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Sanskar was getting ready for his engament with his lady love….

He was looking dam handsome hot he was wearing Black Red sherwani…..

Sanskar came with his lady love smiling from stairs he looked at swara and ignored her…while sanskar was ignoring swara..Swara was only seeing him with teary eyes and pleading him to stop this but sanskar didnt looked her…..

Sanskar and his lady love were about Put eachother ring…When swara shouted him to stop…

Sw: sanskar
Saying this swara Got up and start sweating (hahaha guys swara Bad dream)

Sw: no no I cant let sanskar go like this I have to convice him yes I have to do

Saying this she again slept while praying that her dream should never come true…

At morning

Swaragini were Working in there buero..while Working swara was lots in her thoughts how to speak with sanskar and how to convice him…

Sw: (monolog) how should I Talk to sanskar I know He will Not forgive me but I should try atleast maybe he will forgive me.. (while swara taking to herself she heard ragini Calling sanskar name..)

Rag: sanskar

Hearing sanskar Name swara smiled and turned towards his diraction but soon her smile faded away seeing sanskar with someone else she looked at him with teary eyes while sanskar was ignoring her totally…hearing ragini swara came back to her senss..

Rag: sanskar what are you doing here

San: what Kind of question is that Mrs maheshwari I think you forgot that I anounced few days back about my Marriage (saying this he look towards swara..Swara was seeing him with teary eyes n her Tears were fowlling down) oh yeah meet my would be miss Sandhya mehra (swara looked towards n shocked to see her Tears fowlling down ? ? ? ? she was shocked bec..she was wearing her ss locket which sanskar Gifted her on their special night)

Sandh: sanskar why we came here I mean there are lot of best wedding Planner why they ?

San: (looking at swara) sweetheart for me plzzz

Sandh: ok fine anything for you bec I love you

San: yeah I know (looking towards swaragini ) so plzzz start our wedding prapartion from next week (went towards swara) I hope atleast this can you do for me

Sw: (broken voice) sanskar I.. ( but intrupedt by Sandhya )

Sandhya held sanskar hand thigtly :lets go sanskar ( looking at swara) he is mine so stay away from him i knoe who you are but dont dare to talk to him saying this she Took sanskar with her leaving swara broken….

Ragini went towards swara hugged her thigtly…

Sw: ragini I lost him I lost him He will never come back to me.. (saying this she broked the hug and run towards badi…ragini also Run behind her…)

At badi all were shocked to see swara like this ragini told them what happened and what sanskar did all were angry on sanskar for doing this with swara because he know how much swara loved him but still he is hurting her…sharmishta n Shekhar called maheshwari family and inform them about sanskar behaviour towards swara and marrying someone else while she is his wife…

Dida went towards swara and consoled her and make her understand to Talk with sanskar atleast now before its to late….
Whole day passed…Swara crying and remembring sanskar and their moments…

Next  day…

Swara came to sanskar office because she wanted to Talk to him she tried lots of time Calling him but he didnt even picked her call that why she Came to office…

Swara went towards sanskar cabin she opened the door little but what she saw made her shocked Tears start fowlling down from her eyes ? ? ? ? ? she couldnt belive whats happening with her without making any noise she went to washroom hidding her Tears from everyone…

In washroom swara start crying bitterly she place her hand on her mouth she was crying silintly…she washed her face many time she looked at mirror still her eyes were Red duet crying ? ? ? ? she whiped her…

Sw: (herself looking at mirror) I hate you I hate you sanskar beacuse of you see I am crying see now I am crying like you said you Made me helpless but no not any more I hate you what did you thought you will break no mr sanskar maheshwari you cant break me..

Saying this to herself she Came out washroom and was about leave the office when she bumed into someone…she was about to Fall when someone held her she looked at the Person tears start fowlling down from her eyes ?? but soon she Came to senss and jerk sanskar from her….

Sw: (crying angry) dont you dare to touch me

San: what happened

Sw: huh what happend ohhh so mr sanskar maheshwari dont know what happend

San: (confuse) Swara what are you talking

Sw: (held his color pulled him ) what I am talking you know I wanted Talk to you I wanted your forgivness I wanted to start our reletionship again but you know what you dont Deserve me.. Saying this she jerked him..

San: what are you saying swara and what did I do

Sw: oh great so you dont know what you did dont try to act inoccents

She was about to go but he held her hand..

San: swara listen to me

Sw: leave my hand

San: swara

Sw: (slaped him hard) just Shut up I dont wana listen anything from you i hate you I hate youuuu did you hear me mr sanskar maheshwari I hate you…

San: swara plzz listen to me once I cant live without you

Sw: huh you cant live without me go to hell mr sanskar maheshwari  I dont care if you LIVE or DIE

San: swara you will regret this plzzz listen to me once

Sw: let me regret then but I am sure I will never regret what i saw today After that i dont think i will regret….

San: what did you saw..

Sw: I dont think I have to answer

San: (angry broke) Swara damit answer me

Sw: (slaped him again n pushed him ) I hate you

Saying this she left from office while crying…even sanskar was totally Broken his tears start fowlling down he couldnt control anymore went out of office and start driving his car harshily….

But this scene was seeing by Sandhya she was dam angry on swara for hurting sanskar….

At badi

Swara came crying back at badi maheshwari family were also there they wanted to Talk her about yesterday incident when They saw swara broken they were shocked…They all asked what happend she told them about office incident hearing this they were shocked and got more angry on sanskar but except one person…

Sandhya also came at badi behind swara and start shouting her name…

Sand: swara Swara swara

All gm n mf family came out swaragini were shocked seeing Sandhya…

Sw: what you want han I…

Before swara could she got a thight slap from Sandhya swara looked at her in shocked ragini came forward to say something but was stop by Sandhya..

Epi ends..on swara shocked face..on sanskar Broken state…

Recap: swara came to know truth..Sanskar accitend..

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  1. Don’t separate them Yar clear the misunderstanding

  2. Rabia

    rabiaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooh Godd .. i don’t want swara to regret :'( at least some punishment for sanky alsoo 😉

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    Superrrr… I am speechless… Loved it…keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt.
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    wow its amazing yar

  5. Wow loved it plz don’t seperate Swasan and don’t kill my sanku ❤️????

  6. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    I knw dis is sum kind of plan n dida is also in it n swara again misundrstd sanskar…
    Bt let her suffer little more she slapped sanku twice ??..
    Post nxt part ASAP

  7. Vyshu10

    superb….awww my swasan

  8. Pls clear all misunderstanding Don’t separate them

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    1. Mahjabeen

      Manasvi for dat u frst have to register on TU den u can change ur profile pic by setting ur account

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    Amazing dear. .loved it so mch…nd pls unite swasan soon
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