Swasan SS Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 1)


Hi every 1 m back…… Thnkew for all ur comments , they really made my day ….. M sry if u feel a little bore wid my story line but I’ll make sure to entertain u but it may take sm tym …… As this is needed to make a strong base ……

So let’s start ……

Next morning
The girl woke up from her sleep luking all pale nd dull with red swollen eyes ….. She turned her face and was none other than Swara
She got up with great difficulty nd as soon as reality struck her mind she again started crying….. After some tym she went to washroom to freshen up it was still 6:35 in morning …..

Other side the boy got up and soon guilt took over him ….. Guilt of breaking some one’s heart , guilt of hurting ur loved one….. He also went to washroom to freshen up

(I’ll give character sketch in 3rd or 4th episode bcoz soon a leap is gonna come and character sketch will b according to that ….)

After somtime they both return back after composing themselves

Swara ‘s side
Swara steps out of her room lost in her own world….
She went down stairs for breakfast…. There sumi greeted her but she didn’t responded , a war was going on b/w her heart nd brain….

Sumi snapped her fingers in front of swara which made her to come back to senses….

Sumi: what happened beta y r u lost any problem?

Swara : nhi toh maa…. m all fine …. ( with a fake smile ) actually I was worried about a project nothing much …

Sumi: but beta y r ur eyes red seems uh cried so much ….. R u hiding something?
Swara: no maa , nothing like that I was just upset actually yesterday night I didn’t slept , I was working on a project but see still it’s incomplete….. ( fake pout )
Sumi: No prblm beta u go nd take some rest u r not well
Waise bhi today is ur holiday na
Swara: yes maa….. where is Ragini….? Pls don’t tell her about my project or health she’ll get tensed
Sumi.: sure beta, go now….
Swara hugged her nd went towards her room hiding her tears…. as soon as she reached she closed the door n Sat with a thud not able to control her tears anymore……

Sanskar ‘ s side
As he descended the steps he was also lost sujhata n ap tried to talk to him but he ignored them and went out in his car
Sanskar: ( monologue ) I m sorry swara but I know you ‘ll move on …. now I’ll just leAve your lyf….. nd he drove off…
Precap: leap …. Nd character sketch


So done with this part ….. Phew !!!! Tired now …. I know it’s short but I’ll give long parts as soon the main story starts …… I’ll be regular but u have to bear my short length of episodes ….. There’s a lot waiting for u to read ….. And ya u r free to suggest me anything u like …… Nd please tell me if it is not good …..
Chalo back to story …..

Wat happened with Swara which made her so miserable??

Wat has Sanskar done???

Leap ??
Character sketch

So keep reading to get ur answers…

And ya m not doing proof reading so pls ignore mistakes but do tell me if any major is there …

Waise today was my last exam kal scripts dikhayi jayengi ….. Hope for the best …..

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