Swasan SS- You have to live without me (episode-8)

Second last part, Part 8

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Sanskar continued his search with passing time he was becoming more restless but remembering about his swara he used to gather courage finally a ray of hope knocked on his door when he noticed some secret door in cave, he immediately started to open it with help of karthik. After lot of struggle it finally opened, for their surprise there was no security as they thought.

“I really think sanskar swara is not here.” Karthik said and turned backwards to go from there but sanskar stopped him and pointed towards a corner.

“There is someone.” He said and began to move there but karthik held his hand and stopped him.

“It can be trap…” karthik tried to give logic but he pushed him and ran towards that corner.

His heartbeat began to increase and eyes started to glittering, he was just one step far from his destination but still his journey of finding his love was not going to easy.

Again a cruel game played with him, he about to touch that but before he could do it blast, luckily he got saved at nick moment as karthik noticed something unusual in it so he pulled him.

Before Karthik could scold or take any action sanskar pushed him and collapsed on floor, he literally crawl towards same corner.

“Due to you I lost my swara, no she can’t be my swara I know she loves me she can’t leave me but then this…” he was just blabbering and touching surface.

Karthik not able to see his condition he always seen strong sanskar who can handle anything he smiled painfully thinking how he and swara used to tease him saying that sometimes he used to behave like robots no emotions no feelings as expect swara he never used to show his caring, loving side to other even Karthik used to feel how can this man managed to win his sister heart. His trances broken by sanskar’s sobs.
Sanskar was collecting pieces and hiding like it’s too dear to him.

“Sanskar….” Karthik said

“You go from here I know you don’t like me that’s why you’re distracting me but now I’ll not listen you or take you with me.” Sanskar said childishly and busied him self collecting things.
Karthik went near him and hugged him tightly.

“Sanskar you’ll always used to say man should be strong….” Karthik tried to bring him back but his dismay it got worsen when sanskar pushed him and slapped him.

“I know you’re behind this don’t act…” sanskar

At this moment sanskar was not in his sense he was thinking Karthik was trying to stop him from coming to this place.

He stood and started to behave madly by hitting him and himself at same moment.

By mistake or by chance he hit on wall due to that second secret door opened.

He saw towards that direction and this time his legs automatically started to move.

Karthik was just silent as he knew somewhere this time he can’t do anything even if it meant to trap.
But destiny or someone had some different plan this time both saw a girl in laying in a girl, her face was covered with hair. They were sure this girl is alive as silence prevailed surrounding they could able to hear breathing sound or say their heart giving them assurance.

Sanskar’s heart started fluttering with happiness as he got his long crave wish yeah this time no illusions no trap just his love was there in bad condition, his eyes widened seeing her condition but a relief came in his face knowing he founded her. With baby steps he went closer to her and sat down folding legs, he touched her and sided hair yeah all sign were true that was his swara only. He gently placed her head in his lap like a mother used to careful while touching her new born he was also careful. He caresses her hair and softly whispered her name.

“Swara open your eyes see who came” He

She opened her eyes and looked at him, she slowly lift her hand and touched his face and feel him after so many months. (They’re seeing each other after 3 Months.)

Before she could speak they heard a voice from back side.

“Swara your food please eat…” Voice

Expect swara all turned towards that side, karthik and sanskar angrily looked at that person.

“You bastard how dare you kidnap her.” Karthik spoke and took his gun.
That person tried to speak something but sanskar and Karthik punched him, swara tried to say something but due to weakness she not able to speak.

“Sanskar listen me once you’re misunderstanding me…” he tried to say but both were not ready to listen anything. Sanskar took gun from karthik and keep it on that person forehead.

“You tried to separate us now I’ll kill you.” He about to press trigger but swara hit him at leg with a stick which was near her as a result he fell down on knees, he looked at her who was emotionally looking at him.

“ Sanskar if today you’re here then only due to Rudra remember calls from your men, your meeting with Rudra it was just for making you sure about my presence.”

He shockingly looked at Rudra.

“But if he not then who” Sanskar confusedly asked.

Before anyone could answer a person came and pointed gun at Sanskar’s forehead.

“I” That person replied and pushed him as a result he fell near swara.

“Uncle” Karthik managed to speak before he could complete that person shot him near his leg.

“Dad you’re not doing right leave them….” Rudra spoke but it remains half when that man spoke between.

“You all clear each others doubt I know now must you all have so much question till now I going for making some arrangements for funeral.” That man

All ignored that man’s words while Rudra started to tie hanky near Karthik wound. His work disturbed by sanskar’s words who was hell angry and confuse with all this.

“Baba, and why are you saying my Baba as dad. And why he’s doing all this? See Rudra don’t dare to lie….”

Sanskar tried to collect things what’s going on no matter how much he hates his dad still he can’t allow anyone to call him dad.

(Sanskar hates his Baba as when his mother died he placed condition for details read first part)

Dp Maheswari: Sanskar’s and rudra’s dad.

“Sanskar you’re my step brother, when you was 4 years old then he fell love with my mother who used to live near your house. One day he forcefully divorce your mother and forcefully marry my mom against her wish not only this he even forced himself on her.” Rudra said with disgust

It was like bomb for sanskar he knew his father and mother don’t have good relation but never knew that bitter truth of his life while it was also new for swara. She only knew about DP is Rudra dad and hates sanskar as well as her.

“But then why he hates sanskar. I mean like you he’s also his son.” swara confusedly asked

Rudra stood and drop another bomb on sanskar making him shattered.

“No, he isn’t. His mom adopted him as she can’t become mother it was starting of rift between Dp and Ap mom.”

Sanskar not able to believe what’s happening he just saw towards swara who was weak and pale.

“What is connection between swara and him? Why he’s torturing her and why you caring for us so much as far I remember in college you misbehaved with her…” Sanskar

“That time I was jerk but after following you both as I wanted revenge I started to fall for her but when I come to know about you both I back off but I never able to forget her.”

It raises temperature of sanskar, he can’t even imagine any other man loves his life but just controlling himself as he knew it can’t be only reason for dp’s behaviour towards swara.

“And I started to live like dead person. Dad not able to see that one day he asked me I told him everything as that time I was too close to him. But I didn’t knew it will increase his hatred towards you both.”

“What do you mean?” both asked

“When you went jail that time his business started to collapse as police caught maximum number of his people because you had taken everyone names. So he started to hate Swara as she was reason behind your that change behaviour.”  Rudra

Sanskar connected all thread why dp never shown any care to him, why he forced him in crime world. Still he not able to get one thing what was his mistake in all this even if he was at mistake why he hurt swara perhaps he comes to know Swara is easy way to hurt him.

He closed his eyes and remember finally that journey which separated them.

Final journey

At night
After whole day of spending together in exploring places they finally returned to hotel. Both entwined fingers and entered in their room with quite nervousness faces as they were well aware of what’s coming next.

“Just need to fresh.” She said and moved there, he smiled and started to do some work.

In washroom she was hell nervous and seeing herself in mirror. Her face was all red and heart was beating fast it was like at any moment it will come out.

She washed her face and turned backwards for taking towel, there she noticed a simple red thin saree with white embodied and blouse was backless+ sleeveless.

She blushed more and hide her face with palm.

She changed into them with nervousness she came outside, she became more red seeing room.

Room was well decorated with red roses and candles, seeing that swara became more shy and ran towards lobby. He smiled and slowly followed her, in lobby she was standing with all red face.

He reached there and hug her from back, he nuzzled his nose near her neck and inhaled her fragrance.
He slowly roamed his hand on her back and pulled more closer to himself.

She was standing looking down, he slowly kissed her back and turned her towards himself.

She was not facing him just looking down, he smiled seeing her shyness. He slowly cupped her face and make her looked at himself.

She saw in his eyes with nervousness+ desire. He slowly moved back but she pulled him and stood at his feet and kept her lips at his lips.

He was not shocked by her this action he just moved back for conveying she not need to shy. Understanding his unsaid words she took action. Both were slowly kissing each other like no tomorrow.

They break kiss and looked at each other again, she slowly roamed her hand on his chest.

“I don’t want you for rest of my life but I want you for rest of your life.” Saying it she hide herself in his chest and warped her arm around his body and started kissing his chest, he was just roaming his hand and slowly unhook his blouse. Sensing it she became shy and ran in room.

“I want you only for rest of our lives.” He said with love filled voice and pulled her closer.

They fall on bed and began to kiss each other.

They engulfed in each other tight embrace  and busied in love making.

Next day bring lots of happiness in their life but with silent upcoming storm too.

They wake up and found themselves in single duvet. They smiled and again leaned towards each others.

“I love you sanskar and always keep loving you.” She mummers between kiss.

“I know you love me more but yeah I also love you.” He replied and roll breaking kiss

“I know I love you more but I know one day you’ll prove that you love me more than me.” She spoke seeing in his eyes.

He smiled and started kissing her neck. She bite his chest again slowly they drifted in their love making.

After four months

Without their notice storm finally entered in their life, they started to fight over small matters just due to their professional life frustration. As both were not getting success in that day by day they were parting away.

A fine day
As usual they fought on silly matter as their financial condition was worsening.

“Since you entered in my life it became worse I don’t know why I married you.” He said without realising his words impact on her.

Listening it tears brimmed in her eyes. Seeing her tears he became more frustrated he tightly held her through shoulder.

“Just stop it your nonsense tears.” He said loudly

“ You’re right I changed your life don’t worry from now onwards you don’t have to see my face. I am going from this hell.” She said and jerk his hand.

“Great now my home is hell for you ohh why not now I am not in good condition so who’ll handle your stupid demands.” Sanskar

“Don’t forget sanskar I am too equally contributing. If you forget then in starting days of our marriage you used to roam here there for job.” Swara

It hurts his ego and about to raise his hand.

Seeing it she became shocked and pushed him with all force.

“I just hate myself when I fall for criminal like you.” Unknowingly bringing those memories she hurt him beyond her imagination.

It was enough for him, he angrily punched on wall and marched away.

She fell on floor and started to cry.

Two weeks passed but nothing changed between them they were not even like to seeing each others. He started to work hard avoiding his health and her. Well she lost her job and began to live lonely. She wanted to share her pain with him but alas ego was coming between them.

With passage of time they started to realise mistakes when they show small stupid fight among couple but again everything normal between them like they never fought. Swasan thought and realised they also need  to do work.

After three weeks

She wasn’t feeling well since two three days. Sanskar was also noticing it but not saying anything. He silently took appointment for her and kept note on table.

She took note and teary smiled seeing his care after such long time.

“Go to doctor, if you need my presence then call me.”


After check-up she was waiting for reports.

Few minutes later she received biggest happiness of her life that she going to mother, every sweet minutes of her and sanskar came before her eyes.

With lots of happiness she went home, she put report near his note and draw smiley on that.

In evening

He came home with joyful face and started to search for swara. But his dismay she was not there, he remembered how on their last fight she told she’ll leave him. Fear ran down his spine, he felt like all blood frozen inside his body. Several emotions started fluttering in his heart. With heavy steps he took his mobile and show her several miscalls and a message.

“Are you fine sanskar? Please answer me.”

That was last one way conversation which happened between them.

He took little relief and crushed himself for thinking like that.

He entered inside room and sat at bed. His gaze fell on notes and file. A smile crept on his lips, he opened file and became shocked. Tears of happiness started coming from his eyes.

“Papa ready for welcoming me and forgive mumma too. And don’t behave rude with her she is not liking it.”

He smiled and mummer sorry swara.

“But where she went.” He asked himself and started trying her number but nothing worked.

One day passed, two days passed but she was not with him just her memories was with him.

“Where are you shona if you’re angry from me then come and punish me but this separation is killing me” he was totally broken just waiting for her.

A hope came in form of knock on door. He ran and wipe his tears.

“Swara where were…” his sentence left incomplete when he saw Karthik entering with a body covered in white clothes with some men.

They put body on floor and stood at some distance. Karthik went near him and hugged him.

“Sanskar, swara did sucide. We found her body outside a hotel. Face can’t be identified as due to falling from high her face can’t be identified.” He said making sanskar shocked and numb.
He broke hug and went near body. He just touched that and wiped his tears happily.

“This is not swara I know her smell, her touch. Karthik she’s Someone else.” He spoke happily

Karthik was not agreeing with him as he found swara’s things with her and also DNA matched with him. At corner of his heart he was too expecting that sanskar’s word become true but who knows one day his belief would definitely win and all prove would be useless.


Swara looked at sanskar.

“When I received report I directly came home for informing you. I called you many times Saying come home soon but you didn’t picked my single call even” swara said  Understanding his upcoming questions.

“I was busy in meetings due to that I not realised time and phone was too discharge.” He said with guilt

“After some time I received a call saying you stuck in some meeting at some hotel and calling me with file. Without thinking anything I went as that moment I was happy I even not realised it could be trap.” She said with guilt…. He signalled her to continue.

“After that I reached there and saw many people rushing here there I became worried I again called you at last I dropped message.” She said

“I saw your message after reaching home but I guess..” he tried to say but stopped by listening her words.

“After that I saw some men was taking some girls with them. I started chasing them in these process I reached ladakh but it was my biggest mistake. All was trap for me as in Delhi kidnapping me was not easy. As there all knew me well due to my photography job also due to Bhai. When I reached here some one from behind hit me. I woke up after one month I received biggest shock of my life that I have miscarriage.” She said and looked at him.

He took her in hug and hide her face in his chest. Her body started to pain by his touch today as her body was too weak for any pressure.

Precap: Some lovely moments

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