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Hey guyss this the last epi II of my ss…thanks for all the Support which you guys gave me…
Lets start….

Days passed swara was still taking care of him she always talked to him but he was sooo stubborn didnt even talked to her like this they spend time with eachother…his spinal column was getting cured it didnt took too much time to get cured everyone praise swara they way she Took care of him…but swara was feeling bad he didnt talked to her but he talked to everyone…

Sanskar was also feeling bad he wanted to Talk to her but he liked the way she tried to convice him…

One Day swara was really fed up beacuse of sanskar his silients treatment was making her crazy today she had enough how much will he ignore her that to on her birthday…she didnt told him about her birthday everyone wished her but sanskar only one left Person who didnt wished…

Swaragini were talking not realy talking actually swara was leting her frustration out…

Sw: ahhh you know what ragini I wana kill him I mean its too much I am trying to convice him but he huh never cared about me and you know what He didnt even wished me..I am sure he doesnt even remember my birthday…
Swara was talking continusly and ragini was smiling seeing her today she was really happy seeing her sister back without any tansion but somewhere she felt bad for her beacuse of sanskar….
While they were talking laksh came in..When laksh came in swara wished raglak good night and went towards her room…

Swara about to enter in her room when she Got a msg from sanskar…


Swara I wana Talk to you plzzz Come outside I am waiting for you in car..

Reading his msg swara was happy beacuse today he wanted to Talk to her…without wasting time she Run outside and sat in the car…there was silients in the car sanskar start driving without saying anything swara was only waiting when will he speak After 30 mins drive sanskar stop the car near lake…

Both went towards the lake there was silients when finally sanskar Broke the silients making swara happy..

San: happy birthday swara (saying this he looked towards swara she was smiling while Tears were fowlling down from her eyes showing him how much happy she is hearing her name from his mouth) and i am sorry

Sw: sorry for what

San: I know how much I hurted you I am sorry for everything

Sw: even I am sorry..

San: swara

Sw: hmm

San: I wana start our reletionship again

Sw: (happy) sanskar

San: swara plzzz listen me first (she nodded in yes) look like I said I wana start our reletionship again (she nodded) but not here (confuse ) now I May Sound selfish only thinking about me but swara I think we need time for ourself without any family Stress without thinking about them about their happiness everything about them (cupped her face) i want you and me only swara only our happiness I dont want anyone between us no family no ragini or laksh just u and me for that I have decided that we will go away from them only for few months After few months if you still want Come back I will have no Problem beacuse I will always there for you (kneel down infront of her) so Mrs swara sanskar maheshwari will you give me yours few months to be with you only to enjoy our life the way we wont and to get our love back which we lost few months back ? (Forward his hand)

Hearing this swara was shocked first but then she placed her hand on his hand nodded in yes beacuse they really needed time for eachother to get their love back which may they lost in their stupid fight..they both hugged eachother immediately they were hugging eachother soo thigtly even there was no space for air…

Sw: sanskar  (still hugging eachother )

San: hmmm

Sw: where will we go

San: I have a Flat in Mumbai we will live there

Sw: hmm what will you say to family

San: nothing swara I already told laksh but I didnt told him where we will live..

After breaking their hug they left for Mumbai to beginn their live without any problem…

After 2 months swasan were living happily in their beutiful life which they created being toghter far from their family they Talk with their family member but didnt told where they living even they told they will be back soon…

At night like always swara was waiting for sanskar from few days he was coming late from his Work which always made swara angry…but today he came little early which made swara hapoy…

Sw: sanskar (Saying this she Run to him and hugged him tighly its now their daily retioune hugging eachother when he Come From office…)come have dinner

Both had their dinner and left towards their room After changing their dress they laid on bed…Swara was laying on sanskar n he was crassing her hair…Swara looked at sankar lovingly even sanskar was looking at her both were lost in eachother that they didnt relised the gap between their lips was on only few inch..but soon their lips met the sweet kiss turned into passionate yet wild kiss…

Both were Kissing eachother madly their tounge were playing with eachother while kissing swara sankar Rolled over her she was moaning in plasure between the kiss…
Soon they Broke the kiss and sanskar start kissing her neck he was giving her wet kisses while swara moaning his name…

Swara start unbuttoning his shirt she removed his shirt and was roaming her hand on his bare chest sanskar bited on her neck swara moan in pain n plasure..

Sw: san..kar

Hearing her moun he looked at her he kissed her forehaed lovingly n Rested his forehaed on her..

San: swara stop me if you want now I wont be able to stop later

Sw: (cupped his face ) not today sanskar I missed you you dont know how much I missed you dont stop yourself sanskar Mark me as yours again forever I missed your touch sanskar

Hearing this sanskar happiness has no bound he pecked on lips : even I missed you saying this he start  removing her clothes while kissing her deeply enjoying their love….

After romoving their clothes both were Kissing eachother madly…After their love making they slept hugging eachother peacefully thigtly…
This was their New begning of their life only with eachother without their family member….

Sooo guys this the end of this ss hope you liked it…
If not then I am sorry ??

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  1. Mica

    Rabiaaa,,,, yeah.. they need to go honeymoon….love it dear…love it…aaawww

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      No honeymoon dear they time for eachother…but I think I should also have send them honeymoon but its to late na

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    Loved if…. ya exactly dey need tym for demslvs nw away from family

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  7. awesome..nice ending..tc..

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  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Marvelous ending dear.. Loved it to the core..It’s a good decision.. They need some time with each other..Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Rabia0032

      Thank youuuuuu so much dear…
      Take care and keep reading my ff and give me lots of suport

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