Swasan SS- You have to live without me (episode-2)

Hii, guys read note at end of part.
Phase 1, Starting of a beautiful love story,
second meet (New feelings)
Next day, morning
Both were sleeping in their respective room. Sunlight peek in their room which causes them to open their eyes.
Swara’s room
She sits on bed and take her dairy from bag and notes down few things in it. She smiled seeing it and keep it aside.
After freshening up she leaved from her room with camera. While he also leaved his room with briefcase.
Whole day she took snap from diff angle at diff places. She immersed herself in work that much, she totally forgotten about her wish to making smile someone.
At other hand, he was hell tired after doing many deals. Still there was no satisfaction on his face, a unknown face again and again coming in his mind which was distracting him. First time he felt he shouldn’t be in this dark world. But later jerk his thought and started to concentrate on his work.

Xyz café, evening
After whole day of Photography she tiredly sitting in cafe and sipping coffee. Suddenly she noticed a well known figure sitting there with briefcase in his hand. Unknowingly she started to starred him and remembered her wish making someone smile, she started to think how to start conversation with him. Soon her trances broken by someone’s voice.
“ Di, he is so handsome na” someone asked it.
She nodded in yes, she realizes what she had done and quickly sees toward voice owner.

A 15 year old boy standing with cup in his hand, his clothes were torn from some places and in other hand he was holding stretcher.
Seeing his condition she felt bad but didn’t show him. She thought may be he would feel bad if she will show some emotion to him. May he will think as it pity, she herself hate pity by anyone.
“ No, I was not starring him” she started looking here and there.
“ when I said you were starring him” he smirked little and put cup on table.
She became embarrass and looked down.
“ waise di he is good looking, if you say I can ask him his no. I am expert in it”
“ haha very funny, are you going to spoil my image.”
“ no di I just trying to set up one love story” he chuckles
“you’re very naughty, by the way what is your name” she asked
He about to answer her, she interrupt him and told him to sit first.
“ How can I sit here I mean you’re my customer…” He told and move little distance from there.
“ Are you sitting or not?” she glared him

Seeing her anger he gulped in fear and sit there.
“ now tell me your name”
“ Aahil, you know when I taken birth that time my parents keep this name and you know what my name mean? No na I will tell you its means prince” he said proudly
She smiled listening it, aahil started to tell about himself non stop.
Listening it two person were smiling one was swara who was smiling openly and other was unknown person who had slight smile on his face. Someone noticed him smiling face, She signal Aahil now she have to go. He nodded in yes and took money from her and went from there.
she stood from her place and sit next to unknown person. That person glared her and give her questioning look. She nodded in no and continue seeing him. He become irritated and move from there. She also took her belonging and started to follow him.
“ Sir, listen na give me your 5 min. I need to talk you” She shouted
He turned toward her looked her top to bottom.
“ why, do you need something”

She vigorously nodded in yes and no.
“ Yes or no, I don’t have that much time. So say it fast “
“ vo sir I need to say I want your 5 days”
“ first my room, now my time. Are you following me?” he asked
She step back and burst in laughing.
“ no sir, why I will follow you. I just want to thanks you.”
“ is this any special way?” he asked and raised his eyebrow showing his irritation.
“ yes sir, it’s swara gadodia style” swara proudly said and give him most innocent look
“ see I accept your thanks, now don’t need you my time na.” he thought now she will be back off
She made sad face and started to show her fake tears.
“ plz sir my mom used to says never keep anyone favor. At least for my mother give your precious time”

Listening mother he remember his mom, tears about come in his eyes but he managed to hide it.
“ see Miss gadodia….”
“ plz na Sir, just five days I promise you will not going regret due to it. Who knows these 5 days change your life. Most importantly due to some govt issue we can’t go outside ladakh. So why not utilize it.” she said it hoping he will agree with her
He thought to if he will spend time with her it will be also safe for him, no one can’t imagine bad man with such innocent girl. He knows its just excuse which his heart is trying to give brain. He also don’t know why but yes he want to agree with her. So finally he put down his sword in front of her and nodded in yes.
She started to jump in happiness and hug him.
“ Thank you Sir, you know sir here I don’t have any frnd you will be my first frnd” he felt like shiver running down from his spine, unknowingly his hand about to warp her waist but before that she herself realizes what she had done and parted away. He also put down his hand and looked other side.
“ vo sry sir, I became excited. Again thanks so sir our time start from tmrw. By the way now at least tell me your name.
Sir word looking awkward na.”
“ ever I feel telling my name to you then surely I will tell you. Till then call me Sir only”
“ so rude sir, but I have request call me Swara not any miss gadodia. Its sounds like I am 50 year old lady and don’t dare to deny. Because if you deny it then I will make your 5 days hell and also you can’t back off as you promise me”
Without saying anything he went from there, she thought may be she spoke more but soon she sided her thought thinking tmrw she will say sry to him.
His trances broken by phone call.
“ sanskar I get some information about mam. Can you come xyz place? “ the other side person said
His happiness was no bound finally he was going to get a information about his Jaan. Without thinking about anything he replied in yes.

He stood from that place and rush to his car. He tired to call driver but unfortunately he was not there. Without waiting for driver he started to drive, happiness tears were flowing out. His face clearly reflecting his inner happiness. Soon he reach mentioned place and took place. He sees whole place and again his eyes turned into teary.
It was a beautiful café, specialty of café all things were made of wood. It was surrounded by trees which was making that place more natural and devastating.
Suddenly someone fingers touched his face, he looked toward it.
“ Uff how much you cry sanskar, my previous Sanskar was better at least he don’t used to cry baby na but see yourself. If you will continue to do it then I will go very far away and never come back. Even not in your dreams so think baby what do you want your Jaan or your tears?” she wiped his tears and signal him to smile.
“ promise, if I will smile then you will never leave me and comeback to me”
He sees toward his imagination but again became sad not seeing her there. Instead of her, A person sitting in front of him.

“ So tell me Karthik( played by shakti Arora only), what do you get to know about her?”
“ sanky, i get to know that day she went to paradise hotel. Someone called her there saying about you. I am still trying to finding who called her. It will surely help us to know what exactly happened that day and why our swara did sucide….”
“ my swara is alive, She can’t do that…..”
“ but sanky, that body and letter, in that she herself wrote that now she don’t want live in this world and no one is responsible for it. It’s totally her decision. “
“ I don’t believe all those things and also I don’t believe that it is her body. Most importantly my swara is not so weak who can kill herself. Do you think our swara can take such steps?”
“ no, but sometimes situation made us weak then we also don’t know how to handle it…” karthik sadly says it, before he could complete sanskar cuts him in between only..
“Leave it you will not understand. Call me if you get any other info.” …
Karthik nodded in yes and went from there.
He ordered coffee and started to sip it.
He felt someone starring him, he smiled remembering whole their second meeting that was happen here. A wish came in his mind, A wish swara also present with him here and rejoicing this whether and moment with him. He well knows she is not physically here but internally she is here. His imagination is proof of it, his imagination is not only a mere imagine which he is thinking or his brain is creating. Its only his love for her which is guiding him to finding about her.

“Why shona, why don’t you call me? What need to go alone, atleast you should have check once na. But it was not also your mistake I used to busy in my work. But don’t worry soon I will find you then I will never going to go away from me. You know shona why I never believe that you are no more because I know till my heart is beating nothing can happen to you. My breath is proof of it. You are somewhere its just I don’t able to find you. Soon that time also when we both will be together either in this world or in that world. I also want to promise one more thing that from now onward I will not cry because I believe you’re alive. I believe ‘I don’t have to live without you’. By the way shona this is same place where you first time hug me”
“ yeah I remember it, Mr maheswari. But you don’t remember how bad I felt when you next day scolded me and do you remember our first accidental kiss.”
His eyes lit up remembering those moments.

Day 1, 4:00 am,same hotel Sanskar room
He was sleeping on bed and sweating badly. Someone entered in his room, sensing some unknown presence he slightly opened his eyes and try to see person. A specter aheading toward him, thinking about own safety he took knife from side pocket. That specter was now more close to him, he tightly closed his eyes and prepared himself for further work. Soon that specter about to touch him before it could happen he hold that person and pull it toward himself. That person fall over him. He about to keep knife at throat.
“Sir, its me swara”
He opened his eyes and looked toward her, her eyes become big due to sudden fear. Her wet hair falling on his face which was giving him goosebumps.
“ I thought to surprise you but you only surprised me”
“ vo sry, I thought someone…. leave it but what are you doing here.”
“ sir first leave me then I will answer na”

He noticed she is still above him, her lips were shivering due to proximity and cheeks were deep in red colour. He free her hand and she stood. He also stood and sees toward her. Both composes themselves.
“ now speak”
“ sir I think you forget you promise me that…”
“ I remember it, but I don’t think its time of coming someone room and how do you managed to enter here. I guess I locked the room.”
“ vo na sir, I want to say sry for yesterday and also don’t want to waste our time and I asked spare keys from receptionist saying you’re my frnd”
“ frnds? But when it happen and sry for wat”
“ then do it know, do you accept my friendship” she forward her hand hoping he will accept it but her disappoint he changed the topic.
“ And sry…” he don’t want to make any relation which can make him weak. So thought to avoid it.
“ yesterday I hu…” she looked down and hesitant to complete it. He understood what she wanna say.
“ hmm kk Swara, forget it. Now if you already came here so tell what we have to do whole day. I guess you would not make me rethink about my decision”
Her mind only stopped at one word which was seeming to magical that was not none other than her own name. She felt she never imagine that her name can be so melodious.
Seeing her lost in her other world he unknowingly became happy, his eyes sign with diff charm. It reflecting his unsaid emotion and happiness which yet he don’t know what is it.
“ Swara, I said something “
She came in sense become embarrass.
“ Vo sry sir I was thinking about what we will do today.” She bites her cheeks, don’t want to show him. She was lost in him.

He immediately catches her lies but choose to keep quiet.
“ so what are plans?”
“ umm nothing sir, I never plan whatever we have to do we will do that moment only.”
“ impressive, so first can I freshen up”
She nodded in yes and give him side.
After 1 hours, At kyun tso and ryon tso( lake)
Both reached there, they became amazed seeing scenario. Scenario was truly looking breath taking, lake was shimmering due to bright sunlight which was resulting in beautiful landscape. A bright smile also came on their face.
“ sir you know this lake is also know as ….”
“ I know its known as chilling tso, and its twin lake. And most amazing thing about this place is only some can visit it. By it beauty of this place is also not worsening. As nowadays like we ourselves destroying natural beauty but I don’t get one thing”

Both sit near lake at wooden bench.
“what sir?”
“ As much I know this place is not allowed to visit due to some security reason. Only some have permit for it. So how you can managed it.”
“ sir, I am not less na. Well its secret “
“ Arre but tell na. You cant leave me in suspence. ”
“ no first you tell me your name then I will think. From two days I am trying to know it“
“ then leave it, I don’t want to know” he turn his face
“ pls na sir, see first time I am pleading “
“ Really, first time. I guess someone was pleading for room then for time” he still not seeing her and giggled little.
She remember since they met she is pleading to him.“yeah not first time but see na we have to spend 5 days. Pls na sir I promise after it I will not disturb you for anything …”
“ I already told you na…” she interrupt him.
“ okay leave it, you enjoy here I am going to take some pics” she sadly stood from there.
“ Sanskar , my name is sanskar“ he also stood and move ahead
“ Sanskar, not bad. Swara and Sanskar so cute.” She thought and smiled at her own thought.
Soon she started to take snap from diff places.
“ by the way swara you still not tell me, how you get permission from govt.”
“ Actually Sanskar,…” she stop in between and looked toward him.
“ I mean sir…” he interrupt her between… “you can call me Sanskar “
“ Thanks for it but I will call you by your name only when you will accept my frndship with pure heart not by any deal.

So where was I ya remember, this place authority once came in my CLG and they impress by my photography. So when I again meet them that was not hard for me to convince them.” While she was answering him, he continued to starring her. She was looking cute in brown jacket and blue jeans. Her hair tied up in bun, some hair falling on her face which was making her more cute.
“As your wish, well it not going to happen me nd you frnd.”
“ soon that time will also come” she again started to take pics her hairs were distracting her. She again and again setting it…. “ uff ..”
“ wait a minutes” he took pin from her bun. As a result her hair fall till waist.
Without bothering for any explanation he take her camera and keep it aside. He pinned her side hair which were disturbing her and fixed longs hair behind her ears.
“ now perfect, it will not distract you and also you looking more beautiful in open hair” he was still touching her hair and she shyly looking down thinking about recent moment, he realizes what he had said and his hands still touching her which making different sensation in him. He sided his hand and turn back.
“ Thanks sir” To avoid awkwardness she started to do her work again.

After seeing that place more he sees toward her who is taking pics with smiling face, she has peace on her face which is making her more pretty, he thought why he never have any peacefulness on his, he also do his work with passion. He thought to see what is in those pics which is claiming her, which is giving shine to her.
“ Can I see your snaps” he asked hesitantly. She started to come toward him. Seeing her coming he felt happiness running in his whole body, he also didn’t know why he is feeling happy when she used to come close to him. His heart replied because he is liking her proximity. Before mind and heart could start any war here. Swara came near him and again seek his all attention.
“ why not sir” she started to showing him all pics which she took from yesterday. She happily showing it and explaining about each pics, how she took it and many more things. Rather than listening it he lost in her, she was very close to him. His lips almost were touching her cheeks. All unknown to it, she turned toward him. As a result their lips slightly brushed with each other. She shockingly looked toward him. He also looking toward her, both doesn’t able to understand how to react over it. She parted away and give him camera.
“ sir, you can see it” she moved from there.
He took it silently and started to see it. His attention again attracted toward a pic, in that pic swara was standing while giving diff posses. She wearing black gown in which she was looking amazing. Only one word come from his mouth “ beautiful”

He looked toward swara who was sitting at bench and writing something. He went near her, sensing his presence she quickly closes her work.
“ Sir, do you likes pic” she still not looking at him. He understand she is embarrass due to that incident which happened some moments ago. Diverting her mind he thought to do something.
“All pics were perfect, I didn’t thought that girl like you( she sees toward him in questioning look) I mean totally free girl can be so serious.”
“ its not like that sir, I know you must be thinking I am childish or foolish” before she could finish it he keep his finger on her lips… “ let me first complete it”
Without blinking eyes she nodded in yes.
“ you’re not childish or foolish in fact you are very different. I don’t know why you choose me for spending your five days with me but I know you must have some reason behind it. I know you will say its your way to thanks but I know you’re not one of them who waste time without any reason. I just hope whatever be reason you get success in that.”
She looked toward him and thought how an unknown person come to know about her this much. Her chain of thought again broken by him.
“ sometimes we don’t need whole life for knowing someone . only some seconds are enough for it and sometimes whole life is also not enough for knowing someone “
She become amazed by his rply not due to his words but due to how he got to know what she is thinking, she shrugged her thought and nodded in agreeing with him.
“ sir now time for breakfast. I don’t know about you but rats are playing cricket in my cute stomach”
“okay, then let back to hotel” he start to move from there but stop listening swara’s words
“sir, who said we are going to hotel” she stood in front of him and keep her hand on waist
“Then where we are going” he asked irritating because he was damn hungry.
Understanding his irritation she says “ claim down Sir, we are going to near by restaurant. Only after half kilometers there is a Dhaba ’local food’ their local food is very famous and trust me sir you will like it.
“ I am not going to any local place” he was afraid there may be someone can identify him which can be dangerous for him and more than him it can be danger for swara. First time he was afraid for someone.
“ Arre sir trust me you will not going to regret, moreover your time is mine so don’t dare to deny me. Till five days I am your boss.”
Without any option he agrees with her and went with her.

Precap: friendship, kiss and some clue about mystery ( past)
More revelation( present)

Think she alive or not, if she died then how or if she is alive then where is she?
Do you think she can suicide? Or its someone plotting. About story title don’t worry I will surely justify it but yeah leave it not going to tell further just wait how everything will open.
Yep past and present are interconnect. All mystery will solve by past. That’s why I focusing on past more.
Note:1. Silent readers now I really wanna join your team yr,guys I am highly disappoint by your cmnts, you don’t know it nearly took my 2-3 hours. Really what is it? Just 18-20 cmnt. Is it so much bad, if yes then just tell me I will stop here itself. I will not waste my time as well as your time. I worked lot on it still if you not cmnt then there is no use of wasting my time. I will not say I will leave this Ss incomplete but yeah I will end in hurry which will be not good. So plz think about it and hope I will not have to rpt myself. Sry if I hurt anyone but really seeing less response I used to feel hurt very much that time I used to feel better leave all writing and concentrate on other things.
2.Also tell how many of you wanna story should like this only means with normal speed in it there will be proper love story and slowly mystery will also reveal. or you wanna jet in which directly marriage and revelal. If cmnt will be less then I will choose 2 nd option…

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