SwaSan SS: Love is a beautiful feeling ( Episode 2 )

Hi guys sriya here with the second episode of my ss. Hope you guys like it too.

Episode 2

Swara enters the sanskar room in a bridal attire. She sees sanskar thinking something. Swara comes near to him sanskar sees him and holds her hand she gets nervous seeing his closeness he says to her I know we are married because of families force so I won’t force you for this relationship take your own time I will sleep in the couch you sleep on bed swara says it’s okay sanskar we both will sleep in the bed keeping pillows between us sanskar agrees and they both sleep facing each other and at morning they are in hugging position. Sanskar gets up and feels awkward seeing swara hugging him he thinks to leave from there but swara pulls him with a jerk and he falls on her. Due to sun rays swara gets up and sees sanskar top of her she says why are you sleeping on me I said you won’t force me then what is this sanskar says I am sorry I was leaving for shower and you pulled me with a jerk swara says I am sorry sanskar and leaves from there.


Swara PoV

Why sanskar u cannot understand I love you so much I cannot live with you but I know u don’t love me you love my sister ragini and till now u can’t forget her.

Swara PoV ends.

Precap: – SwaSan rain dance.

So guys how was the second episode. Let me know through your comments. Love you guys bye 😘😘😘 take care.


  1. Serena

    |Registered Member

    Wow it means swara loves sanky….then its going to be more interesting…well nice work yaar..but itna chotu sa…..we were thinking about dish…but tumne toh staters me hi kanjusi ke Di…not fair😡😡😡😡

    • Sriya


      thanx serena and sorry for the kanjusi in starters i will give you the main course dish in the next chappy hehe you are too funny and everything is fair in love and war and it is both so love u lots and lots my dearest sissy yes swara loves sanky swasan rocks aur mein deti hu shocks apni readers ko tikhe bye bye tata miss you lots of hugs and kisses to u and thoda meri sanky ke liye bhi hehe!!!!!

    • Sriya


      thanx Crystal for the comment…!!!!!!! sorry for the short update will give you long chappy in next part thanks for saying it has a lot of impact…!!!!

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