Swasan SS- You have to live without me (episode-1)

#You have to live without me..

Hii, thanks for your response on previous but I think many of you not like prologue. That’s why cmnt were so low never mind as I started so I also have to finish for those who have cmnted.


Phase 1, Starting of beautiful love story(First meet)
Hiii, me I guess I don’t need any intro still if you want to know I am swara gadodia. A girl with lots of dreams, I don’t want to live 100 years just I want to live this moment. Yeah who knows what next moment is planning for us. So I just want to enjoy this moment. I guess I am not wrong. Isn’t??? Oh what about future plans. Umm nothing yeah seriously I don’t have any plans. So I don’t have any future plans like marriage, kids uff these things are so irritating na. Leave all that now I have to go for my job, uff see I again forget to tell most important thing of my life I am photographer. Now bye meet you tmrw.

Sanskar closes the dairy and keep it aside. He kisses the dairy with lot of affection and love.

Tears were not able to stop from coming neither he wants to stop it, sometimes this tears only helping him express his pain. Tears also giving him hope may be seeing his tears she will come out from her cave and hug him tightly and say” Sanskar, don’t cry like child na” just hope, except hope he doesn’t have anything.

He stood from his place and again try to walk. After lot of struggles, he finally able to walk properly. He changed into something comfortable and took dairy and leave from there to find at least a single hope for his life. He just wanted single hope which can rejoice him and his dark life into lightness.

He sits in the car and go in his dream world where only he and his Jaan were living, where there was no barrier, where there no one can stop him adoring his love. And started to think his life before coming of a beautiful feeling love in his world. Love was not any mere words for him, love was a feeling who bought special person in his dark life.

A 17 years old boy who was running on road with some parcel in his hands, cops were chasing him. He hided behind brushes and shivered little. Police went from there, he came out and dial someone number.

“ Over” he muttered one word and cut the call.

He smilingly went from there and gave parcel to someone.
After some days

Same boy again running on road but only diff was this time there was not any single parcel, in his hands there was a bag which is full of those parcel. He again did that work. Days were passing like this only he was pushing himself in that world from where it’s difficult to come back. If he also wants he can’t return to his normal life.
7 years later
Same boy standing in a dark room and thinking about himself.
Boy’s monologue

Today total 7 year passes of my dark life, only today was that day when I choose this unfaithful life but that was also not my mistake. That time I choose what I thought appropriate for that situation. Me Sanskar maheswari don’t worry I am not any right hand or left hand of any don or politician. I am thief or I should dealer who deal illegally. Now most biggest question is why I came in this world leaving lightness, This world introduce by my father only yeah I am saying true, he only told me about this world. At first, I little hesitant but later everything became normal. Now without hesitation I am dealing of gold, silver and drugs as well. I have my own bungalow from there I deal. Most unfaithful thing is whenever I sleep I don’t know do I wake up next day or not. Sometimes I used to thought why my life is so complicated. In all this I forget to tell most important thing why my father introduce me to this world I guess everyone father think a better future for their child isn’t? But he is really diff father which only I get. I can’t forget that day. That day I was very happy, I returned back from school and stared to find my mom to share reason of my happiness but god doesn’t like my happiness so he decided to snatch my everything from me, my mom and my dreams. Yeah that day my mom died. When I reached in my room I found mom lying on bed, her lips were dried and body was numb. I understood she is no more in this world. I wanted to cry loud but I cant able to do that also. I have to think about what to do next? I decided to do her final rights. At age of 17 I guess no one has that much money from which he can do final right of body. So I went to my father for asking money but he was immersed in drink. I pleaded him to give some money but my cruel father pushed me from there. After lots of pleading he finally agree to help me but with a condition that I have to join him in his business. As having no option i nodded in yes and take money from him and started working for him without knowing what exactly I have to do. Slowly I get to know what I am doing is wrong. That was late this world already make me their own. That day not only my mom died with her 17 year old Sanskar also died. 17 year old Sanskar who had lots of dream, hope from his future. He was no more. After 2-3 years that I thought to leave this dark world but someone says na entering in this world is your choice but leaving this world is not in your hand. Now I bind here.Enough of my useless talk now time for work.



He came in sense when someone called him.

“ What happened?” he said irritatingly

“ nothing sir, we reached ladakh“ driver said

He nodded in yes and came out from car and silently went inside. Someone holds his hands and keep head on his shoulder.

Both were silently walking, no one was ready to break this silence. Same person intertwined their hand.

“ Do you remember our beautiful journey “ same person asked

He smilingly sees toward but his smile vanish realising no was there with him. He was walking alone there. It is only his imagination nowadays only she used to come in his imagination.

He sited in a corner. He touches plant, he again felt someone is touching him. Someone is making him aware of some presence.

“ Jann I know you are here only, jaan plz comeback na I can’t live without you. You’re only my source of living. “ he said while tears brimmed in his eyes which was showing his crave for his Jaan.
He felt someone hand on his cheeks which were wiping his tears who was telling him not waste his precious tears.

“ Don’t cry, she will feel bad. You know she can’t see you in tears.” A 17 year old boy said this

“ then tell her I will cry more and I will cry till she doesn’t come and take me in her embrace” he said

“ you also know it’s not possible swara didi is no more, she died that day only” same boy said.

“ My swara can’t leave me she well knows her Sanskar can’t able to live without her. Pls leave me alone for some moment I want to live alone with my swara and her memory “ he said

“ di told me take care of you…” he said with little hope, he also knows its next to impossible to make him agree.

“ Aahil pls, only she can able take care of me and believe me she will definitely come to me”

He nodded in yes and went from there.

He felt someone was holding his hand and kissing his wound.

“ You did right, this place is only our. Me and my Sanskar this place has great memory isn’t?” Someone whispered near his year

“ yeah you again come, I know you will again disappear. Its better if you will leave me alone like you already did.” he said and turn his face

That girl make him turn her side and join their forehead.
“ Never, like Sanskar can’t able to live without his Jaan. Same way his Jaan also can’t able to live without him. Neither in this world nor in that world. I live here only, whenever you need to find me then only find me here. “ She said while pointing toward his heart.
He sees toward her and trying to registered her words.

“ And yeah don’t cry yr, yours tears always pinch me. Just close your eyes think about our journey now only that journey will help you in living because’ you have to live without me’” swara said and kissed his forehead

She again smilingly vanish from there leaving him shattered.

He just closed his eyes and follow her words which give me new hope, A hope that memories help him in finding her. Because he don’t ready to “ live without her”

Past, ( from here both swasan story will be together)

A 22 year old girl going here and there. Like a free bird but with little tension she was moving in whole corridor. She continuously biting her nails.

“ uff swara gadodia concentrate you have to think some place which can perfect for your next photo session.” She said to herself and started to think deeply.

After thinking lot she jumped in happiness.

“ ladakh, yeah its perfect for my next project. yipee so ladakh be aware swara gadodia is coming “


Sanskar’s side
Some men came and informed him about some deal that taking place in ladakh.

“ So next place is ladakh, ladakh be aware of sanskar maheswari. “

Both packed their bags and leave for their destination.

Both were not aware of that the place whom they are giving warning that is only going to change everything. They don’t aware of that fact that place is going to see a love story. They don’t aware of that place is going to make meet two stranger who are going to fall for each other for lifetime. Ladakh was ready for witnessing a love story and creating a memorable journey for both stranger.

Next day

Both reached their destination, one hand swara who was cheerfully welcoming herself in new place other side Sanskar who was giving deadly welcome to himself.

As no one can stop birds from flying same happening with swara she was flying hard. Like this place has given her wings.

Other hand Sanskar was like lion but diff was he was not king of jungle he was lion of cage who can’t enjoy his life due to fear of recognition.

A wall was around him which is stopping him living his life which was soon going to break by someone.

Sanskar pov

Finally I came here, tmrw I have deal with that dealer if this deal become successful then no one can’t stop me ruling in this world. Soon I will finish my so called daddy ji and rule alone.

His monologue broken by someone knocks on door continuously.

He furiously keeps gun in his side pocket for safety purpose and went for opening door.

Someone entered there without giving him any heeds.

“ sry sir, but I need this room. Pls can you shift to my room.” Someone said this roaming in his room only without giving him any chance

He became angry+ confuse but most importantly he was astonished by seeing this kind of behaviour. In H s lifetime he never came across such people.

Before he could react that person started to take snap from diff corner of room. He still didn’t saw that face which has guts of entering in his room and behaving like that. He just came to know she is girl.

She sided her camera and see toward him who was seeing him without blinking his eyes. No he didn’t fall for her like love at first sight just he don’t able to believe someone could be like that totally crazy girl.

She came forward with camera, her hair were tied up in bun. She was wearing a simple white top and jeans.

“ sry sir for disturbing you but I am photographer I badly need some perfect scenario for my upcoming project I noticed from your room scene is coming perfect. So pls sir give me this room its imp for career.“ she pleaded lot to make him agree.

His thought changed about her now she is not childish as he thought she is ambitious who is so serious for her project. For first time he wants agree for someone its not due to any beauty its only for 17 year old Sanskar whom he saw in her.

“ pls sir, if you want I can pay you more but pls understand na…”
He stops her showing his hands.
“ Okay, don’t need to pay. Just accomplish your dream”

He took his luggage and started to move from there.

She stops him by holding his hand, he turns and dangerously sees toward their hands.

She follows his gaze and free his hand.

“ sry sir, Vo I want to say thanks for it. By the way I am swara gadodia and you?”

“ not so important, you just keep concentrate on your dreams.” After saying, it he went from their leaving her confuse by his harsh behavior.

She closed the door and take her diary.

“ Finally I found someone whom I need to make smile. Ladakh not bad first day only you give me chance of fulfilling my wish. “ She notes something in it and jumped on bed thinking about how she will be deal with that person who forget to smile. Soon sleep came over her and she falls asleep with beautiful smile.

Precap: Starting of a new journey and some glimpses of present as well.
Silent reader cmnt yr or else I will also become silent like you then it will be good na both of us will be continue our silent treatment.

Yeah it’s only swasan story and as my other Ss in this story also all focus will be on swasan. There will be definitely some character for moving story forward but just as pillar. If you don’t like anything you can freely tell me I will not mind….
From this part don’t predict anything, its just glimpse of their character and thoughts.
Credit: again me…
And sry for mistakes

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