretty it suits u in all aspects ….
Swara: thnkew so much aunty ….. This sari is designed by Ragini ….
Lady: Ohhh Han …. I forgot she is gonna complete her fashion designing na
Swara: ji aunty … It’s her last year ….

Soon someone call that lady and she excuses herself….
Swara was sitting alone on a table but her mind was filled with all sorts of old memories she remembered an incident of past …

Here Sanskar was even thinking the same …..

Flashback …..

Swara & Sanskar were at shopping mall …. Swara was so excited as she was here to buy her sari for the farewell function ….
They were wandering from one shop to another but were not getting an appropriate one ….. Or we can say Sanskar was rejecting each and every sari….

Now they were abt to enter last shop of that mall

The salesman was showing a few Sari(s) when Sanskar exclaimed…. Swara was getting bore and she was just sitting looking here n there as she knew he is rejecting all …. When she heard his voice she looked towards him

It was simple pink sari with a combination of black color it was seriously very beautiful or one of its kind ….
Sanskar: Swara see this one is perfectly suiting u …. U will look wonderful in it …
Swara was just adoring his excitement for her
Swara: yeah Sanskar its indeed beautiful as u hav chosen it for me ….
Sanskar smiles and says: Excuse me … Please pack this one

After sometime they were leaving the mall when Swara said:
U know Sansku …. This was my best shopping experience ….
San: Y ….? Because u first time bought a Sari???
Swara: nhi ….it doesn’t matter what I bought …. But the thing that matters is that I was with u ….. U have chosen this for mee …. Which is the most important thing for me

Sanskar was just giving a warm smile and staring her
He hugged her and said. : Now U shud b habitual of this as it will b happening for life time …..
Swara: Yeah I know ….

Flashback ends …..


Swara was having tears in her eyes remembering those lovely moments with him ……

Here Sanskar was also having unshed tears ….. And pain and guilt in his heart …..

Precap: Surprise …. U will get to know soon

So m back I know it was a late update but what to do as I told u earlier I was not well last week due to which I have to take leaves from school …. And now I was busy with completing my pending works ….. And I even had a test today ……. I know it was a short chapter but I’ll post the next one today or by tomorrow ….

Achha I was saying that in my ff’s title ss is written I noticed it yesterday only…. I don’t know what I thought and wrote it a ss initially but I don’t think that I can make it a ss ….. If u guys want me to end it soon so tell me I somehow will try to end it in 2-3 parts more which is quite impossible …. Otherwise it will at least go for more than 20 parts …. If u feel cheated as first I wrote ss n now m extending it so let me know …..

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