SwaSan SS: Love is a beautiful feeling ( Episode 4)

Hi guys sriya here with next chappy of swasan ss. Hope you guys like it too.

Episode 3
Recap: – swasan friendship and their bonding grows more with each other and SwaSan jealousy….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day
We see swara wakes up from the sleep he sees sanskar was sleeping like a kid a smile appears on his face she caresses his hair sanskar was in deep sleep so he pulls her towards him with a jerk and swara fells on top of him. Swara was lost in her own world and she blushes seeing their closeness. Sanskar gets up from the sleep and sees her on top of him.
Sanskar: hey why are you taking advantage of me when I am in deep sleep
Swara: accha ji ur the only one who pulled me with a jerk and I was on top of u and by the way you are my husband okay so I have full rights on u

Afterwards she realises what she said for sometime there is awkward silence between them. Swara was not able to meet his eyes so she runs from there into bathroom. She comes wearing a pink suit with white earings and she does light makeup. Suddenly she hears a bell sound. She goes downstairs and opens the door to see who is there by the time sanskar gets ready and comes downstairs. There was a boy standing there he was looking handsome and dashing. She hugs him seeing sanskar was boiling in anger and he tightens his fist. After sometime they get separated. Swara introduces the boy to sanskar.
Swara: he is my best friend rohan we used to share everything in college everyone used to think that we are dating each other
Rohan( shakti arora): yes she is telling right and on those college days she used to have crush on me
Swara( blushing): yes I used to have crush on him because he was heartthrob of the college every girl used to die to get a glimpse of him.
Sanskar (posiveness and jealousy): so what swara is my wife now we both are married right swara
Swara: yes rohan we married with each other before few months only
Rohan: congratulations my dear friend and swara I think something is burning here right
Swara sees here and there she was not understand anything.
Sanskar: no nothing is burning here
Rohan bursts out laughing leaving swara confused.
Rohan: swara looks like ur hubby is jealous of me
Swara too bursts out laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sanskar angrily leaves from their swara and rohan hi fi each other.

Precap: – swara and rohan closeness. Swasan first kiss.

So guys how was fourth episode did you guys liked it this part is especially for my dear sisso crystal and serena. Love u all guys bye take care see you soon with next update.

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