Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 7)


Hello guys m back with the next part ….. This episode will be a celebration as our swasan completed 99th hug and just one more to go for 100 ….
I don’t know that u will like this part or not because its going to b a utter boring episode ….
So please read at your own risk

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So let’s start with the next part

It was around 2 in the afternoon when Swara reached hospital escaping from her mother’s clutches . She entered her cabin followed by Shruti …..

Shruti : may I come in ma’am
Swara: yeah…. Shruti get in ….. Achha tell the schedule for today already half of the day is gone
Shruti : Doctor y u came today …. Aunty told me abt ur health … U must take a leave for a day ….. U r neglecting ur health nowadays ….
Swara: (in low voice which only she could hear ) Lo ! Ek se bach kar aayi toh yahan doosri ready bethi hai..
Ab kya karegi Swara ..
( Shit .. Somehow escaped from one but second is already waiting for me … What will u do Swara ? )

Shruti: ma’am u said something
Swara: nothing dear …. M fine … U don’t worry I have taken medicines and u know since morning m resting only… U just tell me if any major case is there today and if not u may send the patients .
Shruti: oky ma’am .. Ur wish well there is no major Case today but in case if it comes I’ll immediately inform u …… As aunty told me that u will not come today so I didn’t took so many appointments…

Swara: oky …. Koi nhi … Get back to work ….

Swara was busy with her patients when she got a call ….. She widened her eyes seeing the caller id…. It was none other than her beautiful mom …..?
When the patient exited her cabin she attended the call and was ready to bear scoldings …..
Swara: He…. ( was cut before she say something)
Sumi: Shona where r u ? Oh I forgot where else you could be na u must be in hospital … I told u na that u r not going to hospital today but m toh not at all important for u ….. U can’t even follow my single order ….
Swara: maa woh(again cut in middle )
Sumi: kya woh Han
….. Don’t u know how much tensed I get seeing u neglecting ur health …… Waise toh u eat all our brain that have this don’t do this etc etc….. Now wat u r doing is fair na….. Speak na why r u not uttering a single word now…..

Swara rolled her eyes and said: as if u were allowing me to speak…. U were continuously giving me ur lecture ..
Sumi: toh now u speak na
Swara: Maa first of all m not neglecting anything I took enough rest and I can’t take more ….. And my I always care abt ur health m not a Hitler oky ….. And last but not the least I was getting bore at home and when u went to market I came here ….. Simple
Sumi: oky fine but u r oky na ain’t u feeling any weakness ..??
Swara: m absolutely fine chalo will talk later m busy now ….. Bye
Sumi: oky bye …tc

Other side
Sanskar’s cabin
He was taking interviews and he was not getting a single person suitable for the job all were coming prepared after mugging up the answers …. None was self confident

After sometime he got irritated and told is pa to continue the inter view session tomorrow

He was leaning at the chair with eyes close when suddenly he remembered something and unknowingly a wide smile came on his face


It was the time when they all were in school… Swara being a obedient as well as bright student was the head girl of the school …. There boards were coming and all were busy in preparation …..
One day it was a games period or may be a free one (? u may imagine according to ur wish)
Whole class was in ground sitting on the stairs ( I don’t know how to tell u the scene but m writing according to my school so in mine there is a small staircase of abt 4 to five steps at one side of the ground I mean it is the place where we people go and sit if we r idle or for just some sight seeing …. I hope u understood )
That is when Swara entered the place after completing her work ( hoga kuch head girl has so many works to b executed )

She saw the scenario and became shocked all were sitting with books in their hands trying to study but none was in a mood to study
She went to Kunal and whispered something in his ears …..

Guys do read the song u will surely enjoy it and I heard it so many times before writing and m even hearing it now so as to portray it well…..
Swara went and brought her guitar and started playing it ( guys there were not so many teachers present in school as only class 11th and 12 the were left all other classes went home early , and in my school r ground is quite far from the main building where staff room is there bas CCTV cameras ki problem hai but imagine the principal not in his cabin? )

Kunal started singing :
Naa naa naa…
De re na naa… o o
Pressure cooker jaise sar ki baj jaye na seeti
Ratta maar Ratta maar

Swara joined him:
O Patak patak ke sar gira de
Knowledge ki deewar ratta maar
Ratta maar… Ratta maar..

All saw them and became happy as she always come up with new ideas to enlighten their mood….
Chadh jaaye jo bukhar coffee se tu utar
Ghis ghis ke bheja kar le tez dhaar
Ratta Maar…( swanal together)

Sanskar too started : O bhool ja average chadh ja tu kitabo ke pahaad 
Sau baar Ratta Maar (zara zor se)
Tak pak tak pak brain ko dauda usko chabuk maar zordaar ( swanal even joined and the trio together)
Ratta maar (zara zor se)
Dar ke milega kya lega kya tu ukhad
Gat gat ke pee ja….
O o Ratta Maar…

At the end of day upar tere
Latki hai performance ki talwar
AIsi dariya hai Remember Karle
Both together
Jo doobe wohi hota hai paar
Jo bhi aaye yahaan pe usko chance ek milti hai

Har nazar ki yahaan pe socho
Ek manzil hi hai
Mauqa mile toh khona nahi
Yeh aaayga naa baar baar
Dhakka maar zara zor se
Zara dheere se…
Dhakka Maar..
Ho o… all joined

Ho maar le ratta ho ja (100% taiyyar)
Na chhod kasar tu koi
Chal maar le baazi maar
Hai ek hi solution teri mushqil ka yaar ratta maar
Ratta maar… (every one sang last para all together)
After finishing the song all became happy and Ipshita and megha ran towards Swanal( Swara+ Kunal ) and side hugged them even Dhruv, Abhi and Sanskar joined them and all shared a grp hug ….. All together said: Whatever happens we will never change …. And bursted out laughing
Flashback ends }

He smiled thinking all their happy moments and became teary eyes and opened his eyes

He said: Everything is changed ….. Earlier we used to face big big problems together and use to solve them but now we can’t even solve a minor one they r deteriorating our friendship ……

Precap: Surprise ….. It is something unexpected …..


Hello! So finished with this part actually m not going to school since Tuesday so thought to write itit & post it today ….. So let me introduce myself as still many don’t know me ….. M a student of class 10 and as u all know this is my first ff… So I guess almost u all must b elder than me …. Do tell me in comments so that I can address u all properly …..

So back to story

Next part will b a surprise for u all and I’ll post it by this weekend …. Tab tak keep guessing and Han I know u can bash me after reading today’s part which was indeed bad ….. But it was actually refreshing 1 ….. And do comment …. Thanks a lot for your get well soon wishes ….

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