Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 3 & character sketch )


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Recap : Leap and Swasan agreeing for reunion party

Episode two- http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-ss-love-hurts-love-heals-episode-2/


So let’s start wid the next part……

Same day night

Around 10:45

Sanskar was sitting on his bed wid his head resting on the headboard ….
He was in deep sleep when Laksh entered his room

Laksh : Bhai where r u lost ? Thinking abt someone ?

Sanskar : Hmmmmm ( still lost )
Laksh comes beside him nd makes himself comfortable at bed before Sanskar

Laksh: Waise bhai ….. Who is that lucky girl disturbing my bhai?????

Sanskar jerked himself n came out of his thoughts nd was shocked to c Laksh in his room
Sanskar: Haan , Laksh any work ? How come u here ? N when u came ????

Laksh : are just few minutes ago when you were lost in some one’s thoughts …… ( teasingly )

Sanskar : nothing like that …… Don’t use ur little brain too much ……
Laksh’s smile vanishes hearing his compliment

Sanskar: don’t give those fake expressions …. Now tell wat work you have wid me?

Laksh : nothing bhai …… Just saw your college reunion party’s invitation ……. Came to ask whether u r going or not ????

Sanskar: Yes bro m going tomorrow…..

Laksh : oky Sanskar den enjoy your party…. Chalo m going….. Gud nyt ….

Sanskar : yaa …. Gud nyt

He smiles seeing his brother’s antics nd sleeps thinking abt next day’s reunion party nd meeting someone special there


So let’s start wid character sketch …….

Swara Gadodia – Elder daughter of Gadodia’s
A sweet bubbly girl wid a caring nature for everyone
She is a doctor by profession ( physician)
She loves someone
Age – 24 yrs

Ragini Gadodia – one yr younger sister of Swara ….. She is also caring , innocent and bubbly….
She is a fashion designer and will b soon opening her own fashion studio
Age – (You all know dat) 23yrs

Sumi ( Sharmishtha ) and Shekhar – parents of swaragini…. Love their both daughters equally …..

Dada dadi ( Parvati nd Deendayal Gadodia) – Grandparents of swaragini …

Note – Gadodia family is not living in badi they have their own bungalow ….. And r not so backward like dada dadi for their daughters ….. They r keeping pace wid new generation ( dadi is positive here)

Maheshwari family –

Sanskar Maheshwari – Elder brother of Laksh ….. A mature nd talented businessman ….. CEO of Karma Grp Pvt Ltd
Only love of Swara ….
He is very strict in terms of business….
Loving towards his family n friends
Age: 24 yrs

Laksh Maheshwari- Younger brother of Sanskar ….. A fun loving guy ….. Soon going to join his family business ….
Age – 23yrs

Adarsh nd Parineeta Maheshwari – Elder son and daughter in law of Maheshwari’s ( They r playing positive roles )

Durga Prasad Maheshwari nd Annapurna Maheshwari – Parents of Laksh and Adarsh ….

Ramprasad and Sujata Maheshwari – parents of Sanskar nd Uttara ….

Uttara Maheshwari- Younger sister of Sanskar …… Pampered by everyone

So in Maheshwari family everything is same and all are positive…..
Note- They have their own company but Sanskar had a dream of establishing his own company so he has opened Karma’s….. But they both are partners nd he look after both ….
Swara’s side

She was also moving from one side to another due to tension as she did not wanted to face Sanskar over there
She knew that he did everything for a reason as her love was not so weak to get betrayal but somewhere in her heart she was impatient to know why he did so ????

Swara: Sanskar tomorrow I’ll be meeting u after 7 yrs …. In these yrs u never replied to any of my messages or calls but tomorrow you’ll have to face me ……
She smiles sadly thinking of her love Nd dozes off

Next day morning

Swara just entered her cabin and made a call for shruti her pa ( She was the most young and one of The best doctors of the city and was working in a very reputed hospital……

Swara : How many appointments r there today ????

Shruti : Ma’am there 12 appointments nd then ur meeting wid Dr. Nikhil after lunch ….

Swara : oky den start sending the patients after five minutes nd yaa after the meeting if some patient is there without appointment then send them…..

Shruti : Sure ma’am
( she started to go when Swara again called her )

Swara: Shruti wait, I’ll be leaving before five so make sure not to give any appointments at that tym

Shruti : sure ma’am ….

Same tym

At Karma

Sanskar was talking to himself sitting in his cabin
Sanskar: Y didn’t u messaged me today Swara …..I hope you are fine ……
Just then he received her message stating good morning
It was her daily routine to message him…

During lunch break Swara was busy checking some files when her colleague doctor entered her cabin to remind her abt meeting after lunch …..

Dr Anjali : Swara u know na we have a meeting after lunch ?
Swara : Yeah Anjali I know don’t worry I’ll come …..
Dr Anjali : oky den ( Starts to leave when suddenly turned and asked )
Swara will you join us for lunch ?
Swara : no yar , will join some other day
When Anjali replied oky dear , tc

After sometime Swara was going to begin her lunch when suddenly she received a message. She excitedly grabbed her phone expecting Sanskar’s reply but to her disappointment it was her mother’s message to remind her abt lunch ….
She started her lunch, lost in her thoughts when she remembered an incident

{ Flashback –
A girl was walking through the jungle ( minor one ) , she was shouting someone’s name it seemed that she lost her way ….. Suddenly someone came from back nd called her she immediately hugged the person , that person felt something wet on his clothes nd then he got that Swara is weeping …. He broke the hug and cupped her face
Boy : Swara stop crying , c nothing happened na u r fine…… I found u na…. ( wipes her tears )

Swara: I was so scared u Noe na I got lost ……

Boy: nothing happened na …… Chalo now stop crying …..

Swara : You will never leave me na ( still weeping )

Boy : No, Swara never

Swara : Promise ( with teary eyes)

Boy : promise ( keeps hand on her hand assuring her )

She hugged him overwhelmed
Flashback ends }

She open her eyes which were now filled with tears
She said – U broke ur promise , u broke it Sanskar …… U left me ….

She again close her eyes and tears made their way ……

Precap: Swasan first encounter after leap

So it was the third chapter ……. I hope it was long enough …… Thnkew guys for commenting and yaa pls keep commenting it really encourages our will power …….

So the precap is same as previous one ….. Sry for not giving swasan’s meet but will surely give in next episode ……
And yes u may ask any queries regarding character sketch ……

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