Swasan SS- You have to live without me (episode-9)

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Both were still hugging each other, she was slowly closing her eyes. Her body finally started giving up.
Sensing her heart beat is becoming slow he separated her from himself.

“Swara what’s happening with you.” He spoke, tension increased in atmosphere.

“Sanskar don’t let her close her eyes if she’ll close her eyes then she’ll never going to open.” Rudra said

Before they could do anything Dp entered with gun in his hand, he smiled evilly seeing swara’s condition.

He went near swasan and held sanskar’s collar. Well expect swasan all were held by dp’s man.

With passage of time swara was not able to breathe properly she just murmuring sanskar’s name.

“ I just kept her alive for you as I wanted she die in front of your eyes and you don’t able to do anything.” Dp spoke and stabbed his chest with knife which he was holding in other hand. Sanskar winched in pain and looked at him with hateful eyes but it not affect him, he turned his gaze towards swara who was hardly opening eyes looking at him.

“Please let him go…Sanskar please save yourself. If something happen to you then I’ll not able to die peacefully.” she tried to spoke but throat also betray her. Now just tears were rolling down from her eyes.

“Swara nothing will happen to me as well as you just keep your eyes open.” He said.

It makes dp laugh and Rudra fumed in anger.

“Dad please I beg you leave them they’re innocent.” Rudra

“Just shut up only due to him I lost my everything. First Ap started to fight due to him that lady who never raised her voice just due to him…. Just due to him you lost your love…. Just due to him I lost my power….. Just due to him understood now I’ll give him life time pain by killing her. Don’t worry I’ll not do anything to him because I want you to live without her…..” Before he could complete Sanskar punched him angrily….

“Don’t even dare to think that or else I’ll kill you, don’t think I have any emotions for you unlike Rudra I just hate you for destroying everything.” Sanskar said and about to punch him more but his hand stopped in air itself when some of dp men shot gun at Karthik.

Karthik condition was also worsening.

While seeing that two most important people of her life suffering due to her broke her in several pieces. She just wanted to close her eyes for welcoming death as at least after her death everyone can get peace.

Swara saw towards sanskar who was struggling with dp, she thought something and tried to stood with help of wall. No one was noticing her as all thought she could not even move but sometimes inner determination make every thing possible. After lots of struggle she finally stood and slowly moved towards Rudra who was held by some of dp’s men.

With so much caution she took gun from someone pocket and pointed at Rudra. Seeing her actions all became shocked and moved back from there position.

“Let them go or I’ll shoot your son.”
Her hands were trembling and legs were paining but seeing sanskar wound she was just trying to do every possible way so she can protect him.

“See yourself you even not able to stand properly and Saying you’ll shoot him. Even you know how to fire bullet” dp said making swara worried as truth was that she really doesn’t know anything whenever Karthik used to practice she used to hide from him as she hates bullet sounds then it’s not possible that she know anything about it.

Dp started to laugh seeing her and about to shoot her but in nick of moment Rudra took gun from Swara’s hand and pointed at himself.

“But I know dad and trust me I even can shoot myself….” Rudra spoke and saw towards swara lovingly then turned his gaze to sanskar.

“Can I call you Bhai? I know my dad done many things with you but trust me I also hate him when I come to know about my mom suffering.” Rudra spoke but he not put gun down.

Sanskar nodded in yes.

“Sanskar bhai after going from here take swara to Dr Mathur I talked with him long back he told there is 1% chance that swara can again start living normal life. And for now held her she can’t stand long she’s so weak this man make daily used to give drugs.” Rudra

“Dad let them go or else I’ll kill myself and you too.”

Dp still not left sanskar, Rudra about to press trigger. Seeing it he pushed sanskar and dropped gun, sanskar run towards swara who about to fall. He held her through waist, Rudra signal them to leave place soon.

“But you…”Sanskar asked

“Don’t worry I’ll be fine you just take swara and Karthik from here. And swara see my prayers won your sanskar finally came.” Rudra smiled with tears

Swara just listening all this in half sense. She smiled faintly and said making sanskar and him shocked.

“I still wished he not came here….”

She started to feel dizzy and just managed to speak few last words.
“Sanskar move on as you have to live without me.” Saying it she fell on his shoulder.

Sanskar became panicked he tried to wake her but she was not at all responding. Rudra and karthik also started trying but nothing was working.

Seeing everyone busy Dp again picked gun and shoot at Swara who was sitting with sanskar support, sanskar and others two became shocked seeing it.

“I finally won” Dp said and shoot another bullet in air.

She collapsed on in his arms yet smiling sensing his arms. Like smile was conveying she’s happy that she’s going to die in his arms, dp again about to shoot her but this time Rudra came between, he got bullet near his heart.

Shock was less for sanskar as well dp one side swara laying in his arms and other side Rudra.

“What you done Rudra” Dp and sanskar

“Just tried to correct some of my mistakes.” He replied.

He turned towards swasan, swara was just smiling with close eyes while sanskar was numb.

“Bhai you know she doesn’t want to live as she think now she’ll not able to give you any happiness. But I know you’ll not let her go. I’ll also pray that your love win over her. I just have one wish that you give my name to your child. Please Bhai promise me you’ll do it.”

“You both are so bad one don’t want to live and other is leaving me. I promise nothing will happen to her if I have to fight with God too for her life I’ll do and you too don’t dare to live us. I still not thank you properly for saving my life.” Sanskar

“Please you just promise.” Rudra said pleadingly

Sanskar nodded in yes.

“now I can die peacefully and don’t worry I’ll ask God after going there to return your life to you only as your life belongs to you. Now please go from here…” Rudra said and closed his eyes for forever.

Dp was all broken by this he just kept sitting like statue.

Sanskar angrily glare dp and about to take action but…..

After 5 years (Kindly ignore ages)

A room shown, room was full of couple pic and also a child pic with a man.

A man near age of 33 was sitting near a lady, he was seeing that lady with smile on his lips and tears filled eyes.

“Swara doctor said me that you’re returning from coma as few days ago you started responding, just few days and you’ll be with me. See I forget to tell you about abhi he’s missing you so much. You know what he told me today. He told you to return fast.”
Sanskar said and caressed her hair.

“Please now come fast I really need you. Many things changed in our life after your slipping to coma.” He bent and kissed her forehead softly. Some drops of tear fell on her eyes which finally forced her to open eyes.

She opened eyes and kept looking at him finally as his love win over her adamant.

“Sansk…” She tried to speak, he happily see towards her and hugged her tightly.

“You’re back Jaan finally I won.” He happily Shouted
and kissed over her face.

Listening his happiness filled voice she smiled and tried to sit. He hit his forehead and make her sit properly.

“Let me call doctor.” Sanskar tried to say but she held his hand.

“I am fine please stay here.” Swara
“But Jann” ….. “Please sanskar I need you only.” She

He nodded in yes and hugged her.

Their moment disturbed by some one voice.

“Very badddddddd dad, mumma wake up from sleep and still you not called me.” A little boy near 5year said and stood before them.

Swara became surprised seeing child in her home she thought sanskar finally moved on, before some years she always wished that but seeing it, it was hurting her. She controlled her tears and looked at him who was busy with boy.

“So You’re angry from me. Well Okay become angry I’ll not tell you stories.” Sanskar said

“I also not need stories from you, my Mumma will tell me.” That boy said
Sanskar happily turned towards swara who was teary eyed looking at them. Before he could say anything she spoke making him angry.

“Don’t worry after becoming fine I’ll go from here you can happily live with your family.” She whispered with fake smile

“Mumma you know dad is very bad he never let me sleep with you.” Boy pouted and jump on bed.

“May be his wife asked him do so but where is she? If she’ll see me then surely she would be hurt.” She thought

“Mumma what happened?” Boy

Understanding swara’s feeling sanskar tried to send him but swara stopped him.

“Let it be him here I liking his presence it reminds me my unborn baby.” She said remembering that feeling.

“That was our baby, abhi you go from here dad will come after sometime.” Sanskar

“No dad I’ll not go…”

“Abhi I said something.” Sanskar said angrily making abhi frown he run from there.

“Sanskar you shouldn’t talk him like that and where is your wife.” Swara

“I think I really lost her.” He said and stood from there.

All negative thoughts started to come in her mind but before anything could click she heard his voice.

“Abhi is Karthik’s son….” he said

He looked towards her who was shock with this revelation.

“Before 5 years….” he


“Sanskar please don’t kill him.” He heard karthik voice who was also lying on ground. In all this he forgotten about him.

“ I am sorry karthik I doubted you.” Sanskar

“Leave all that but please don’t kill him I want to kill him he’s not only responsible for swara’s condition but also he killed our dad.” Karthik said

While dp just sitting there keeping Rudra’s body in his lap.

“I think you also not need to do anything see him he’s already half dead. Police will take him leave it.” Sanskar said and lift swara.

Police reached there, they took dp jail.


After operating swara doctor told sanskar she slipped into coma due to weakness and also due to gun shot. But shock was not ended here when he got to know Karthik also have few minutes with him. He went to meet karthik there he got to know Tanya Karthik’s wife is 5month pregnant. Karthik asked him to take care of his family. Sanskar promised him that he’ll do so. After that Karthik too died.

He did last ritual of karthik and Rudra.

After some months Tanya delivered a baby boy but unfortunately she died handing baby to sanskar’s hand and took promise from him for taking care of baby like his own child.

Swara became shocked with these truth one side she lost her Bhai Bhabhi and other side she hurt sanskar. She tried to ask forgiveness but stopped by him.

“Don’t need to say anything I understand you lost trust on me due to my…” Sanskar tried to say
but stopped by her.

“Dare to say it I still trust you it’s just I thought you moved on as I asked you.” She said and put her hand on his lips.

“Moving on without you is impossible as I have live with you.” He said and looked into here eyes.

She smiled and hugged him, they separated listening crying voice.

“You both are bad you not hugging me.” Abhi said who was standing at on door.

“Sanskar does he knows everything?” Swara slowly whispered

“Yeah few days back only I told him truth I didn’t wanted that after knowing truth from others he hate me.” Sanskar said and picked abhi who was sitting dramatically with fake tears.

“Sorry baby forgive your mom.” Swara said holding her ears.

Abhi giggled secretly.

“Stop your drama your mom can become fool not I.” Sanskar said and playfully slapped him.

“Very bad dad, mumma now you’ll not leave us na. Please don’t go anywhere I and dad love you so much.” Abhi said

Swara smiled and opened her arms for welcoming him.

“Never but you have to promise me one thing.” Swara said and caresses his hair.

“Ummm Okay ask.” Abhi

“You have to be in my team, we both will trouble your dad.” Swara asked
Sanskar make fake angry face.

“Allle I am already in your team.” He said and show tongue to sanskar
“Very bad you both Forget me.” Sanskar said and looked other side showing them his fake disappointment.

Swabhi laughed and hug him too.

After some weeks

In these week swara totally became fine, she started to live normal life with support of sanskar. She and abhi too bonded well.

A fine morning,

The sunrays peeked in their room making them open eyes. Swasan opened eyes and looked at abhi who was still sleeping hugging them.
Swara stepped down and stood near window.

“Sanskar I am blissful after getting you again. This time I promise I’ll never let misunderstanding enter in our life. At some point those misunderstanding were too ….”Swara tried to say but before it she felt hot sensation on her lips.

Sanskar was kissing her, her eyes became widened seeing that. He break kiss after sometime.

“Jann forget everything about past now just you, me and….” Sanskar said but Interrupted by abhi who woke up not feeling them beside him.

“And me too yeah my little brother too. Dad told me when you’ll become fine I’ll get brother. Mumma I want brother my all friends have please mom you’ll give me.” Abhi said while crying

Swara’s eyes became teary remembering her baby whom she just felt for few hours after that she lost baby for forever.

Her eyes again became teary, seeing it Sanskar sent abhi from there by saying he’ll give him baby.

“Sanskar our baby I want my baby. I want to feel him/her. I want to feel his/her heartbeat. Please give me my baby.” Swara said hugging sanskar…. Sanskar too was sad but he knows he has to strong for her.

“Jaan stop crying we will again have baby and this time no one can snatch from us.” He said and patted her back.

“I am sorry sanskar I trying to forget that but can’t able to do so. But sanskar how’s this possible there doctor told me now I can’t be mother again.” She said while looking down.

“We will see later and what happen if we can’t have our own baby. Abhi is also our son.” Sanskar and wiped her tears.

She smiled and nodded in yes.

“Yes I’ll love abhi as like our baby. I forgotten that whatever happen there is always reason behind it. May be god want to give our all love to abhi.” She said smilingly.

He nodded in yes and pecked her lips.

Later swasan and abhi spent some quality time together.

After some years

swara again became pregnant after some treatment. That time she not wanted as she was happy with abhi but abhi just kept repeating he wants little bro. Just for abhi swara undergone for some treatment. With lots of prayers finally treatment gave positive result.

During pregnancy swara’s mood swings took proper class of both father and son. But both were so excited for welcoming new member in their life. They took proper care of swara.

Finally new member step in their life, swara gave birth to baby boy. As per Rudra’s last wish they kept baby name as Rudra… Swasan’s Rudra…..

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