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Hey guys thankyou soo much for the lovely coments…only 1 more epi then I am finish with this ss…

Soo lets start..

Hearing about sanskar acident everyone rushed towards City hospital..,suraj was allready waiting for them when They reached all starting about sanskar how when this accitend…

Sur: plzzz Calm down I dont know how this all happend but I got call from someone he told me about sanskar…and he is in opration theater doctor are checking him…

Everyone was praying for sanskar Safety while swara crying thinking about how she missunderstood him…
Seeing swara like this Dida went near her and start consoling her everyone was guilty for hurting sanskar this much…

After sometime doctor came everyone rushed to him…

Sw: doctor how is sanskar

Doc: who are you

Sw: I am his wife plzzz tell me what happend to him

Doc: See Mrs maheshwari mr maheshwari is fine (hearing everyone was happy that He is fine but what doctor next said to them make them shocked) but his spinal column damaged not that much it can be cured we already did his opration but you have make sure that He will take Rest he shouldnt try to move it will be cured in 6 months and if he try to bend or something it will more damaged in spinal column…

Sw: can I meet him

Doc:yes you can but After shifting him in normal ward…

Saying this doctor making everyone shocked that sanskar can not move till 6 months from bed how will they see their sanskar like this for Sie months…
Sanskar was shifted in normal ward everyone came to meet him but he ignored the he was only looking outside doctor already informed about his condition…
Sujata came near him and start crassing his hair but still he didnt looked at her..

Suj: sanskar (while crying) sanskar (he didnt paid any heed to them he was Still ignoring all..)

Sujata couldnt control seeing his son ignoring her she went outside followed by rp…she hugged him and Start crying ? ? ? ? ? ? ?….

Everyone left sanskar ward one by one because he was ignoring them but still swara didnt left him…
She went near him and start crassing his hair sanskar didnt say anything or didnt try to move her hand he let her do what she want…Swara kissed his forehaed over the bandge sanskar closed his eyes feeling her touch and few tears dropped from his eyes…Swara looked at sanskar and start crassing his face while crying..

Sw: sanskar sanskar plzzz Talk na I know I did wrong but plzzz Talk na your silients is killing me sanskar I am sorry misunderstandig you plzz maaf kardo na ????plzzzz(swara held his hand and was about say something but stoped by dida..)

Dida: sanskar
(Sanskar looked towards Dida and gave her sad smile even Dida smiled at him with teary eyes…she went near and crassed his hair) how are you

Sanskar was about to speak but seeing swara He kept quite..Swara felt bad that He is Not taking beacuse her she left his hand and went while crying…When she left sanskar felt bad but seeing Dida he talked to her..

San: I am fine Dida

Dida: pakka

San: han Dida

Dida: sanskar I know swara did wrong by misunderstandig you but plzz forgive her

San: Dida I am Not angry on her for anything but which thing is hurting is that she didnt trust me I am Not feeling that she slaped or anything or for helping ragini Dida but she didnt trust me how can she think that I will move on in These 6 months was our love soo wear that she thought me like this.. you know did why I planed this to know how much important I am to her I know she loves me more then anyone but Dida I wanted her to be selfish only when it Comes to our reletionship you know did ragini left swara for laksh can swara do this for me noo na she cant Do this for me she will try to solve everyones Problem she will be soo involved in those Problem that she will forget about US I know I am sounding right now selfish but what can I do Dida she always takes everyone Problem she doesnt care about herself knowing that fact what she meant to me I cant afford to loose her again I almost lost her when rajat pushed her from clif you dont know how I live that time without her…

While sanskar was saying his heart out to Dida hearing this swara was shocked she didnt closed the door because she wanted hear his voice but hearing this from sanskar she felt bad that how could she hurt him soo badly but somewhere in her hearth she felt happy that sanskar is Not angry on her for leaving him but still there was guilt….

Its been week sanskar was shifted to maheshwari mansion he didnt to go there but he had no choice beacuse Dida she made him understand that He his family is very guilty for be having like this to him…even he didnt that his family to be sad beacuse of him the doctor suggest them for nurse who will take care of sanskar but swara denyed beacuse she wanted to be only one who will take care of her husband…

Sanskar felt happy that swara will be with him now but still he didnt Talk to her he wanted to give her punishmant and his punishmant was silintly treatment for her…

Precap…Swara taking care of sanskar…
Swasan romance….

Last epiiiiii….

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