Swasan ss my LOVE it HURTS episode 3

Thank youuuuuu much guys for liking and giving coment on this ss….
Guys some of you said Swara should not regret for suporting ragini soo today in this epi I will clear everything why is swara regreting…and raglak i will so Post little raglak scene but not much because this ss is on swasan but if you raglak scene little bit plzzz say me I will to give you all…
So lets start…

My love it hurts….

At bari…

Swara were still standing didnt know how react sanskar Word were playing in her mind…he is getting married to his LOVE she start asking question to herself…
Did i lost him forever…
Dont he love me anymore…
Did i really wrong for suporting ragini and leaving him alone…
Her thoughts were intrupedt when ragini hugged her thigtly but swara didnt respond…

Rag: swara Swara plzzzz dont be like this we will Talk to sanskar

Sh: han swara we all know how much sanskar loves you

Everyone try to console her but she didn’t respond to anyone but tears still were fowlling down from her eyes??????she turned and run towards her room while entring she closed the door…..Everyone went behind try to stop…

Swara Fall down and start crying loudly today was the Day she was leting her pain out from 6 months she is trying to be Strong infront everyone but everynight she cryied for her sanskar…yeah she cried for her sanskar she missed him sooooooooooo much she wanted to be with him also but seeing ragini she couldnt she missed his embrace were she can feel protective she missed his forehaed kiss his one kiss made her feel special and made her feel safe….

Sw: ?????SANSKAR (she shouted) you cant Do this with me..ypu cant leave me I am sorry sanskar Come back na i wana be with you plzzzz

Hearing her shouting everyone get sceard…

Rag: laksh plzzz do something

Lak: hmm

Soon laksh break the door everyone came in Seeing swara like this everyone get shocked she was sitting on the floor hugging sanskar picture and was crying bitterly ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ragini couldnt see her like this she Run to her and hugged thigtly….

Sw: ragini plzzzz bring my sanskar back to me….he is going away from me plzzzz dont let me regret for suporting you plzzz I need my sanskar back.. (swara Broke the hug went towards sharmishta) Ma you said na I have to fight for my family but see maa were I am know I lost my everything EVERYTHING ma I lost my sanskar…why me ma whyyy

Saying this she fainted everyone got worried for her they called doctor…doctor Checked her and told the family member she fainted duet stress…mf stayed with swara to console to suport her….

Its been 4 days since laksh arrived and sanskar marrying someone else deciousen…Swara never came from her room she cryied like sanskar said everyday n everynight she became week her eyes were Red duet crying???????

Swara wanted to Talk ragini soo she went towards ragini room but seeing the scene infront her made her cry?????

Laksh was Filling ragini hairline with sindoor and tied her mangelsuter on her neck…and ragini was smiling being again with laksh….
Laksh kissed her forehaed lovingly ? ?

Swara couldnt control seeing them toghter as she remembered how sankar filled her hairline with sindoor and how He tied mangelsuter on her neck…and how He always gave her forehaed kiss…she Run to her room while crying…

Swara room…

She was looking at sanskar picture while crying ????? when her DIDA arrived…

Dida: shoruuuu

Seeing her Dida she couldnt control her feelings and hugged thigtly leting her pain out…Swara couldnt share her pain with ragini or sharmishta but with Dida she Share everything from A to Z she start telling her Dida what all happend when she was not there…

Dida: shhhh shoru how much will you cry han my shoru never gave up na so why is she giving today up..

Sw: Dida my sanskar is marrying someone else…????

Dida: shhhh tell me did you try to Talk to sanskar

Sw: no Dida

Dida: then Talk to him tell him how much you love him dont let him go

Sw: but he wont listen me

Dida: shoru try na

Sw: ok Dida I will try

Dida: good girl now Come here..(Dida made her lay in her lap and start crassing hair and swara slept in her lap…today she was sleeping peacefully)

Dida looked at her with teary eyes she Took her picture while she was sleeping and send to someone…..

On the other side mf and gf went mm to Talk with sanskar….

At mm

Everyone came shocked to see sanskar going somewhere

Suj: sanskar where are you going…

San: I am leaving mom

Ap: why beta

San: I cant Stay here anymore I was here bec..I wanted find laksh

Lak: bhei plzz dont go

Rag: sanskar plzzz dont go swara need you

San: oh really swara needs me (looking at ragini with anger)

Rag: han sanskar she needs you you know na how she loves you..

San: oh really

Sh: sanskar beta why are you saying like this even you know swara cant live without you..

Dp: sanskar forget whatever happend 6 months before….

Rag: plzzz sanskar she needs you my sister needs you

San: SISTER ragini did you realy said your Sister needs me han (he looked towards her and she nodded in yes) you know ragini you are sooooo SELFISH not only you Everyone here is SELFISH (he said looking gf and mf ) you all are selfish…

Rag: (shocked) sans..(intrupedt by sanskar )

San: let me speak ragini today DAMIT (seeing his anger everyone keep quiet)  han what was i saying yeah you all are selfish….let me start with you ragini (he went towards ragini) mangelsuter and sindoor huh why not your laksh g is back na that why you filled your Maang and wore that mangelsuter but what about SWARA damit for you for your happiness she left me she didnt wore her mangelsuter and Filled her Maang only for you and look at you…for your happiness she she didnt care about her happiness you betrayed her you snatched her First love you Broke your parents relationship you did this all to her still she is with you even you did for laksh her death ritual (hearing all this from sanskar ragini is shocked) not only you Everyone Broke her trust bade papa (he turned to his bade papa) she trusted you and what you did to her youuu made her sign our divorce paper what do you think I dont know about this han badi ma and mom even you Pointed Finger on her Charakter even you all douted her when ragini Got kidnaped swara did sooo much for all you guys and you all betrayed her and you laksh you couldnt trust her you loved her but trust was far away in your relationship..Baba even you couldnt trust her you didnt saw her pain because you only care for ragini when laksh betrayed her on their marrige day you just took swara with you and made her promise to you never come back here  why Baba why couldnt you see her pain at that Moment you destroyed her dream which WE made toghter and ma why did you told swara to hide from me…MA our reletionship was Based on TRUST but because of you she hide everything from me (now pointing Finger to all) you all responsibil for our sepration

Saying all this sanskar left making everyone shocked and guilty how much swara did for them…

Sanskar start driving his car remembring their Moment he stoped his car in Middle road and came out of his car and fell on his knee….

San: (shouted) SWARAAAAAAAA I am sorry I am sorryyyyy not only mf and gf betrayed you me also betrayed you I was the reason behind ragini changed behaviour I was the reason behind your and laksh sepration I was the dam reason for everything I am sorryyyy and still I am the reason for your pain i am sorry swara but what I am gona do is Better for our future…..

Saying this he start crying ? ? ?

Epi ends..

Precap: sanskar engament

Guys today I wanted tell how everyone used swara for their on reason….
So guys tell me how was it

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  1. Agree wid u

  2. Shilpi99

    Wow the episode was awesome both swasan are broken now but please don’t separate them. Please update soon

  3. Soujanya


  4. Yup ur right everyone is selfish…. I love today s epi.,..sanskar outburst iis superb

  5. every single word of sanskar was right

  6. Vyshu10

    god….this is so emotional

  7. Best episode till now

  8. Ayonti(swasan)


  9. Its amazing

  10. Pooja26

    damn good yr……. 😉 😉

    i really wish aisa serial mai bhi ho
    bahot zaruri h…….

    post asap. dear

  11. Wow i mean really it was very good. I must say the each and everything u said is right everyone used her really yasr the r really selfish but pls dnt separate swasan. I knw u wnt kfcourse but still…
    It was d best ep i read really i wish dis could happen in real serial too.

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  12. Rabia

    Rabiaaa u potrait it amazingly awesome yar and dida surely sent pic of swara to obviously sanky ???

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks…huh you know me well

  13. Loved it.
    U r right dear.. Everyone is selfish..

  14. Rosey

    Wow yar it was fab I loved the sanky anger
    Now everyone will know he is right and they are wrong

  15. Madhu

    Woow awesome….
    Don’t seprate SWASAN please…

  16. Nice

  17. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Continue soon….

  18. Kaynatk01

    right rabia absolutely correct everyone used her for their reason only very well correct

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  19. Wow loved it but plz don’t seperate Swasan ❤️??

  20. Arshaanya

    Yup evrybdy used her… all r selfish spcly shekhar n ragini…
    N dida snt her pic to sanky ?
    Loved it

  21. yep u r ri8 everyone is selfish even in serial

  22. Mahjabeen

    Omg wat an awesome update…loved it dear…nd sanskar dialogue fr swara ws totally crct. Thy all r selfish specially ragini…all used her..i totally agree wth u…


    too good yaar… u r right everyone used our swara… aww dida is back… she is the real moral support of swara… loved it…

  24. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm ..pls post nxt part soon..

  25. Mica

    i love Didaaaaa…aaw sanskaarrr !!

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