SwaSan SS: Itna karo na mujhe pyaar (Part 2)

Hi guys I am back with my SS, i am glad that you all loved my previous part so thought to why not post second part as I really wanted to reveal the suspense about the man in swara’s room and their relationship.

Swara: Giv…give me my saree back.
Man (smiles naughtily): no…
Swara: Mr Maheshwari…if if you will not give then I will…

(Yes guys the mystery man is none than our hero sanskar maheshwari)

Sanskar goes near swara and hold her waist and brings her closer and sayd huskily, “Then what will you do shona..and what is mr maheshwari, I am sanskar. Call me sanskar”

Saying this sanskar brings swara more closer which made her breaths heavier.

Swara: Sa..San..Sanskar, wh..what are you doing, leave me.
Sanskar: not until you forgive me.

Swara bows her head down.

Sanskar: tch, shona yaar, i am sorry. I was so frustrated about my office work that…
Swara interrupts, “that you took out all your frustration on me…right”
Sanskar cups her face and joins their forheads together and says, “Shona, my princess, i can never hurt you but..I don’t know what happened to me that time.”
Swara: Sanskar, first you were very busy, not even eating your food on time. I felt very bad seeing you like that so I thought that I will feed and in that process some curry felt on your file..i didn;t do that intentionally but still you shouted on me.

Swara complains like a child.

Sanskar hugs her, “Shona, i am so sorry, I realised that mistake after you went. Shona just remember one thing that nothing is important more than you. You were, is and always be my fist priority. You toh know me, that how easily i loose my temper.”

Swara breaks the hug and says, “it’s okay sanskar, i can understand. Any person can get angry if someone spoils their hardwork.
Sanskar: really, if you can understand my situation then why were you giving me punishment. You just kept ignoring for two whole days.
Swara bows her head down and says slowly and cutely, “actually mom said me to ignore you to teach you a lesson so that in future you won’t shout at me.”
Sanskar: and dad also supported you in this right
Swara: yes
Sanskar: Sometimes, I think that am I really their son.I mean they always take your side.
Swara (cutely): You are getting jealous.
Sanskar hold her bare waist and says, “Why will I get jealous of my cute, innocent and beautiful wife.”

(Some of you might have guessed, our swasan are already married)

Swara smiles shyly, then sanskar hugs her.

Sanskar: I love you princess.
Swara shyly replies, “I..I…I (sanskar kept tightening his grip in anticipation that now swara will confess her love)..I like you”

Sanskar sighs and puts his head on her shoulder to which swara giggles. After few seconds swara realises that she is still in blouse and skirt.and the towel which was covering her upper body was on the ground. Swara breath little heavily.

Swara (shyly): Sanskar, please leave me, i need to wear my saree
Sanskar lifts his head, smiles naughtily, “no today, I will make you wear saree.”
Swara blushes and says, “San.”

Just then sanskar interrupts by putting his finger on her lips. He slowly removes his finger and take the saree. He starts to drape it around her waist, while touching them sensuously. Swara breathed heavily. Sanskar smiled seeing his affect on her.

Sanskar (monologue): I know shona, that you love me but hesitate to confess your feelings, but don’t worry soon I will make you confess and will give all the happiness which you deserve my princess. I will give you all the love and care, which you missed in all these years. I will never let any problem to come near you. I will fill your life with so much happiness that you will forget those painful moments. I promise you that I will never leave you. ”

After making her wear the saree, he took made her sit in front of dressing table. He took mangalsutra and tied around her neck, while they were still sharing the eyelock through mirror. He then took sindoor and adorned her mang with it. He took the matching earring and put them on her ears. He made her stand, turned her around and kissed her forehead. Just then someone knocked on the door. Swara blushed and goes towards the door and opens it.

Swara: mom

(The same lady, is sujata maheshwari, mother of sanskar and MIL of swara but she takes care of swara like her daughter.)

Sujata: Swara, you took so much time in getting fresh..

Just then she sees sanskar standing. Sujata enters the room and twists sanska’s ears.

Sanskar: ouuuucch, mom..it’s paining
Sujata: chore, what are you doing here. Shona, gave you punishment that you won’t enter this room then what are you doing here.
Swara: mom, I only forgave him

Sujata leave sanskar’s ears and goes towards swara, “shona, what is this. Why you forgave him so early. Beta, you are very innocent, don’t come in his talks.”
Swara: mom, calm down, there’s nothing like that and sanskar is already guilty about it.”
Sujjata: ok, sanskar I also forgive but listen don’t dare to hurt her again. Arrey, you should feel lucky to get such a wife, who handles her studies and house both. Still she manages to be the topper of her college.
Sanskar: i know mom, don’t worry i will not hurt your daughter again. Happy
Sujata: very happy. Now both of you come down as ramji and laksh are home now and snacks are also ready.
SwaSan together: Ji mom

Sujata goes away. Swara also starts to but just then sanskar stops her.

Sanskar: Shona
Swara turns and says, “ha sanskar”
Sanskar: you are forgetting something
Swara (confusedly): What?

Sanskar takes out a payal from his pocket and shows it to her.

Swara: oh yes, (she puts her hand forward) give it to me, i will wear it.
Sanskar: no, i will make you wear it
Swara: but sanskar, how will you i mean, husband don’t touch their wives feet.
Sanskar: Shona, if wives can touch their husbands feet then why husbands can’t do it. We are tied in this pios relationship so there should be equality between us…ok.
Swara admiringly nods her head. Sanskar sits on his one knee and takes her feet and puts on his other knee. He ties the anklet around her delicate ankle. He then leans towards it and kisses her feet. Just then a drop of tear drops on his hand. He raises his head and sees swara crying. He hurriedly stand up and cups her face, “Shona, what happened? Why are you crying?”

Sanskar: Shona, what are you saying?
Swara: truth sanskar. I am getting habituated to your love. Everyone here pampers me, specially you. I am getting habituated to it. I am scared..what if you also..le..leave me.
Sanskar (moist eyes): Shhh, shona. Nothing can separate us. I love you so much that i can’t live without you even for a second. And don’t get scared shona. We all are with you. You are only mine and no third person can separate us. (wiping swara tears) now stop crying nahi toh tumhari pyaari sasuma mera bharta bana dengi.
Swara giggles
Sanskar: keep smiling like this because you look really cute and beautiful like this.

Swasan go to the hall where everyone were sitting.

Swara: papa

Saying this swara runs and hugs ram. Ram pats her head while others adore their bond.

Ram: how are you shona, my bacha and how was your day?
Swara: good papa and yours
Ram: mine was also good.

Sanskar goes and sits beside laksh and says, “dekha lucky, we have no value in this house. Whenever shona is front of mom and dad they always forget us”
Laksh: oh hello, it’s you value which is on stake ok… (he goes sits beside swara), I also love my sister like bhabhi yaar.

Saying this he side hugs swara and swara shows tongue to sanskar and then giggles. Sanskar smiles.

Laksh: Waise shona, I heard that india’s youngest no.1 business tycoon came in you college to run few workshops.

Sanskar coughs as none of their family members knows about it and swara was blushing.

Sujata: Acha
Laksh (smirks naughtily): Ha mom, and you know he loves our shona so much, that’s why he went to her college only
Sujata (angrily): Hoooo, how dare he put bad eyes on my shona. I will…i will take out his eyes and play marbled with them. (sanskar widens his eyes). I will put red chilli powder in his eyes and that too one kilo. (sanskar covers his eyes while swalak were giggling). If he will try to talk to swara then I will first cut his tongue then I will put lots salt in his mouth (sanskar covers his mouth) If he will try to touch my shona then i will cut his hands and give it to the street dogs for their lunch. If..

Sanskar interrupts, “bas mom, enough, how much will you curse me?
Sujata: What are you saying sanskar, why will I curse you. I am cursing that businessmen who came in shona’s college.
Sanskar: moooom, that business tycoon is me, who will be running workshops in shona’s college.
Sujata: oh…sorry sorry, beta i didn’t know that its you.
Sanskar: mom you are really dangerous. More dangerous than serial killers.

That was it for swalak. They burst out laughing.

Sanskar: Achaji, now you both are laughing. Now let me show you guys

Saying this he starts running while swalak also stood up and started running around hall. Ram and sujata were happy seeing their children happy.

Sujata: ram ji, i hope they always stay like this…specially shona
Ram: ha sujata, you are correct.

Swara and laksh split away. Swara goes into the kitchen. Swara reaches a corner while breathing heavily. Sanskar also reaches there. He runs and cages swara between wall and himself. Swara took time realise it.

Sanskar: no where will you run…ha
Swara: Sssanskar, this is kitchen. Please let me go
Sanskar goes close to her and says, “no princess. You laughed at me na. Now you get the punishment.”

Sanskar started leaning towards her. Swara gulps her saliva. Just then they hear two peple clearing their throat which jerked them. They turned around saw laksh and sujata.

Laksh: bhai, atleast see the surrounding. You just starts anywhere ha

SwaSan were embarrassed.

Sujata: acha, shona your friends have came to study with you

Swara nods and runs out of kitchen to the hall. Whereas sujata goes to sanskar and twists his ear

Sanskar: ahh ma
Sujata: What ma, don’t know where your shame went away. In your shamelessness you make shona embarrass.
Sanskar: maa, please at least you spare me

Sujata leaves his ear. Sanskar goes to the hall.

Sanskar: hi ragini, hi bhavya

(yes, it’s ragini and bhavya who know about swasan’s marriage as they were swara’s bestfriends from school days.)

Ragya: hi jiju
Ragini: waise jiju, you gave nice surprise today in college ha
Bhavya: ha, you can’t even live without our shona for a second that you came to college also
Sanskar: kya karoon, saali sahibaon (sister-in-laws). My heart is with your best friend and she is my life. And you guys tell me that can a person live without his heart.
Swara: sanskar!
Sanskar: what..I am saying truth.

Swara blushes. Laksh comes and says, “bhai control yourself.”

Laksh: Hi bhavya,
Bhavya: Hi lucky
Laksh (shyly): Hi ragini
Ragini: hi
Swara: umm, bhavu, ragu lets go to study room…
Ragya: yep, lets go
Swaragya went to the study room…

Sanskar: lucky, I need to discuss about some project so lets go to my room
Laksh: Yes bhai

SwaLak go to swasan’s room.

Now I want to inroduce you guys about the characters…

Rp and sujata maheshwari: Loving and caring Parents of SanLak and in-laws of swara but they keep her as their daughter. they love her and pamper her a lot. They always want their children happy. They always take swara’s side. They are not modern yet traditional.

Laksh maheshwari: 26 years old, Twin brother of sanskar but 5 minutes younger than him. He respects sanskar and loves his family a lot. Keeps swara as his little sister and pampers her. He always teams up with swara and teases sanskar. He is fun-loving guy. He secretly likes ragini.

Sanskar: 26 years old youngest business tycoon of india. Maheshwari enterprises was made by Rp and his brother (will be revealed later. But he always wanted to be independent so he made his own company..Karma industries. He handles both the companies. He is also fun loving person, loves his family a lot. He loves his wife…he is in love with her since so many years (will be revealed later). He married her 6 months before. He cares for her, pampers her.

Swara maheshwari: 23 years old Sweet, innocent and traditional girl. She loves her family a lot. She also loves sanskar a lot but is afraid to confess because of a past. She does not want anyone to know in public about their marriage as she does not wants to be known as sanskar maheshwari’s wife. She wants to independent and her family and sanskar suppports her.

Ragini gadodia: 23 years old sweet and kind girl. Best friends with swara and bhavya. She loves them as her sister. She lives with her parents shekhar and janki gadodia.

Bhavya purohit: 23 years old, best friend of swara and ragini. She cares for them.

Kavita: Modern girl with attitude. She hates swara because she is a topper and also most beautiful girl of the college. She always tries to put her down
Kavya and mansi: same as kavita

rest of the characters will be revealed later.

That’s it for today guys, see you all next week till then keep smiling and keep commenting.

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