Swasan Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 17)


Heya everyone m very happy as many silent readers of my ff broke their silence in last Episode…. So a big thanks to them … But m really disappointed with those who earlier use to comment but now r not commenting …. May b the storyline is getting boring …. But m so glad with the ones who comment … Thnkew so much and continue commenting? ….

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So let’s start with the next part

Episode 17

The next half of the way passed in complete silence …..
Sometimes silence speaks better than words but here it was nothing more than silence filled with Awkwardness and Misunderstandings which eventually led to pain …..

Sanskar was trying to concentrate on road which seemed nearly impossible as his mind was filled with many thoughts ….
Whereas Swara was busy looking outside the window trying to divert her mind..

The song which was unintentionally played few moments back was obviously completed by now but it did the work for what God intentionally played it ….

They were abt to reach when car stopped with a jerk …. With this sudden jerk Swara came back to senses and looked towards Sanskar with a questioning look as if asking what happened

Sanskar was also not knowing abt the reason for sudden halt of car so he came out if the car to check the problem ….

Swara also got down from the car following Sanskar….

Finally sanskar spoke
: I think there is some problem with the engine which m not getting ….. Its quite late so there’ll be not mechanic available …. Ur house is in the next lane only so let’s go on feet ….

Swara was abt to deny, when Sanskar said:I know u can go urself but I’ll trip u…. I don’t want to argue ….

Swara just nodded and both began to walk…

( please don’t think that it will rain and they will get shelter in some shade or hut as nothing like this is gonna happen …. It looks to filmy nd fictional …
Although its a fiction but I want to make it as simple as possible )

They soon reached outside swara’s house …. Sanskar was abt to go after dropping her there when Swara spoke
Swara: Its quite late Sanskar … U will not get any taxi …. So it’s better u take my car … The driver must have brought it by now… I’ll bring the keys…

For which Sanskar just nodded….

Swara went inside to bring the let’s when Ragini saw Sanskar outside the house from her room’s window

She wondered that y he is there at that tym and thought to check herself …..

Ragini came outside to meet Sanskar

Sanskar also saw her

Ragini: Sanskar Bhaiya u here. ?

(Look let me tell that she’s calling him Bhaiya as he is Laksh’s brother )

Sanskar: yes Ragini actually I met Swara in a restaurant then I thought to drop her as it was getting late..
And on the way my car broke so we came via Walk….

Ragini: oh thnk u for dropping Di here…. But now how will u go Bhaiya its very late right now…. U do one thing u go with our car I’ll just bring the keys….

(She was abt to go)

Sanskar: no Ragini …. Swara already went to get it…

Ragini: so Bhaiya wat r u doing here? Come inside don’t know y Di is taking so long

Sanskar:no dear m gud here waise bhi its too late it will not look gud…

Ragini: no Bhaiya..
No need to b so formal…. (She continued to request him)

Finally Sanskar agreed and went in

On the other hand ….

Swara was finding the keys in her room but she was not getting them ….. As Sharmishtha kept them somewhere when driver gave it to her and now she was sleeping so Swara didn’t wanted to disturb her…..

After searching for long finally she got it…. And headed downstairs….

And was shocked to c Sanskar in the living room talking with Ragini ….

She marched towards them and kept the key on the table…

Swara: Sanskar here is the key…. U may take the car

Sanskar nodded and was abt move when Ragini again started

Ragini: are Di … Just now he came… U two wait I’ll just get coffee for us….

Sanskar:are no Ragini… No need for that u don’t trouble urself ….

Again Ragini was again n again requesting…. And again he had to agree

Just then Ragini was abt to head towards kitchen ….. When her phone rang … It was from one of her close friend who was with her in fashion designing and now needed some help so she excused herself from SWASAN nd asked Swara to prepare coffee

Swara had no other way out so she agreed as whatever happened between them shud not affect the gratitude…. As Sanskar dropped her and was now her guest …. And being noble it was her duty to treat him well…

After sometime Swara came with three cups of coffee she prepared one for Ragini

By the tym Laksh also entered as Ragini informed him abt Sanskar’s arrival….
Ragini also came back after hanging up the call

Swara: are Laksh u here….

Laksh: yes Swara Woh Ragini informed me abt bhai being here so i also thought to come….I hope o didn’t disturbed u all

Swara hits him playfully
Swara: achha now u r also becoming so formal

( Sanskar was feeling sad as Swara was talking freely with Aditya nd Laksh but not with him)

He held one cup of coffee as he didn’t wanted to stay there for long

He sipped coffee and next second he felt burning sensation in his tongue or shud I say whole mouth

(Don’t think that Swara added chilli or something just read )

Sanskar: Ahhhhh….

Swaraglak immediately turned three faces towards him as they were busy in chit chatting….

Laksh: Oh ho bhai wat happened?

Sanskar: Woh I sipped the coffee and didn’t noticed that it was hot so my tongue got burnt

Swara(worried and in a flow): Oh ho Sanskar… R u nuts ? Y u always neglect the fact that we shud b careful while drinking coffee but u…. Since school u r burning ur tongue….

Sanskar smiled as she referred him as Sanskar… On the other hand Raglak were shocked…. Laksh again became suspicious

When Swara realized what she said …. She again started

Swara:(stammering) Woh…. Woh in school canteen… I….I once saw u drinking coffee and spitting it out the next moment…. Han han otherwise I don’t know anything abt….abt …u

I think my phone is ringing …. I’ll b back

She left to her room….

Precap- Cats out of can may be


Well I seriously don’t know what rubbish I wrote…. I know it was boring but I wanted to give at least one chapter before Rabia Di leaves …. So here it is…. I was not at all in a mood to write…. And my hand got twisted that too right hand so it took two days for me to write such a small one…

Rabia Di this is truly dedicated to u … I know u must b thinking that which boring and rubbish Episode I dedicated to u… But I was not getting tym and wrote whatever came in my mind…. Di will m is u sooooooooooooooooo much…. Go slowly nd come back as fast as possible….
I wish u get successful in ur lyf ….. And achieve all ur dreams…
Jaldi aana…..

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