Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 2)


Hi everyone!? from today I thought I’ll reply to ur comments in episodes ……

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Chandu 😕 thnkew Chandu ….. Ya I’ll try to post bigger ones on weekends or on some holidays …… And actually abhi actual story start nhi Hui hai so wait till leap …..
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So let’s start wid next episode ……

Recap: Swasan heart broken …

Leap of 7 yrs …….

The episode starts wid sunshine disturbing a girls sleep which were entering through the window……
She slowly open her eyelids and now her great brown eyes r clearly visible…. Her face is revealed as Swara …..
She slowly gets up checking the tym when she heard her mother’s voice

Sumi: Swara beta r u up ?????
Swara: yes Maa ! Coming in 10 minutes …..
Sumi: oky beta come fast else you’ll be late
Swara : yeah coming …..

After ten minutes we can see her descending the steps luking beautiful in simple churidar , with a pendant nd simple earing as only accessories and a angelic glow ……

At dining table

Swara: gud mrng Maa, gud mrng papa nd Ragini….
All: gud mrng beta / Swara
Swara : well…. where r dada Dadi ?????

Sumi : beta there’s a wedding at r relatives place so they went their to attend the ceremony….
Swara : oky ( smile )

Soon after break fast everyone leaves for their respective works …….

Sanskar’s side

A huge mansion is shown where a lady is doing aarti …..
She turns and is none other than Annapurna
She gives aarti to everyone where two boys take her blessings
(You may have already guessed they r Sanskar n Laksh )

Ap: come beta have ur breakfast
Sanskar: no Maa m getting late meet you in evening

And he took his car and drove off

Here Swara was also driving to her work place ( will be revealed soon )

At tat tym a song is played on the FM
RJ: the next song is dedicated to people who do not believe in love

Jaane kyon log pyar karte hain Jane kyon woh kisi par marte hain

(At that tym both hear the song and remember their all moments )

Pyaar Mein Sochiye To Bas Gham Hai
Pyar Mein Jo Sitam Bhi Ho Kam Hai
Pyar Mein Sar Jookana Padta Hai
Dard Mein Muskurana Padta Hai
Zaher Kyon Zindagi Mein Bharte Hain
Jaane Kyon Log Pyaar Karte Hain
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon

( Flashback- Swasan were chit chatting at that tym Swara ask him
Swara : Sanku do you believe in love ?
Sanskar: no yar it is too complicated….. I don’t wanna fall in love it makes the person broken nd sometimes crazy …..( Laughs )
But Swara took it seriously but smiles afterwards than starts singing ……

Swara: Pyar Bin Jeene Mein Rakha Kya Hai
Pyar Jisko Nahin Woh Tanha Hai
Pyar Bin Jeene Mein Rakha Kya Hai
Pyar Jisko Nahin Woh Tanha Hai
Pyar Sau Rang Le Ke Aata Hai
Pyar Hi Zindagi Sajaata Hai
Log Chup Chup Ke Pyaar Karte Hain
Jaane Kyoun Saaf Kehte Darte Hai
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon

Sanskar also joins :
Pyaar Bekaar Ki Musibat Hai
Pyaar Har Tarah Khoobsurat Hai
Oh Pyaar Se Hum Door Hi Achche
Are Pyar Ke Sab Roop Hai Sachche
Oh Pyar Ke Ghaat Jo Utarte Hai
Doobte Hai Na Woh Ubharte Hai
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon
Pyar To Khair Sabhi Karte Hain
Jaane Kyon Aap Hi Mukarte Hain
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon )

Flashback ends and both smiles wid teary eyes

At tat tym Swara reached her place and composes herself

Sanskar just switch offs the radio

Sanskar : Swara u were right love is beautiful, nd most precious but c I lost it…… And continue driving

Swara gets an invitation of her school reunion party ….. She smiles excitedly but then gets sad thinking she’ll not go …..

Here Sanskar also gets the invitation at that tym his frnd calls him nd ask abt party but Sanskar refuses initially but later gets convinced….


Her friend calls her and after a Long argument she agrees

precap – Swasan first encounter after leap + character sketch

So done with second episode…..
I replied to all comments but sry if someone is left actually I replied to those which I got at the time and of writing ……. Pls tell me how u felt abt this episode …
Thnkew for ur comments

So back to story –

How was the episode ?

Wat will be there reaction seeing each other ?
How these best friends got separated ?

Keep reading to get answers ………. Do comment pls..

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