Swasan Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 16)

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Recap- Swaditya meeting …. Sanskar getting jealous of aditya

Episode 16

Swasan were moving towards the parking lot when Swara said

Swara(coldly): Mr Maheshwari u go … I’ll go by myself … No need to worry …

Sanskar: Y r u behaving like this Swara … I can drop u .. I will never allow u to go alone at this hour of the day …

Swara: What else u want Mr Maheshwari … Now m doing just like u wished …. And coming to allowing me to go alone or not …. U don’t need to worry about a stranger ….

Sanskar: Swara what r u speaking …. I..(Interrupted by call the on Swara’s mobile )

Swara saw the caller id n received the call which was from her mother

On call

Swara:Hello Maa
Swara:Ya m I’ll reach in half n hour ….
Swara:yeah … Oky bye

Sanskar: Swara m sorry ….. U get inside the car … Don’t argue or else u will get late.
Aunty must b worried

Swara: I can go Mr Maheshwari. …
(She started to go when Sanskar grabbed her wrist and dragged her towards his car )

Swara:(while struggling to get out of his grip) What r u doing Mr Maheshwari … Just leave my hand ….

Sanskar: No Swara I can’t do that ..
I know u r very stubborn… And if I will leave ur hand u will go alone

Swara: Leave me Mr Maheshwari or else I will shout

Sanskar: Go onnn …. Maine tumhara haath Chhodne ke liye nhi pakda hai ( haha my all time favorite dialogue )

(English translation-
Sanskar- Go onnn … I didn’t grabbed ur hand to let it go)

(I hope I translated it correctly)

On hearing this she let out a small sarcastic laugh n said
Swara: Tum mera haath pehle hi chod chuke ho (U have already left my hand)

Sanskar then realized what he said in a flow

Sanskar: Sorry … U get in the car

Swara without arguing further left towards the passenger seat

Sanskar opened the car door to let her in
And she silently got in

The way to Swara’s home was quite long more than half an hour if they have to cross regular traffic

On the way there was complete silence between them, sanskar was in a dilemma that how to initiate conversation

Sanskar’s POV

Intentionally or unintentionally u have again hurt her Sanskar ….
Now how shud I talk with u Swara … I can’t bear ur cold behavior Swara … I Noe wat all is happening is all cause of my actions …. But I don’t know y m feeling as something more happened seven years ago … Wat m not able to figure out… I don’t know y m feeling it was not done intentionally …

Swara’s POV

I know sanskar that you want to talk …. I know u want to start a convo…. ( she let out a breath and thought)
This is the same Sanskar who used to talk with me whole day …. Who never thought twice before speaking something to me … Who always spoke his heart out …. But now u r not able to speak a single word to me … That day toh u never thought for a second before accusing me … But now…..

POV ends

To avoid awkwardness Sanskar switched on the radio …..

(Note- I want u all to read the lyrics cause they r all matching with the situation r8 now)

the song starts playing …. Aahatein from movie Ek main aur ek tu (I love this song)

Chhoti-chhoti baatein yunhi aate-jaate
Yaadein sehlaake jaati hai
Raaton ko sirhaane baasi muskaane
Mujhko sula ke jaati hai

(Hearing the lyrics both look towards each other)

Milna nahin hai mumkin itna bataaun lekin
Hum phir mile kyun hain
(They started remembering thier sleepless nights thinking abt each other)

Tujhko bula naa paaun
Tujhko bhula naa paaun
Yeh silsile kyun hain

( Swara was thinking that how they r behaving like strangers now who once were always together)
Sab kuch wahi hai, par kuchh kami hai
Teri aahatein nahin hai
Sab kuch wahi hai, par kuchh kami hai
Teri Aahatein nahin hai.. nahin hai

( They think that everything is changed… They r seperated … They r even not friends now)

[Now my favorite lines]
Maine nahin jaana, tune nahin jaana
Jaane anjaane jo huaa
Kuchh tto hua jo mujh ko hua naa
Tujhko magar kyun hua

( Swara thinks that its neither her fault nor sanskar’s but unfortunately a wall has been created b/w them)
Ghalti nahin hai teri
Ghalti nahin hai meri
Phir bhi gile kyun hain
Tujhko bulaa na paaun
Tujhko bhula na paaun
Yeh silsile kyun hain
Sab kuch wahi hai [wahi hai]
Par kuch kami hai [kami hai]
Teri aahatein nahin hai

Sab kuch wahi hai, par kuch kami hai
Teri aahatein nahin hai, nahin hai hai

Teri aahatein nahin hai aahatein nahin hai
Teri aahatein nahin hai
Teri aahatein nahin hai, aahatein nahin hai
Teri aahatein nahin hai

Kyun… kyun nahin hai

The song ends making Swara’s eyes moist …. The work which their souls were not able to do is now done by a mere song

Music is the best way to communicate ur feelings…. Sometimes the work which r words r unable to do is done in few seconds just by few heart touching lyrics of a song ….

We are compelled by it. We are provoked by it. We are moved by it. We are inspired by it. We feel connected to it.
it can be an incredibly effective way to express ourselves and cope with challenging life circumstances. Because sometimes life is really hard.
Often unconsciously, lying to ourselves protects us from knowing truths that would temporarily harm our ego—our core sense of self.

(Sorry for being to poetic or Philosophic but these r words of many gr8 people who loved music )

And this was happening here in our Swasan’s life …. They were just going through the pain of separation without aware of the fact that they r meant to b together by Destiny…..

To be continued…..

Sorry for such a short update but m unable to write more than this ….. Nowadays m not getting tym to read the ff’s even so m hardly able to write …. I somehow wrote this part …. And I know that this was really boring…. So sorry for that …. I will try to update at least once a week…. And a big sorry to those writers whose ff I m reading in advance cause I don’t know whether I m commenting? or not but in upcoming days I’ll not n able to comment much ….

And Rabia Di if u r reading this so let me ask a sorry from u too …
Cause from 2-3 days m not able to read ur ff so I didn’t commented also… But will read them soon…

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  6. Shreeyu

    This is the lyrics translation in English for those who can’t understand Hindi

    small things, just like that, while passing by,
    memories go, stroking me,
    in the nights, below the pillow, old smiles,
    make me sleep..
    it’s not possible to meet, but tell me this much
    why have we met then..
    I can’t call you, can’t forget you,
    why is it so?
    everything is the same, but something is missing..
    the sound of your footsteps isn’t there..

    I didn’t know, you didn’t know,
    whatever happened without knowing..
    something happened, that didn’t happen to me,
    why did it happen to you then..
    it’s not your mistake, it’s not my mistake,
    why are there complaints still..
    I can’t call you, can’t forget you,
    why is it so?
    everything is the same, but something is missing..
    the sound of your footsteps isn’t there..

    why, why aren’t they there..

  7. Simin

    Baccha well said
    Music is the best way of conveying our feelings and emotions
    Hope sanskar understands his mistake and
    makes everything correct

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    Loved this part lot…
    He he see this is one of my biggest cmnt ,feeling proud on myself

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    Awesome one shreeyu.??….love that song…..
    That part is really good….u nailed it…
    Its not the song but the person nd incidents that come to our mind makes us sad….??

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