Swasan SS- You have to live without me (episode-4)

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Present continued..
At cafe
“ Sir, today you did it but from next time don’t dare to do it or else result will be worse” saying it he jerked sanskar hand and leave from there giving a last look..
Sanskar slapped his forehead and close his fist “ oh shit, how could I forget about him. What was his name? Yeah remember ‘rudra’.” He mumbled to himself and called someone for keeping eyes on rudra. After meeting to rudra he was sure his life is alive, his hope is not worthless…

“ Soon I’ll find you” saying it he leave that place and started walking while thinking about her, a deep smile formed on his lips. Soon he went in lane memories.
Past, morning 2nd day
Both were thinking about each other, a smile and
little blush formed on their face which were reflecting unknown felling.

Swara’s room,

She tensely roaming in room and biting her nails “ should i go in his room or not? But what I’ll say? Offo swara you forget he is your frnd so you can definitely go there. But what he will think about me?” Her chain of thought broken by knock on door… “ This time….” Before she could ask anything a bold voice come from there which was enough for freezing her.
“ it’s me” .. Again blush + nervousness came on her face. She quickly set her hair and went for opening door.

There he was standing with folding hands and frowned face.
Both of their eyes met, they totally lost each other in respective eyes. Their eyes were shining after seeing each other, Soon they came up in sense with some sounds and started to looked down to avoid further embarrassment.
“can I?” he said with little smirk on his face seeing his effect on her, totally unknown to she too have same effect on him. He gently touch her cheeks and make her eyes locked with his eyes.

“ W..H…A..T” she said with trembling voice remembering about his harsh kiss.
“ can I come inside unlike you I don’t have habit of entering someone room” he grinned little and removed something from her cheeks and showed that to her.
She gave him side and allowed him to enter in her room.
“ while what you thought” he said and continued to looked in room.
Understanding his teasing she smiled little at own foolishness. “nothing , I just thought why you came here?” she well known to fact like her he is also desperate to see her but yet unknown to what is this feelings. Now it’s her turn to make him nervous.
“ I .. “ don’t knowing what to answer his voice started to fumbling.

“ I think you came for asking me what we are today going to do or something else?” she asked with simper plastered on her lips and naughty smirk.
He turned towards her “ what do you mean by something else, I didn’t came here for seeing you. I just here to know…” he realised what he blurted out, he quickly escape from room giving lame excuse.
He stopped at his place. “ Hmm”
“ today we are going to local market and some more place, so wear something comfortable unlike this suit” As knowing there is no use of arguing with her he leave from there without saying anything.
She took his unsaid answer in yes and started to ready for 2nd day adventures.
Nearly after half an hour both came outside hotel, before they could again lost in each other eyes. Someone came there and stand in front of them.

“ so give me list” swara asked that person forwarding her hand.
“ List” sanskar mumbled himself and continued to see both of them. Aahil after giving list went from that place but not before passing teasing simile at them.
“ Swara, what is it” he asked her with sad tone, he thought she is changing her plan. She turned toward him and handed him list. He started to read it while she is checking out him he dressed in simple trouser and black jacket.
After seeing list he looked upward and find her staring him with open mouth. He annoyingly looked at her and passed his hand in front of her eyes.
“ This girl” he annoyingly mumbled but later smiled , he went near her and whispered in her ears “ I feeling shy pls stop staring me.
She became embarrass and started to look here there.

“ I was not staring you, I just thinking how today I will bear you. You’re so boring na” she started to rub her hands nervously.
“ really then let’s move because still 4 day left” seeing her nervousness he understood it’s not good to tease her more or situation can be opposite for him.
She silently nodded in yes and walk from there without saying anything.
Both hire a cab and started their today’s journey.
Whole way she was silently looking outside while he just trying to start conversation.
“ Swara…” he spoke in hope she will see toward him or at least reply him. But all his hope went in vain she just nodded in hmm.
At other side she giggling and enjoying his attention “ you were teasing na, now I will see “ she muttered herself and continued looking other side.

Both reached at their destination, there was a small market. Seeing that he disbelievingly looked at her, sensing his reaction she chuckled and moved from there.
“ Arre swara, atleast wait for me na” he run behind her… “ Totally hilarious, me sanskar maheswari running behind a girl” he mumbled to himself and somehow matched step with her.
“ Tell me one thing, were you athletics?” he asked it while breathing heavily
“ why the great sanskar maheswari not able to match with girl step?” she raised her eyebrows in questioning manner.

“ Are you taunting me? See swara I was not teasing you I just you only said I should enjoy so just trying to do so. If you not liked my company then you can tell me I’ll keep quiet like before”saying it he moved from there
“ Uff now my turn, I feeling like we are playing some game like who will win over other ? Now at least I should end this game.” She followed him and stand in front of him keeping hand on her waist.

“ Sanskar now enough yr, we should end this” she said it in single breath and looked in his eyes to know answer.
“hmm kk, but which game?” he asked with fake confusion on his face.
“ That game which we are playing since mrng, now pls don’t act like you don’t know anything” said it with irritation on face.
“ As your wish but really…..” before he could complete she held his hand and started to drag him with her.
“ now no words, we will do shopping here then visit some place” she said without caring for his reaction while he just starting their fingers which were intertwined.
She continued to her blabbering while he still in same position. Realising he not reciprocating her she followed his gaze which were fixed at their hands.
She leaved his hand and start shopping to divert awkward situation. He came back in sense and became sad seeing now their fingers are not anymore intertwined.

“ What is this? I mean what is happening with me why I liked when she held my finger? Why I felt like living like this whole life?” he confusedly asked himself and went to her who is trying to choose some wooden piece art.
“ good, you came now help me?” she showed him some wooden art piece.
“All are okay you can take anything or you can take all” without giving any interest to those things he replied
“ Useless creature, I wish I had boyfriend who could help me” she keep those things at there itself and ask him to move from there. Listening her words specially ‘boyfriend’ he felt like someone stabbing his heart with thousands knives again and again.
“ Then you should come with him only na, why you ask me?” He said to check, do she have boyfriend or not.
“ I said I wish … Expect Bro and some frnds no one is in my life.” She sadly said it…. He cursed himself making her sad.

“ your parents?” he slowly asked

“ they…” … He interrupted her
“ First let sit somewhere” saying it he started to looked here and there, within some distance a small stall was there. He signal her come with him, both sit down and other some local foods.

“ now tell” he said and held her hand in assuring manner that he is with her.
“ mom died while giving birth to me, after that dad never looked at me because according to him I was reason of that misfortune, that’s why i never get his love. When his heart started to melt for me unfortunately he murdered by Bhai’s enemy” her voice Started became choked and eyes became teary …. “Leave this topic we should concentrate on shopping” she tried to move from there before she could do so he held her hand and stop her. He stood and take her in his embrace.
“ you said na I am your friend then why you are hiding your tears. Can’t friends share each other pains?” he caresses her hair avoiding what people will think about them at this moment he just wanna share her pain and tell her he is here.

He thought it’s difference between them his past make him criminal and one side she having past almost like him she chooses good way his chain of thought broken by her voice…
“ wat was my fault if mom died? Then why dad always love Bhai I am not saying it because i jealous of him but don’t I deserve some love ? when he started to loving me someone snatch him from me. Dad used to say right I am misfortune for him if his heart not started melting for me then he must be alive….” before she could complete he separate her from himself
“ you’re not, you are lucky for everyone specially for me” ….she looked in his eyes, first time she found some feeling in it.

“ really” she asked him in childish manner
“ yes, do you think I can lie?” he spoke in complaining voice
Both started to smile.
“ But swara why your brother’s…, I mean do your brother is some …” before he could complete he received shock by her next statement.
“ he is in police, Bhai told me to take revenge from him they killed …..” she continued while his throat became dry listening only one word ‘police’ one sudden thought came in his mind ‘do she here for spying on him?’
“ no, it not possible. If things were like that she must not told me these things” he cursed his thoughts to think like that

Seeing him lost somewhere she stopped and press his hands.
“ Everything okay?” she asked
“ Hmm yeah, forget your past and just concentrate on present” he said
“ hmm, I already moved on by all those. Our future shouldn’t effect by our past. Am i right na?” she asked
Don’t know what to answer because he himself living in those past, so just nodded in yes.
After sometime both moved from there.
Whole day passed like this only, slowly there was change also coming in their behaviour like both were behaving like they know each other since ages and specially change in his behaviour his face and eyes reflecting his emotions. He trying hard to supress his happiness but today eyes betraying him it showed his inner feeling to her.

Evening, both still roaming in local markets and talking randomly. Suddenly he pull her and hide in one corner.
“ San…” before she could complete he signal her see in some particular direction, she turn toward that direction and find some men burning shop.
“ sanskar,we should stop them” she says

“ are you mad? See in their hands “ he forcibly make her turn….. All were holding some marshal in their hands.
“ I already saw it but I going to help them” slightly pushing him , she run in that direction and stood in middle.

“ swara stop…” he also run behind her and try to take her with him.
His trances broken by some sounds, he stop at that place and started to find sound source.
Within some distance a small temple and one big tree was there. All were tying thread to it, he started to move toward that.
“ What’s happening here” he asked someone
At other place
A girl slightly opened her eyes and find herself in chain. With so much difficulty she sit at that place.
“ s….” before she could complete someone come and held her through shoulder.
“ So finally you open your eyes” he again inject some injection…. “ Sans” she tried to take someone name
Sight started to blur, that person move more closer to her and hold her face.
“ soon he’ll come but alas till then you will be not here” saying it he pushed her and her forehead hit at some glass piece.
“ pls don’t come here they will kill….” saying it that girl again became unconscious, only tears marks and blood visible on her face.
Other girls helplessly seeing her condition and curse their fate not able to do anything for her.
“ if that day we had listened her then she must not be in this condition, only we all are responsible for it” someone sadly said seeing that girl condition and other nodes in yes.
“ hope at least someone come for her, we already loose our hope that someone will come for us” someone said
Sanskar side
“ people believed that if anyone tie thread here with pure beliefs then their wish used to fulfill” saying it that person went from there
Without thinking anything he took thread and started to do so.
“ Mr maheswari, is it you? Can’t believe the great sanskar who never keep feet in temple , today he doing it.” Someone said and touched his hands feeling blessed
“ Anything for you, if after doing this I can get you then I am ready to do this forever” he continued his work
After finishing it he came down and moved from there.
“ listen na” someone tried to stop him
“ I know you’re just imagination but now I don’t want any imagination. I just want you” saying it he tired to move
“ Now I’ll never come to you” she said
His imagination vanished from there, he sadly sees in that direction… “ you have to come to me at any cost” he smiled sadly
He get someone call, before he could say anything that person started to speak “ i can tell you everything about your wife” saying it that person cut the call and smile evilly.

precap: both realising their feelings and sanskar get to know something about swara( in present)

Don’t know it’s good or not, with crossed finger i posting it.
Yeah if cmnt will like previous part than I’ll update it in end of march.

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