Swasan Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 14)

Hello every1 …. Wish u a very happy Navmi, Dussehra and Moharram ….
And pls don’t bash me without reading the whole story that it has some similarity with other ff …. I already told that it is not same … And coming to love triangle that is quite a common topic I guess ….. Yeah i agree it was in another ff too but the idea of adaptation is different…. Have patience then u will find that I m using concept of love triangle indifferently ….

So let’s start with the next chapter ….

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Recap: Sanskar’s pov

Sanskar was thinking abt how a single day changed everything …
Sanskar and Swara loved each other however they never had any proper confession or proposal but they as well as everyone else knew that what they meant for each other ….

Everything was going well their friendship gradually blossomed in the fruitful flower of love ….
One day Dhruv entered their lives …. Dhruv was a very sensitive person he had no parents, he lived with his maternal uncle n aunt …. They were not having their own kids so they loved him a lot….

But absence of parents can’t b fulfilled …. He became quite sensitive or he was not that so strong to bear ups and downs of life …..
Dhruv was Sanskar’s friend since pg …. So Sanskar very well knew his nature ….
Sanskar was very caring towards him ….
In tenth standard he joined Swasan’s school as it was a well known school of the city ….

Writers view –

He was a bit attracted towards Swara …. Everyone else knew abt Swasan’s love for eo but Dhruv thought that they r just friends …. He started falling for her according to him but it was not love just a mere attraction which gradually became strong with the flow if time ….

On the other hand SWASAN’s love for each other became more strong with every passing second …. They both were mature… There were no silly fights between them on terms of jealousy ….. ( I hope you are getting my point…I mean…. They fought but just for fun. )

Now they were in 12th standard …… Their final examinations were coming near …. A week ago Farewell party …. All friends i.e Kunal, Megha, Ipshita, Dhruv, Swara, Sanskar nd Abhi (sorry if someone is missing but I don’t remember any other person …. U just think Swasan :s group)
decided to go out for a small party they all went for a day out in city and in evening they arrived at a restaurant …..

All were very happy and some where sad as now they will get separated as everyone has their own subjects …. But they decided to enjoy their last school days …..
Here Dhruv had planed something else for this evening ….

Hehe now beginning of teaser…. So I think my intelligent readers must have guessed wat m gonna write ….

All were having good inside when Dhruv called Swara outside in hotel’s garden …. Swara thought he might want to talk something so she followed him …

5minutes passed Sanskar thought wat is taking Swara so much tym to come back …. He was busy thinking when Kunal by mistake split his glass of juice and some of it got splashed on Sanskar

Kunal: Ohhh …. Sry Sanskar I was just holding it and by mistake it got spilt …
Sanskar: it’s oky yar … U guys carry on m just coming in a minute ….

Sanskar stood up and asked a waiter the way to washroom ….

He was going when the sight in front of him shocked him …. He just got fixed at his place not able to react ….

Sanskar’s POV

I just got shocked when I saw Dhruv kneeling down before Swara as if he was going to propose her ….

I just wanted it to b my imagination But it was all real

Dhruv was proposing Swara

Dhruv: Swara I love u from the day I joined this school …. I know m doing this so suddenly …. But I want u in my life but not by any force. ….

(Swara was standing numb she was not able to react ….. )

Dhruv : I love u Swara… I really do … I can’t stay without u …. Will u accept me

(Listen guys this is all wat Sanskar is hearing
Pls don’t get confused )

I was not able to listen further so I just left the place without anyone’s notice … Tears were forming in my eyes ….
I locked my self in washroom to calm myself which was nearly impossible r8 now ….

************ *To be Continued* *********

Sry for late update guys but was busy with lot many things…. This was the fourteenth episode …. Hope u liked it waise I have started a new ss with Tvisha … – Kaun tujhe …. Do read it if u get tym ….

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