Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 6)


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Part – 5

Recap: Sanskar’s ill behavior towards Swara & Swara becoming unconscious

It was night Swara was laying on her bed while holding a pillow tightly close to her chest . she was very much disturbed with wat happened in the party
She was not knowing how to compose herself. She acted strongly in front of everyone but only she knew how difficult was the situation for her ….. She could do nothing except crying .sometimes we even don’t know when our tears help us to overcome such drastic situations …..
After crying for hr or two she stood up went to washroom to freshen up and then stood in front of the mirror and thought

Swara: enough Swara u can’t fall weak more it is high time now…. U shud not think abt a person who doesn’t care abt u …… U shud not waste your tears anymore for a person whose mind is filled with all sorts of wrong things abt u ….. From now onwards I m not going to give any pain to myself now everything is in destiny’s hands . time will decide everything …. Tomorrow’s sun will give a new start to my life …..

With a shine of satisfaction and determination in her eyes she slept unaware of wat fate has stored for her ….

Same tym

Sanskar’s room

Sanskar was sitting on the couch with his head resting backwards and eyes closed ……

He was worried for Swara …… Somewhere in his heart he was very much guilty for his Behavior but sometimes our brain overcomes our senses…..
He was very much tensed for swara’s health he knew that how sensitive she is and how pure she is at heart …… All those words which he said at the party where just due to anger not even a single word came from his heart …..

It is said that a person always hurts someone who is close to his heart and in Sanskar’s case also it was same

He had hurt the most pious and important person of his lyf …… But his ego was not letting him accept his mistake …… With so many thoughts running in his mind he went to bed and slept ……

Next day

It was a new day with lots of positivity ….

It was an ordinary day for all but a new start for Swara …..

It was 6:30 of morning when Swara woke up with the sound of alarm and went to freshen up…..
After almost a quarter she descended the stairs in her jogging suit ready for her morning walk …..

It was her daily routine to go to the park every day where she exercised daily….. Being a doctor Swara was health conscious…. She was very strict when it comes to health and this was the reason y every member of Gadodia family was scared of her …… She always used to give them all kinds of natural remedies whenever there was a seasonal change ….. She had a firm belief in the saying
Prevention is better than cure
Which was indeed a true one……


After an hour Swara came back from the park and was abt to ring the doorbell when her mother opened the door and caught her ears …..

Sharmishtha: Swara I told u na beta that u r becoming weak….. But u r so stubborn that u never pay any head to my words

Swara: Maa m alright …. Yesterday I was just tired so fainted nothing much don’t worry

Sumi: achha ….. Oky chalo there is no use of explaining anything to u ….. Today u r not going anywhere take a leave from ur hospital

Swara: Oky my we will c dat ….. Now tell me u had ur juice or not
Sumi:(makes faces) It is not juice it is a poison….
Swara: Maa I told you na it helps to control blood pressure ,it is deoxidizing agent…. It cleans the blood(she continued to give lectures )
When sumi shouted

Sumi: beta don’t worry I’m going to drink it don’t give so much of pain to ur tongue……

Swara: u know maa it has a great taste don’t know y u don’t like it

Sumi: Han ,Han ur bitter guard ( karela) has a great taste it is sweeter than honey na

Swara (gives a angry glare ) and says- maa pls stop it and have it silently m going to prepare my green tea and pls give juice to dadi and dadaji


Everyone was having breakfast when dp started to cough badly

Ap: ji I told u earlier that we shud go to the doctor but u were neglecting ur health ….. Today u r not going to office and dats final

Dp was abt to say smthng when ap again said
Sanskar beta u take care of office today ur bade papa will not come
Sanskar: ji maa…. Don’t worry I’ll tell my assistant to take a appointment for bade papa

After noon

Sanskar’s cabin

His pa entered and said : sir appointment is taken I have sent the address at ur home
Sanskar : oky and I hope u checked the doctors profile before taking appointment
Pa: yes sir…. I have taken the appointment of best physician of Kolkata
Sanskar: ohky den get back to ur work …..

Precap: Swara’s first meet with Ap and Dp ….


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