Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 5) ( pain of heart )

Hi guys ….. In last episode I got many comments regarding that it has a same story like another ff….. I agree it has a similar beginning but u may find it different in the next episodes ….. Just have some patience ….. Because I can’t change the plot this is the base of the story as I said earlier…..
U may tell me your decision if u find it similar I’ll stop it ……

A big thanks to all of u for ur appreciations….. And pls guys do tell me that I should continue or not …….


I guess I replied to all ur comments in the comment box itself …….

So let’s start wid the next part

Recap: Dhruv fell down from the stairs and Sanskar slapped Swara ……

The episode starts wid shocked face of all friends wid angry face of Sanskar and Swara’ s state could not b described in words …….

Megha : (while holding Swara from shoulders ) Sanskar r u out of ur mind …… How can u slap Swara ?

Sanskar: Megha don’t tell me wat I have to do or not ….. Waise don’t take this girls side she just don’t know how to respect relations …….. She is the most selfish girl I ever met …..

Kunal: mind ur tongue …… U r insulting Swara, don’t u know that she never care abt herself she is the one who can do anything for her loved ones ……

Sanskar : ohhh : just shut up Kunal ….. U don’t know she’s a double faced person …. She shows that she is the most selfless girl but inside she is a Stone heart girl ….. She just know how to attract boys and play with …… ( he was cut by Kunal who was going to slap him but controlled himself )

(In all this Swara was not at all reacting she was just numb who was standing by the support of Megha who was holding her by shoulders )

Sanskar (fumed with anger and said) : Kunal y r u so concerned about her ……. Don’t tell me she also made u fall for her ….. .

( Swara was not able to believe her ears she was just standing like a statue wid tears flowing from her eyes …. Her lips were bleeding a bit due to the intensity of slap but she was not feeling any physical pain as her heart was crying and paining …… Sanskar ‘s words were piercing her heart ……)
All were shocked by hearing Sanskar’s last line they were just disgusted by his behavior……

By the tym doctor came and all composed them self…..
Sanskar greeted him and took him towards Dhruv who was still unconscious …… Doctor did his dressing and gave him injection …… Then he turned towards all and said …..

Doctor: he is fine nothing serious….. Just got unconscious due to head injury ….. I gave him injection he’ll be awake till morning …..
All took a sigh of relief and Sanskar just smiled as he was tensed a lot …..
Kunal: thnk u so much doctor …..

Doctor : its oky ….. It was my duty …. Now I shud leave Mr Maheshwari ….. Just tell me if any complication occurs ….
He moved towards the gate when his eyes fell on Swara ….. She was standing like a statue lost in her own world …. Doctor moved towards her and said …..

Doctor: are Mr Maheshwari wat was the need to call me if Dr. Gadodia was present here …… U know she’s one of the most talented doctor of our hospital …..

(Yes, the Doctor who was called for Dhruv was Swara’s senior and he was highly impressed with her sense of professionalism ….
Guys don’t worry he is not young he is in his mid 50 and a senior doctor)

Doctor: I thought u all r friends …… So don’t u know that she’s a doctor …..
Sanskar: (was abt to say something )
When Kunal said….
Kunal: we know doctor but she was so shocked and worried for Dhruv that she couldn’t react ….. Dhruv is our childhood friend do he’s very close to us …..

Doctor : ohhh….. Doctor Gadodia don’t worry he is fine….. ( but still she was not reacting ) Swara beta r u fine……
Megha: yes uncle she’s all right just a bit worried don’t worry we’ll take care of her ……

Doctor went and all looked towards swasan

Sanskar was sitting beside Dhruv on the couch and Swara was still in same position…..

Megha, Ipshita , Kunal and abhi became worried seeing her numb

Abhi and Kunal were abt to go towards sanky when Megha stopped them and said : we can’t waste our energy talking with a person lyk him at present Swara is more important for us …… ( Megha said luking towards him)

Sanskar heard it but didn’t paid any attention to them but was busy looking other side …….

Kunal called Swara softly but she didn’t reacted ……
Then he and Megha jerked which also not made any effect on her ….. They became very much tensed to see her like this she was just standing like a lifeless body ……

Sanskar was watching this from the corner of his eye but saying nothing ( he was also worried for her health now but thought her a cheater)

Megha jerked her hard which made her come back to senses …… For abt 30 seconds she was just staring Sanskar but afterwards she hugged Megha tightly and started to cry out loud …….

All were trying to console her but she was just crying her heart out …….
After sometime Sanskar asked abhi to help him to drop Dhruv to his house …… Abhi was annoyed with him but still agreed for his friend’s sake

Swara was still crying however Sanskar was also feeling his heart stabbed seeing her like this

When they both were taking Dhruv out by supporting him and were on the gate they heard Megha saying :

Swara, Swara

They turned and looked towards Swara …..
Megha: Ishu just check whether she’s fine or not don’t know y m feeling her weight on my body …..

Ipshita: (turned towards her and say her unconscious) Swara Swara …… Wat happened to her (she cried loudly )
Kunal quickly started patting her cheeks : Swara Swara open ur eyes ….. Swaru pls yaar ….. Open ur eyes

Sanskar was abt to go towards then when Megha said : No need to care abt a stone heart and selfish person Sanskar, we r here for her ….. Don’t show ur fake concern…..
Sanskar stopped at place and looked towards them and said: Yeah I know , she’s fooling u people she just acting to grab ur attention ……

Kunal who was already panicked shouted : just get out Mr. Maheshwari …
Abhi take him out with Dhruv we r here don’t worry abhi u go wid him ……

Abhi left with the duo

Kunal lifted Swara in his arms and carried her towards the couch …… He sprinkled some water on her when she opened her eyes with great difficulty her head was just spinning . ….. Swara : San…sss…kar (faintly with tears in her eyes )

Kunal : swaru…. Don’t worry he went to drop Dhruv with abhi ….. U tell…. R u fine ?
Swara just nodded Megha hugged her and said: Swara u scared us ….. Chalo let’s go to the doctor…..

Swara:no Megha m fine just wanna go home …… Kunal can u pls drop me home ….. Megha U take my car I’ll come to take it back from u tomorrow …..

They nodded ,Kunal supported her and dropped her home

Sumi. opened the door and got worried seeing Swara so dull n weak….. She said: Kunal beta wat happened to her…. U all went for the party na
Kunal: yes aunty she just felt dizzy and became unconscious as she was tired ……

Sumi: Swara I told u take care of ur health beta u r. becoming weak…..
Kunal: pls take her to her room m coming with milk ….
Kunal:sure aunty

He took her upstairs then consoled her a bit and left for Hus house …… Swara drank milk and pretended to sleep …… When sumi left the room she started crying …….


So finished with the chapter was a long episode ….. Please guys do comment…. Today my eyes are paining then also I wrote…. Chalo bye …..

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