SwaSan SS: Itna karo na mujhe pyaar (part 10B)

Hello dear readers… I am back… finally my exams are finsihed… So here is the last part of this short story. Thank you to all of you for loving this story. Epilogue will also be posted soon. Till then enjoy this part.

The brides were already made sit in their respective rooms which were decorated beautifully with flowers and candles creating a romantic atmosphere. But the grooms were standing outside their rooms as the friends of brides were not letting them in.


Laksh: My cute sister in laws… please let me go

One of ragini’s cousin, “No you have to give us money then you are allowed to go.”

Laksh: Fine, how much?

Ragini’s cousin, “85000 rupees.”

Laksh: Oh (realises) What! so much

Ragini’s cousin, “Is it less…ok 90000.”

Laksh (murmurs): Lucky beta, give them the money other wise they will make you bankrupt.

Laksh shows them his 32 teeth and gives them a cheque of 90000. The girls go away. He happily enters into the room but gets a shock. The shock was that ragini was not in the room.

Laksh: Rago…Rago

Saying this he started finding her in hte bathroom, under the bed, in the cupboard.

Laksh (making cry face): She left me alone

He came out of his room and saw a little girl running. He stopped that girl

Laksh: Hey, chutki… do you know where is ragini

Little girl: Ragini di near sanskar jiju’s room asking money.

Saying this she runs away. Laksh also goes towards sanskar’s room where the girls including bhavya and ragini were also standing.

Sanskar: Ragini at least you should not be here. Poor lucky must be finding you

Ragini: Sorry, but I am also your saali saahiba so it is my birthright to get neg from you.

Sanskar: Fine.. My pa is also here. Go to him, you guys will find your gifts with him.

Bhavya: Really.

Sansar nods. All the girls go away. Ragini also was going with them but laksh held her hand and pulled her.

Laksh: Where are you going leaving your one and only husband… specially on our this moment.

Saying this he picked her up and went to his room. Sanskar entered into his room. He locked the door and saw his princess standing near the window and gazing stars. Sanskar smiles. He knows that she must be talking with her ma and baba. He slowly goes to her back hugs her. Swara was first startled but later sensed his touch. She blushes a little. She puts her head on his chest and both of them gaze the starts and the moon. After few minutes… Sanskar turned her around, making her face him.

Sanskar: You are looking so beautiful.

Swara looks down in shyness. Sanskar leans towards her ear.

Sanskar (huskily): May I love my shona today…make her mine in all sense.

Sanskar looks at her, who was smiling shyly. No words were coming out of her mouth so she nods her head in a yes. Sanskar smiles and picks swara in his arms. He is only staring her intensely while swara is only looking down due to shyness.

He softly puts her down on the bed. He removes her pallu from her head and then her maangtika. He gave a kiss on her forehead. He then removed her earrings and kissed her earlobes. Then he removed her necklace and gave few kisses in her neck making her senseless. He then removed the pallu from her stomach and removed her waist chain…then giving a kiss on her belly. Swara clutched the bedhsheet tightly. He then removed her bangles and kisses her wrist. He then moves down till her feet. He removes her anklets and kissed her feet. He finally came up.

He removed few buttons of his sherwani. He leaned towards her lips and started kissing her while swara kissed him back with the same passion. Sanskar leans towards her neck and swara closes her eyes. He starts giving her kisses romantically, giving her pleasure. He slightly bite her neck making her moan in pleasure. While giving kisses he moved his hand on her shoulder, unpinning her pallu and letting it fall. He started caressing her bare waist. Swara pushed him and little turned around, hiding her self. She clutched the bedsheet in fist tightly.

Sanskar smiles. He removes his sherwani and throws it away on the ground. He traces his finger on her back and unties her dori. He kisses her bare back… swara could not bear his sweet torture and turned around. She hugged him tightly yet passionately. Sanskar wrapped his hand around her. After few minutes they broke the hug. Sanskar rubbed his nose with hers and kissed her nose tip. The room was then filled with pleasurable moan and groans.

Both of them were loving each other under a single duvet and their clothes were scattered on the ground. While sanskar was kissing her neck, swara notices a tattoo on his left chest.

Swara (worriedly): Sanskar, what is this?

Sanskar looked down on his chest and then at her.

He smiles, “Your name.”

Swara saw tattoo closely. There was heart drawn beautifully and her name ‘shona’ was carved in that heart. There was princess crown on that heart tattoo.

Swara (with moist eyes): Why did you do it? It much be painful.

Swara’s eyes get moist just by imagining the pain he must have bared.

Sanskar: When you are in my heart, in my thoughts then I can never feel pain. I only feel peace and happy. It didn’t hurt me at all.

Swara (innocently): Sach

sanskar kisses her nose tip, “Much”

Swara: But why there is a space under my name.

Sanskar: Because when my junior princess will come in this world, then I will carve her name.

Swara (confusingly): Junior princess?

Sanskar (smiles naughitly whispers in her ear): Our daughter.

Swara blushes. Sanskar resumes his work. The moons and starts witnessed the union of two lovers.


The heavenly couple were sleeping in each others embrace. Swara slowly opens her eyes and sees sanskar so close to her… thier bodies touching each other without any barriers. She reminisces last night and blushes. She looks at sanskar who was looking really cute in that satisfactory smile on his face. Swara goes back to the past memories. She remembers thier childhood friendship, where he always protected her pampered her, when he came back from abroad… he was always with her… supported her… making her forget all her pain that she bared. She them remembers when he filled her maang with sindoor, after that moments… he pampered her…took care of her more. Then his romantic side… their marriage.

She was feeling the luckiest girl in this world who got a great family due to sanskar only. She was feeling lucky to have sanskar as her husband who was always behind her in every problem. He is the first and last person that she will always remember whenever she will be in problem. She hugs him tightly and few tears drop from her eyes.

Sanskar, in sleep, made his grip stronger but then he jerked open his eyes when he felt his chest getting wet. He broke the hug. He cupped her face and made her look at him.

Sanskar (worriedly): What happened shona? Why are you crying?

Swara: Don’t worry sanskar, these tears are due to happiness.

Sanskar wipes her tears, ” I don’t like these tears swara. Yeh ansoon khushi ke ho ya gum ke, inhe ankhon se bahar nahi aane chahiye. Paani ke isi ek boon ke liye main apna sara khoon baha sakta hoon. (I just love this dialogue so much)

Swara hugs him and kisses his left chest, where her name is tattooed beautifully.

Sanskar (huskily): Can you do it again?

Swara innocently kisses his left chest again.

Sanskar: Again

Swara looks at him with narrowed eyes while sanskar looks at her with a teasing smile.

Swara: I am going to have shower.

She going to get up but sanskar holds her pulls her closer. She falls on him. He wraps his hands around her petite waist.

Sanskar: Where are you going?

Swara: Sanskar, I just told you that I am going to have shower. we have to go downstairs for pooja also.

Sanskar: No, we won’t go any where, we will sleep.

Saying this hugged her tightly.

Swara (blushing): Sanskar, what will our family think. We need to go.

Sanskar: Don’t worry, they know that yesterday night we had our first night.

Swara hits his arm, “You are so shameless”

Sanskar pecks her lips, “Only for you.”

Swara: Sanskaaar! please,

Sanskar takes a sigh, “Fine.”

And before swara could say something, sanskar picked swara in his arms and started walking towards washroom.

Swara: Sanskar! What are you doing?

Sanskar: Just thinking to have some shower with my beautiful and cute wife.

Swara (blushing): Sanskar please

Sanskar: Arrey, what please. I am your husband after all Mrs. Maheshwari.

Sanskar put swara under the shower and turned it on. Due to sudden cold water flow, swara hugged sanskar tightly… even the duvet that was covering her body fell down. Sanskar started moving his hand romantically on her back. Swara blushes and hides her face in his muscular chest. The screen goes blur.

Everyone were waiting for SwaSan. Finally swara and sanskar were coming down hand in hand. Swara’s gaze was down due to shyness. Swara was wearing red and cream combination saree while sanskar was wearing black t-shirt with red blazer. Everyone admire the beautiful couple. They came into the temple.

Laksh (teasingly): Bhai, why you came so late?

Nikhil: Come on laksh, he might have woke up late

Laksh: Bhai, why you woke up late.

Sanskar glares at her…

Laksh: Ok sorry, lets start the pooja.

Swara and Sanskar did the arti first and then Laksh and ragini. After few hours, maheshwari family went back to kolkata with gadodia family. The maheshwari family were now living as big happy family. Rp and Sujata were very happy as both their sons’ lives are settled.. personally and professionally. Sanskar’s teasing and romance increased more which always made swara red like a tomato.

Swara was standing infront of the window and gazing the stars and the moon. A pair of muscular hands wrap around her waist. Swara smiles and keeps her head on his chest. The person is obviously sanskar. Sanskar kept his head on her shoulder.

Swara: Thank you sanskar

Sanskar: For…

Swara: For coming into my life.

Sanskar (tightening his grip): Then I should also say thank you

Swara: For what.

Sanskar: For coming into my life, for being my shona, for being the love of my life. For being the lady whose smile can make my heart flattered. And many more….

Sanskar holds her shoulder and turn her around. He kisses her forehead, swara closes her eyes feeling his kiss.

Sanskar: I have a little surprise for you

Swara (exitedly): really

Sanskar nods. They sit on the bed where a plate was there but was covered. Sanskar signs her to uncover it.

Swara happily uncovers it. She gets happily shouts, “puchka” and then kisses sanskar’s cheeks excitedly.

Sanskar: Come on shona, I am not a kid that you will kiss me on my cheeks.

Swara blushes and hits his shoulder lightly. Sanskar feeds her puchka. Soon it was finished.

Swara: But how did you know that I wanted to eat puchka.

Sanskar: Hmmm, Actually, I was coming to the kitchen to drink water then I heard you saying to ragini that you want to eat puchka…and how can I not complete my shona’s wish so I bought it for you.

Swara’s eyes get moist and she hugs him tightly.

Swara (lovingly): I love you sanskar… I love you so much

Sanskar (tightening his grip): I love you too shona…. more than my life.

Their eyes were closed as they feeling that moment… where they are in each other’s embrace and warmth. Both of them were friends before then eventually they became lovers. Sanskar did all his duty as a friend and as a husband. Since childhood, he always loves to pamper swara.. even now he loves to do it. He can’t think to live without her even for one second. Whenever his eyes gazes at her, only love and care reflects in his eyes. Swara was indeed the apple of sanskar’s eyes. She always loved it whenever he pampers her. For her, sanskar is her angel who is always there to support her and help her. Sometime she thinks that his love is greater than hers. But she is happy in her beautiful life where there is her sanskar.


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