SwaSan SS: Love is a beautiful feeling ( Episode 6)


Hey guys Tatada I am here again to irritate you guys..! Hope you guys like this one too…!

Episode 6:

Recap: swasan outing and Rohan turning to negative character….!

The next day

The Sun Ray’s fall on our lovely couple swasan… who were hugging each other and sleeping sanskar sleep gets disturbed he sees swara who was hugging him tightly unknowingly a smile appears on his face??? he thoughts not to disturb her and acts to sleep after sometime swara gets up and sees him she slightly pecks on his cheek and left from there running….! Sanskar gets up and thinks.. does swara loves me???? He goes to have shower and then comes downstairs wearing a blue coat with white t shirt and black jeans… looking handsome and dashing……!

Rohan comes there….! ( hehe my first love shakti arora but he is negative here haha very bad it’s just because of me ??)

Rohan: hey guys watsup and swara what have u made for bf…!

Sanskar murmurs: aaya baada swara ka chamcha Khud ko hero soch tha hai kya uff I hate him to the core because swara cares for him more than me…!

Rohan: kuch kaha kya sanskar

Sanskar: kuch nahi ese hi baas

Rohan says okay bro….! They all have bf together….!

Sanskar: swara kya hum dono ghumne chal sakte hai tum ko koi problem toh nahi hai na

Swara: hey hurray I am so happy I mean super duper happy thanks a lot for the outing plan

She jumps while saying this and hugs him tightly… Sanskar also hugs him Rohan closes his fist tightly….!

SwaSan leave for outing together…!

@ car:

Sanskar was driving the car…!

Swara: Sanskar first let’s go to orphanage then a panipuri competition and then we will go to India gate and do boat riding then have ice creams and cotton candies and then dinner and finally a long drive then we will return home okay..!

Sanskar: okay Mrs swara madam your wish is my command…!

They first go to orphanage and they distribute gifts to the children and have fun….! They then go to pani puri shop

Swara and Sanskar haves 10 plates…! They decided who will have the last panipuri first will be the winner….!

Get set go

Swara haves the last one she jumps in happiness and says yippee hurray Sanskar is loser I am the winner woahhh I won the competition…! Sanskar gets happy seeing her like that…!

They go to India gate and have ice creams and cotton candies together…….!

They have a long drive they had a lot of fun and swara told many silly and funny jokes….!

Finally they both go to house…!rohan sees them together and says Sanskar I will not leave u swara is mine only I will kill you….! and smirks evilly..!

Precap: Rohan plan…..!

So guys how was the episode????…! So it’s a bye from sriya…! Love u all..! Take care…..!

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      thnxxxxxxx s…!

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  1. Cute chappy dear… loved it… ??..

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      thnxxx kakali….!

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  3. Arshaanya

    Nice…bt plz make it little longer nxt tym

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      thnxxxxxxxxxx arshaanya
      ps. next part on october yup will surely…!

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  4. Serena

    Awesome but shakti ko neg. Imagine kr pana mushkil h

    1. Sriya

      thnxxxxxxx serena di mushkil toh hai lekin mere liye next to impossible hai waise itna bhi nahi kyuki maine usse matsh mein neg dekha hai milan ke roop me………!
      love you lots
      -love sriyu

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