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Episode 12

The scene starts with Swara extending her hand before Sanskar for a formal handshake ….

Swara: Ohhh …. Hello Mr. Maheshwari ….

Sanskar was shocked he was not able to digest the fact that Swara is behaving as if she don’t know him …
He thought its better not to create a scene in front of raglak and Aditya …. So he also joined her in her acting

Sanskar : Yes …. Hello Miss Gadodia or shud I say Dr Gadodia …. ( by shaking his hand with her )
Nice meeting u ….

( Now Swara was more hurt she thought at least he will not behave formally but he was toh a step ahead her )

(hehe they both r playing a game to shock each other??)

Ragini: Are y u two r being so formal to each other …. I know u r meeting for the first tym but u both r of same age I guess … So u may refer each other by ur names na…. I don’t think they r bad ….

Laksh : Han Han Ragini is r8 …. (Well Laksh was finding something suspicious in their behavior …. Just then he remembered that once Ragini told him Swara’s school’s name and it was the same school where Sanskar studied…. So he thought to ask them himself abt their education )

Laksh:Waise Swara u r from xyz school na ?
( c I don’t know wat name shud I give to my imaginary school … First I thought to write my school’s name but later thought to ignore )

Swara was shocked as she never thought that he will bring such topic here ….
But she cannot lie as Ragini was also there and even Laksh was knowing it but … She thought y he is asking it

Swara: ( So she just simply nodded) Hmmm …. Yeah Laksh
Laksh : Ohhh even bhai had also studied their … Haina bhai?

Sanskar: Han Lucky

Laksh : Achha Swara u both r from same school but how come u don’t know each other …. May b u were from different batch ….

Swara: Han may b ( took a sigh of relief thinking that now she must not b caught)

(All this while Sanskar was thinking that y she’s not telling that they know each other from a long time)

Laksh: Achha Swara … From which batch were u ….????

Swara: ( She was drinking water as she thought she handled the situation but as soon as he asked another question she just spitted out the water from her mouth fortunately no one was their in front of her. )

Ragini: Relax Swara… Wat happened u fine…?
Swara: Han Ragu m fine (while coughing)
Kunal : Swaru where is ur mind Han …. ( pats her back however he knew y she did that )

After few minutes she was oky then again Laksh started his interrogation ….
(Poor Swara)
Laksh:Kunal u and bhai were classmates na
Kunal: yes Laksh ….

Swara- (monologue) Swara now you r gone … Oh God y this idiot had became a CID officer

Laksh: Swara u didn’t answered my question from which batch u were ?
Swara- Ummmm … Woh Laksh … I was from 2009’s batch
Laksh: Oh wow bhai was also from that batch only …. But how come u don’t know each other

Swara-(said in one breath) woh Laksh may b cause I am from science stream and he us from commerce ….

Laksh – (narrowed his eyes) and how u know that … .

Swara- ( thought- Lo Swara now answer) woh…. Woh… Han he is a business man na toh its obvious…

Laksh: Hmmmm

Kunal: Are y r u all talking useless things …. Chalo let’s go there awards r going to b given ….

Ragini: Han Han chalo

Aditya got a phone called so he excused himself and left

Swara thanked Kunal through eyes and he also assured her that no problem

So now the main event of the night was going to take place that was the awards ( Yar m not good at explaining these industrial things as m not from this field and even my father is not in this stream so pardon me for this)

Many awards were given to different business men even Shekhar got a award … And now it was tym for the announcement of the most awaited one … The Top most young business man award (are don’t go on its name I know it’s not appropriate )

Host:And the award goes to Mr …… Ladies and gentleman its a tie between Mr. Kunal Malhotra and Mr Sanskar Maheshwari …. (Are its not necessary that our Sanskar will only receive all the awards )

As soon as the award got announced I mean Kunal’s name n Sanskar’s name got announced Swara just jumped and hugged Kunal … And all others adored their bond …

Swara : I knew that u will surely get this award how much u worked for this success ….. Congratulations bro …

Kunal: Oye meri Maa pehle get down from me …. U r suffocating me and upon it u r so heavy….

Swara: Uggghhh …. M heavy …. U idiot u r calling me heavy (pout )
Kunal: achha sorry now let me go otherwise I’ll not get this award …..

Swara: oh sry…. (Parts away)

Till this tym Sanskar went up to get his award and then he gave his thnkew speech ( pata nhi kya bola usne but kuch toh bola hoga)

When he got down Swara moved towards him forgetting the recent happenings….

Here Sanskar was happy as she will at least now talk with him normally and that could b seen through her eyes which were filled with excitement and happiness

Swara was about to hug him when reality struck her mind and she moved back making a safe distance between them. ….

Sanskar was shocked as what happened to her as of sudden that she retreated her steps

Swara- Congratulations Mr Maheshwari …. May you get all sorts of happiness and success in ur lyf …..

Sanskar was abt to say that y she is behaving like this but stopped as Laksh reached up to them and instantly hugged Sanskar….
Lak: M so happy for you bhai …. U again made us proud …

Sanskar just smiled as he was already so lost in Swara’s thoughts …

At that time Ragini and Kunal also joined them
Sanskar:congratulations buddy
Kunal:to U too bro (he hugged him, forgetting the fact he was annoyed with him )

Sanskar and Kunal started talking normally

After a while unknowingly Ragini brought reunion’s topic
Ragini: Waise Kunal bro…. That day after the reunion party u came to drop dii but u didn’t even met me …. And u both came so late that I slept waiting for u both …. Ummm so rude of u ….

As soon as she completed her sentence all the incidents of that day came to his(Kunal) mind …..

Kunal:Han sorry Ragini … Woh I forgot ….
I’ll b back in some tym … Excuse me (he said all that without looking at Sanskar)

By the time Sanskar also understood that he is angry with him …..
So he thought to follow him….

On the other hand Swara who was standing at a distance from them silently however she could listen all their talks …
She also understood the situation and thought to talk to Kunal

Here Sanskar seeing Swara leaving behind Kunal firstly dropped the idea of following him but later thought to listen their talk

Kunal came outside the venue followed by Swara

He was standing facing his back towards Swara with an angry face

Swara kept her hand in his shoulder which made him turn towards her

Kunal: Swara u here ?

Swara: Han me here … What happened y u came outside ?

Kunal: Han woh I was feeling a little suffocated inside …. So thought to come outside and take in some fresh air ….

Swara: Ohhh … Everything fine ?

Kunal: Han sab theek hai (ya everything is Fine)
( he was saying without looking in her eyes )

Swara: Achha if everything is alright then y u called me Swara instead of Swaru …. Huh?

Kunal: Its nothing lyk that swaru ….

Kunal: (monologue) Swaru I can’t tell u …. It will remind u of Sanskar’s harsh treatment towards u … It’s better to stay quite… Somehow I consoled u a while ago I can’t see u in tears again

Swara:Kunal I know what u r thinking
Abd believe me it will not affect me

(Meanwhile Sanskar was hearing their convo from a distance so that they can’t c him)

Kunal: Swara then y r u asking me?
Swara: Kunal c let me come straight to the point , I know that you r angry with Sanskar just because of me … (Interrupted by Kunal)

Kunal: It’s not because of u …. It is just because of his deeds …. Don’t forget that he raised his hand on you

Swara: Kunal I also know wat he did … According to that it is me who is supposed to b angry with him not u

Kunal: I can never forget that because of him u were hurt …. Because of him u cried …..

Swara: I know but I need a promise from ur side …. That u won’t behave rudely with him

Kunal: how can I promise…. (Cut by Swara )
Swara: I just said something I don’t want to repeat it …

Kunal:oky I promise that I ll not b rude to him but I can’t even b as I was earlier with him
Swara: hmmm oky

Kunal: Swara y r u so gud?

Swara: Achha ban na kaun Chhata hai ….. ( who wants to become gud)
She smiled sadly and was abt to leave when Kunal held her hand to stop her
Kun: That means u have forgiven him

Swara:that I also don’t know …. But I can’t neither forget his words nor my love

Kunal remained silent not knowing wat to answer

Swara: Chalo its quite late I think mom dad must b finding me

Kunal: Yeah come

They went inside but Sanskar was Still standing at that place thinking abt Swara’s words (nor my love) these three words kept on echoing in his years …. He was standing there lost in his own world when he got a call from Laksh …. Which brought him on land ……
Sanskar: Yeah Lucky coming (on call)

After sometime all left towards there respective homes with so many questions in their mind

Sanskar thinking abt Swara’s words

Swara abt Sanskar’s behavior on reunion party

Laksh was still not satisfied by Swara’s answer …. He thought to find out the whole truth somehow

Kunal was worried abt Swasan’s story

Ragini was the one not aware abt the happenings taking place around her …. She was just thinking abt Laksh

Precap : I will not tell ???


So here I finish with this Episode I’ll post next update most probably by today which will b a utter short one just containing Sanskar’s POV and may b little part of teaser ….. And yeah I can change few duologues which I gave in teaser because my mind is unpredictable .. . chalo bye for nownow… And m posting at exact 13:27 don’t know when telly updates will uploadupload… Don’t forget to comment


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