Swasan ss my LOVE it HURTS epi 4 part 2

Note: guys before starting I just wana clear something i am swasan big soo both are my favt..so dont think I am fouvring someone of them and yeah swara will Not regret for helping ragini even sanskar is Not angry on swara for helping but After Reading you May all come to know why is He angry…and yeah soo swasan come toghter but for 2 epi there will be sepration and i am also thinking to end this ss also…only 3 or 4 epi guys… bear me

Soo lets start guys and thanks for suporting me…

Before swara could say she got a thight slap from Sandhya swara looked at her in shocked ragini came forward to say something but was stop by Sandhya..

Sandh: no ragini not today its between me and swara

Sw: how dare you han

Sandh: and how dare you to hurt sanskar like this

Sw: huh so you came for sanskar why you wanted me to leave him na so I left him

Sandh: swara do you know how much  He loves you

Sw: what did you said he loved me but before kissing  you didnt he thought about me..
(Yeah guys swara saw someone kissing Sandhya she could only see Sandhya bit not that who was kissing sandhya)

Sandh: (shocked) what kissing me and sanskar are you out of your mind

Sw: yeah I came to Talk to him but

Sandh: and you saw mee kissing

Sw: yeah

Sandh: do you know whom I kissed

Sw: ofcourse sanskar who else he is your would be husband right

Sandh: no swara sanskar was never mine he was only yours and still he is yours..

Sw: (shocked) what do you mean

Sandh: you saw me kissing right so you know whom I kissed my husband suraj, suraj is sanskar friend and sanskar is for me like a brother (hearing this everyone is shocked) you were shocked na seeing this locket which i am wearing so let me tell you  sanskar bought New one same locket he has still your locket how could you think swara that sanskar can gave your place to someone han…he did this all to hurt you to make you relize what have your love done to him…you know everynight he drank to forget you in those 6 months he drank everynight the sanskar who hated drinking and…before she say more swara intrupedt her..

Sw: noo no you are lying why are you favouring him han

Sandh: soo you dont belive then ask your DIDA
(Yes guys you all guess right Dida was helping sanskar)

Hearing Dida name from Sandhya swara went towards Dida

Sw: Dida is she saying true

Dida: Haan  (swara shocked and felt on her knee Dida held her from shoulder n made her stand)
I was helping sanskar from those 6 months when you left him He called me and told everything from that day I start Calling you shoru and i gave each details of your to sanskar me sanskar n Sandhya suraj was involved in this plan the Day sanskar found laksh he called me to arrived because it was time to start our plan to make you relize his important in your life…you know why Swara He asked me come beacuse he very well knew ypu will never share your pain with anyone except me…
Swara I am Not saying you did wrong  by suporting ragini she is your Sister and should have suport her as sister but leaving your husband swara its wrong you know sanskar came to take revenge from his family because he thought they were behind kavita  muder that time you understood his pain and you Made him understand very well from that day sanskar became good he start suporting trusting you more then anyone in your Bad time he became your suport..from that your n sanskar relationship was Based on trust  I know beacuse of Shomi you hide the truth from sanskar and I am Not saying you did wrong by hiding you wanted him to unite with his family but the way laksh behave with sanskar made him angry no son or dougther can control themself when someone is Bad mouthing their parents sanskar did also the same by beating him…and in anger he let his frustration on you…

Sw: Dida

Dida: let me say swara you are very strong girl you can forgive anyone but beta everyone is Not like you na you did right on your place by helping ragini beacuse your Sister was broken but sanskar was also broken and he needed you the most but you left him He Broke down not only that even his family didnt suported him…

Sw: what (she looked towards maheshwari family)

Dida: han swara nobody suported him if anyone has suported him or consoled him do you think he will drink no na even nobody cared if he eat or not when he will be back no one beacuse his life was only Depends on you..thats why he wanted made you relize that even he is important in your life he wanted you back in his life but today your one misunderstandig Broke everything by not trusting him…

On the other side sanskar was driving harshily without caring where he is driving…he was just thinking about swara and her word…

Lo maan liya humne
Hai pyaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

Sanskar was remembering swara Word

Sw: I hate youuuu I hate you

Bas ek dafa mudke dekho
Aye yaar zara humko

He was remembering when she left  with ragini without giving him a chance to explain

Lo Maan Liya Humne
Hai pyar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

Lo maan liya dekha hi nahin
Tere kaandhe ka woh til
Lo maan liya toota hi nahin
Tere hathon se mera dil

He was remembering their wedding their special night when They marked eachother as his n hers

Chhaaon mein teri beeti hi nahi
Wo garmi ki baatein
Baahon mein teri guzri hi nahi
Wo sardi ki raatein

He was remembering their kiss and hug

Lo maan liya humne
Aitbaar nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

Jaao le jaao neend meri
Uff na karenge hum
Jo le jaaoge khwaab mere
Toh kaise jiyenge hum

He remembered when he almost lost her beacuse of Rajat and everyone was saying that she is no more

Jeena humko aata hi nahi
Teri saanson ke siva
Marna bhi ab na mumkin hai
Teri baahon ke siva

How is life became meaningless without her..her memory loss sahil entry in their life…

Lo maan liya humne
Parwah nahi tumko
Tum yaad nahi humko
Hum yaad nahi tumko

He was soo lost in his thought that suddenly his car jerked he came to Reality he tried to control his car before falling from clif without wasting time he jumped out of car…and the car Fall from clif boooom??

Sanskar was rolling down his head hitted with a stone beacuse of that He became uncoussion soon was he in pool of blood…

Some people saw him and took him to Hospital….

At baadi

Hearing from Dida swara was shocked and was crying badly for not giving a chance to explain in office…
While crying???: I am sorry Sandhya

Sandh: dont be I know you just missunderstood the situion

Sw: will sankar forgive me Dida mujhe sanskar ke Pass jana hai plzz

Dida: han we will go

Sw: no Dida I wana See him dont know i am feeling something bad is happening

Sandhya got a Call from suraj : Hallo


Sandh: WHAT

Everyone looked towards Sandhya

Dida:what happend Sandhya

Sandh: Dida sanskar ka accitend

Hearing this everyone is shocked swara was numb she felt like someone snatched her World from her…..

Epi ends….

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