Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 4)


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Same day evening Swara was leaving for her home when she bumped into someone in the parking lot …… The files which that person was holding fell down
He seemed to b in a hurry but politely said sorry though it was swara’s fault ….. She even helped him in picking the files from the ground
When done with the work she gently said sorry nd said
Swara : I’m really sry ….. Because of me u got late and I think u were in a hurry
Person: no no its oky it was even my fault

Swara : yeah ….. Excuse me ( nd she leaves )

The person follows her through his eyes till she vanished from the sight…..

Later ~~~~

At the party venue Sanskar entered the party dressed in white T-shirt wid pink blazer ( u all can imagine him its same like he wear in the serial ) and jeans …..

He soon saw his friends Dhruv and Rahul …. And he went towards them …..
Sanskar : hey guys !! ( side hugs them )
Rahul and Dhruv : hi Sanskar ….. Well luking good yar …..

Sanskar : (smiles) Yeah ….. Thnk u …. Even u both r luking dashing
So everyone came ( Idiot , u shud say only Swara ??)

Dhruv : han , nearly everyone came don’t know abt girls …… ( pointing towards Two girls busy in chit chatting they were Megha nd Ipshita ….
Note – Guys Megha is Swara’s best friend and knows everything abt Swasan though all know abt them but she understands swara’s pain )

Sanskar : Ohhh Megha and Ipshita ….. Chalo let’s meet them ….

The trio walked towards them

Sanskar: Hi Megha… Hi Ipshita …..

Both : hi Sanskar

They all started greeting each other and all then Ipshita asked Megha

Ipshita : Megha Swara is coming or not …..? ? ? Have not seen her since long last tym also when we started our school talks she left in a hurry …..
( Megha understands y she did so )

Megha : yeah must b coming I somehow convinced her …. She agreed to it but don’t know y she didn’t reached till now ….

Megha: I hope she comes …..

Sanskar : U guys don’t worry it is her will to come or not….( sternly) and waise bhi ( cut in middle by Ipshita )

Megha: Oh my god …. M I dreaming ….. ( shocked)
All saw towards the direction she was seeing and there our Swara was standing dressed in white and pink chudidar , with simple make up and a beautiful smile on her face adorning her beauty …… She walked towards all…
Seeing her Sanskar was mesmerized and his heart skipped a beat …..

Swara : Ohhh stop it Ishu ( Ipshita ) U r overeating…..

Ipshita : I thought you ll not come

Swara: Ohhh ….. But I never said that

Than she looked towards Sanskar and said
Swara: hi Sanskar
Sanskar: hi Swara ….. How r u ?
Swara : fine nd u ? ( but only she knew how fine she was )
Sanskar : m also fine…..
Than someone shouted from back hello Swara
She exclaimed in joy and side hugged the person ….
Swara: hello Kunal ….. And then saw other person and side hugged him
Swara: hello abhi
Abhi: Hi Swaru
Kunal: wassup sis
( Swara share a brother- sister bond with Kunal and Abhi and Abhi understands her to the core )
Swara: nothing Bro ( It all seemed like a shock for Sanskar as he thought that Swara was not in contact with any 1)

Swara : How’s ur better half Abhi .? ( he is engaged)
Abhi: gud

Sanskar cannot bear this more so blurted out : you were in touch wid her ?

Kunal: yeah, And she was the only one with whom we were in touch ….. ( another shock)

Swara asked Megha abt her engagement: Megha u didn’t even told us abt ur engagement …. And how is Tushar ( Megha’s fiancee )

Megha : yeah he is fine

While they were busy in chatting Rahul went to stage and stopped the music to make an announcement
Rahul: Hey guys …… To make this evening more beautiful Swara will sing for all of us

Initially Swara denied and resisted a lot but then principal asked her to sing which she cannot deny

Swara went on the stage and sat on the chair wid a guitar ……

She started singing

(Please read the lyrics it will help u understand their condition, I worked a lot for choosing a song depicting their condition )

Pyaar humko bhi hai, pyaar tumko bhi hai 
To yeh kya silsile ho gaye 
Bewafa hum nahin, bewafa tum nahin 
To kyoon itne gile ho gaye 
Chalte chalte kaise yeh faasle ho gaye 
Hm hm hm oh, kya pata kahan hum chale 
Duniya jo poochhe to kya hum kahe 
Koi yeh humko samjha de 
Thes lagi to pal mein toot gaye 
Sheeshe ke the kya sab vaade 

( She remembered her and Sanskar’s moments- Their first meet , their first hug their care towards each other )
She was crying inwardly

Hearing Swara singing Sanskar was so lost in her voice that he went upstage and joined her she was also lost so she did not observed him

Sanskar :
Jaata hai koi kyoon sapnon ko thukraake 
Paayega yeh dil kya kisi ko bataake 
Chalte chalte raakh hum bin jale ho gaye 

Mm mm mm oh, bujh gaye diye pyaar ke 

Sanskar :
Pyaar humko bhi hai, pyaar tumko bhi hai 
To yeh kya silsile ho gaye 

He was also remembering their happy moments

Doob gaya hai jaise dard mein dil 
Aansu bhari hain ab aankhein 

Tanhaaiyon ki jo rut aa gayi 
Ujdi hui hain sab raahein 

Socha tha paayenge dono ek manzil ko 

They were not in their senses

Sanskar :
Raahein jo badli to tum hi bata do 
Chalte chalte gum kahan kaafle ho gaye 

Swara :
Hm mm mm oh, kho gaye kahan raaste 

Sanskar :
Pyaar humko bhi hai, pyaar tumko bhi hai 
To yeh kya silsile ho gaye 

Bewafa hum nahin, bewafa tum nahin 
To kyoon itne gile ho gaye 
Chalte chalte kaise yeh faasle ho gaye 

(At last she remembered that how he left her and she felt immense pain in her heart )

Sanskar :
Hm hm hm ho, kya pata kahan hum chale

Swara :
Hm, kya pata kahan hum chale 
They were brought back in sensed by the sound of clapping that filled the hall and cheers for them ….. All were praising their chemistry

Swara opened her eyes as soon as she heard the noise…. Her eyes were filled with tears

She composed herself and went down towards her friends

Megha and Kunal were clearly understanding her situation

Megha: r u fine Swara?

Swara: Megha m all fine ….. Mujhe kya hoga ? (Smiled a little which was indeed a fake one)

Megha nd Kunal very well knew that she’ll never show her pain to anyone so thought to leave the topic

On the other hand as soon as Sanskar heard the claps he also composed himself and went down before Swara and cursed her

Sanskar: (monologue) Today also because of that girl’s voice I was melting….. Oh god help me

Then both Abhi and Kunal dragged Swara , Ipshita and Megha towards the stage as they knew environment was getting emotional so they thought to lighten their moods especially Swara’s ……

They started dancing on the song tukur tukur from Dilwale

Pa pa pa.. oo..

Tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur tukur
Dekh taka tak (x3)

(They started dancing around the trio as per the movie steps )
Dil mein haan hai hothon pe naa
Dil mein haan hai hothon pe naa (aaye..)
Bhare bazaar mein dil tod gayi zaalima

(They mimicked as per cursing the girls and threw their hands downwards ( yar m not good at writing dance steps u may understand) )
Tukur-tukur tukur-tukur tukur-tukur
Dekh taka tak (x2)

Aashiqon ki jaan le gayi (aaye..)
Aashiqon ki jaan le gayi (o ho!)
Kaahe rumaal magar chhod gayi zaalima

Tukur-tukur tukur-tukur tukur-tukur
Dekh taka tak (x2)

Chahne wale tere jitne hazaar sanam
Badh ke humse nahi honge dildaar sanam
Ye zamana hai bewafa (toh)
Ye zamana hai bewafa (haaye)
Mile mushkil se wafadaar koi baalma

( even Swara nd others started dancing wid them to show them that she’s happy )
Tukur-tukur tukur-tukur tukur-tukur
Dekh taka tak (x3)

Pa ra re pa…

(Soon all present in the hall joined them )
Ai yai ya Vasco da Gama
Ai yai ya pagdi pajama
Hey ai yai ya Vasco da Gama
Ai yai ya pagdi pajama

Hosh mein hi sahi
Magar gustakhiyan ho zara
Aa tujhe choom loon
Bhale badnaamiyan ho zara

(Tukur tukur tukur tukur..)

O… hosh mein hi sahi
Magar gustakhiyan ho zara
Aa tujhe choom loon
Bhale badnaamiyan ho zara

Husn hai bekaabu agar (aau..)
Husn hai bekaabu agar (hatt!)
Kaahe jazbaat ko kaabu mein rakhe baalma

Tukur-tukur tukur-tukur tukur-tukur
Dekh taka tak (x4)

Ai yai yai ya Vasco da Gama
Ai yai yai ya pagdi pajama (x2)

Pyaar kya cheez hai
Peechha chhode naa wo marz hai
Umr bhar sar se jo
Miyan utre na wo karz hai
Iss se bach ke rehna zara
Iss se bach ke rehna zara
Nazar andaaz naa kar mashwara ye kaam ka

( soon Swara also forgot abt the recent incident and started enjoying )
Tukur-tukur tukur-tukur tukur-tukur
Dekh taka tak (x2)

Pa pa pa.. oo..

This was all seen by Sanskar who thought that Swara didn’t care abt him a bit …..

Sanskar : (monologue.) Someone see her she’s dancing n enjoying like nothing happened she don’t care abt me a bit even …..

After sometime all were again busy in their talking when little bit if juice fell on Sanskar’s hand he went upstairs to the rooms to clean it ……

When he was coming back after cleaning himself he saw dhruv lost somewhere and he didn’t saw the staircase and fell down from the stairs ….
Sanskar ran after him but it was too late he was already down …..

Sanskar quickly went towards him and took his head in his lap and patted his cheeks as he was feeling dizzy …. Blood was oozing out from his for head…..

Sanskar: Dhruv nothing will happen to you bro ….. Why were U so lost????

Dhruv: San…kar she hatessss m…eee

Sanskar:who hates u Dhruv wat happened?

Dhruv : Sssss…… And he fell unconscious

Other side Kunal received Sanskar’s call and all rushed towards them all tensed and shocked ……

Kunal: Don’t worry Sanskar doctor is coming ….. Till the tym Swara will check him

Swara: Yeah Sanskar I’ll check pls shift a side ….

Sanskar didn’t replied

Swara: Sanskar wat happened y r u ….?? ( and felt a burning sensation on her cheek)

Yes , Sanskar slapped her
All were shocked
Swara : ( shocked nd numb) Sansskaar

Sanskar : ( tight held her by her shoulders) just shut up ….. U r such a cheap girl don’t utter my name from ur disgusting mouth

Swara: Sanskar , its paining ….. Ahhhhh

Sanskar : it shud pain ( and jerked her)

He left her wid such great force that she stumbled and almost fell down when Megha nd Kunal supported her from both sides …..
She was totally broken….. She didn’t know how to react ……

Screen splits on Sanskar’s angry and Swara’s painful face …….

Precap: Suspense …… Suspense ….. Suspense…..


So it was a very long part according to me and took almost 2 days to write yeah I started writing it from yesterday afternoon and completed at 9:00pm today ….. I don’t know when TU will post it …..

So no questions for today u will get to know in next part ….

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