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Same evening

Swara’s cabin-

Swara was a bit tired till the evening ….. She was a strong person and she had a habit of working continuously but due to yesterday’s incident she became exhausted…..
At that tym Shruti entered her cabin ….
Shruti: Ma’am if u r tired may I cancel further appointments
Swara: no no shruti …. No need to do dat…. Its oky I’ll manage …..

After sometime ap and dp entered her cabin , she saw them and thought as if she met them somewhere but couldn’t remember ….

She ignored her thoughts and greeted them
Swara: ji uncle U may tell ur problem
(M not going deep in this conversation.. And to b true m not good at explaining this , so pls forgive me )
After checking she prescribed him a few medicines and some homemade remedies , she was a doctor but she believed that medicines should be taken in limit otherwise they may harm the organs and it is a fact ……
Ap and dp were highly impressed by her nature! She was one of the best doctors of the city that too so young however she was not at all proud of herself … She was such a kind hearted person and they wanted a daughter in law just like her ……. After some general chatting they self and Shruti told her that it was the last appointment and now she can go home ..

Swara left for home and she directly went to her room…. She was tired and due to her busy schedule she forgot to message Sanskar …. She just sat on her bed Wid her head resting on head board …. And soon she slept in sitting position…
Mean while
Sanskar’s side
He was very much irritated he was checking his phone every now and then for her message but since morning she didn’t even sent a single message and now he was damn worried as well as angry …

Sanskar: (monologue) What the hell! Wat happened to her now y she is not messaging me … From past six years not a single day passed without her message …… It was the only way by which I was assured abt her safety but I don’t think she’ll ever message me now…
I did very wrong with her I know she will b hurt to the core …
( whenever he got concerned abt his mind overpowered his heart telling him not to worry abt her as she is selselfishfush )

At night (I mean during dinner time)
Ragini went to Swara to wake her up as it was dinner time till now no one disturbed her as sumi informed them abt her health a day before…
Ragini: Utho Swara …. Its dinner time
Swara:sone do na ragu.. M very tired
Rag : madam y do u worked so much when u knew that u r not well …..
Swara: Ragu now pls don’t start ur blabber …. M coming u go I’ll come after washing my face

At dining table
Shekhar: Swara beta u r fine now ? Ur mother told me you fainted yesterday
Swara: yes papa c m completely fine …
Woh yesterday na I was very busy so didn’t had my food properly as a result I fainted ….
Dadi: that shud not b repeated beta …. U shud even luk after ur health
Sumi: wahi toh Maa main kabse is ko samjha rhi hoon ( exactly Maa from how long I was making her understand this)

U know ma she’s so adamant to understand anything
Dadi: oky oky don’t dare to say anything abt my grand daughter she’ll look after her health now
M I right beta
Swara: Han Han dadi of course I will

They had their dinner when shekhar announced abt the award function in which they all r invited (oky now let me tell u dat he is also a famous business man of the city not so big one but ya a reputed one so award functions r common for Gadodia’s)

Ragini became too excited as she designed so many clothes for everyone but no one could wear as their was none such occasion but now it was a golden opportunity for her to know abt her designs as they can be praised in the function.

Ragini: Oh my god! Papa m so excited …. I’ll send ur dressed to ur rooms ….. I designed few clothes for every 1 but didn’t gave u I was waiting for a good occasion and see now u can wear them tomorrow …..

Dada Dadi were not going as they didn’t liked such functions but they never restricted any1 ….

Swara : Maa u all go m busy tomorrow I don’t wanna go
Ragini: kya Swara busy busy busy all the tym ….. Can’t u spend some tym wid ur family and waise bhi we r not going in the noon we’ll b going in the evening do don’t gave lame excuses

Swara pouted and said: oye m not busy all the tym ….. And papa see na she’s saying that I don’t spend tym wid u all …
Shekhar:ragu beta I know u r not lyking her refusal but that doesn’t mean ki she’s not spending tym …oky
Ragini : haan toh tell her to come tomorrow
Shekhar: beta now u shud prove her wrong now my words r at stake ….. U r coming tomorrow and that’s it
Swara: (Shrugging her shoulders off) Sure boss

Every one laughed at her antics and after some regular chit chatting they dismissed towards their rooms

Here at Maheshwari’s too dp announced abt the party / function
So all agreed and went towards their rooms
Sanskar was sitting on the couch working on his laptop when Laksh entered
Laksh: may I come in bhai
San: lucky u r already in
Lak: oh Han but I was just asking
Waise wassup ?
Sanskar raised his head to look at his face and gave him a look – ‘ as if u can’t c’
then again resumed his work
San: Hmmmm ….. I was watching a movie while eating popcorn wanna join ….( sarcastically)
Laksh understood his comment and said: no sanky I don’t have so much tym like u to waste I came here with a important work (pretended to be serious)
San: Ohhh really speak up
Lak: woh u know wat

Sanskar interrupted no I don’t know
Laksh gave him a glare and told him to b quite
Lak:so let me continue woh tomorrow in the party Ragini will also come
San: oh that’s nice
Lak:so I’ll introduce her to every1 as a friend to know their reactions….
San:yeah best of luck …. And wat help m I supposed to give?
Lak: nothing just marry someone fast because of u m not able to marry
Sanskar opened his mouth wide thinking that to get himself married why he is dragging me
Sanskar: oky now I’ll marry as late as possible… Fine
Laksh: no no… no need to postpone it u marry at ur own time ….. M going good night

Saying this he escaped from their then Sanskar shouted Good night

Next day at late afternoon Swara returned from hospital …… She went towards her room ….. After sometime she got freshen up and came to Ragini ‘s room
Swara: Knocking the door ….. Ragu u called me
Ragini: yeah shona get in
Two dresses were lying on her bed one was a simple yet elegant gown and other was a sari both were designed by heev
Ragini: so Swara tell me what would u lyk to wear for the evening (while pointing towards the dresses )
Swara: both r beautiful Ragini ….. Anything u like
Ragini: well Swara I was thinking that y not u wear sari …. I know u never wore that but try it once m sure u ll luk wonderful
Swara: Ragini don’t u thnk it won’t suit me or the occasion
Ragini: no dear it will luk very nice…… Wait a minute let me call Maa
Maa Maa(shouts)
After few seconds Sharmishtha enters the room
Sumi: yeah beta wat happened?
Ragini: Maa I was thinking if Swara could wear a sari today

Sumi: that’s a gr8 idea she can u know even I thought that for sometime that I thought she’s not having a sari
Ragini: c Maa I designed it for her (passing it to her)
Sumi: woh it’s really pretty
Swara: Maa r u sure abt it …. Won’t it luk over
Sumi: no dear it will luk amazing
Swara: oky den m not having any problem

Swara descended the steps walking very patiently due to her saaree as it was the first tym she wore it ….

All elders complimented her ….. Oh I forgot to describe her
Swara was wearing a baby pink and white chiffon sari which was plain I.e with no design just a little heavy border
( m not knowing how to describe it u all may imagine it ur self)
She adorned her ears with big diamond earrings and light make up
All n all luking very pretty

Ragini was wearing a gown even she was looking very beautiful

Maheshwari’s were also all ready to leave
Sanskar dressed in black tuxedo ….. And imagine urself abt Laksh

They reached the venue where the function was organized
All male became busy with there clients and the ladies settled themselves on a table

Just then Gadodia ‘s entered
Laksh saw them first and went to Sanskar,
Lak: bhai see Ragini came
Sanskar was talking with someone he excused himself to attend Laksh
Sanskar: Han where
He followed Laksh’s direction to c Ragini but what caught his eyes was Swara standing beside her
He just forgot to breath seeing her it was the first time he saw her in sari
Laksh jerked him from Hus thoughts
Lak: bhai kya hua where r u looking
San: nothing where is Ragini
Lak: are she is there the one in gown … Avd beside her is Swara her beautiful sister …. Both r looking amazing na
Now Sanskar remembered Ragini as Swara many times talked abt her.

Sanskar just said nothing
And soon he saw him walking towards them .
Laksh greeted them and they even joined him as there parents were busy in meeting people
Lak: Ragini u r looking amazing …..and Swara u even wear Saree I didn’t knew whatever it is looking very beautiful
Swara : thnkew so much Laksh and its for the first tym m wearing it
They became busy in talking
Here Sanskar was just watching them with full concentration he was getting jealous seeing her talking so freely with Laksh and enjoying his company

Precap: Sanskar’s jealousy ….. Swaragson bonding


So it was a very long one hope u like it do comment…… And this week I may update just twice or may b thrice ……. Oky den do tell ur views on this one…….

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