SwaSan SS: Itna karo na mujhe pyaar (Part 10A)

Hi dear readers… Sorry for being very late. many of you don’t want this ff to end so soon but sorry guys this was how much I planned. I wanted this ss to be short, sweet yet romantic without any interference of villains or separation of swara and sanskar..???

Next morning…

All the ladies were ready to go to the shopping mall for swara and ragini’s bridal dresses. Sanskar really wanted to come and choose the bridal dress for his princess but due to rituals… he is not allowed to see swara till their marriage. And indeed he respects these rituals but he really wanted to see his shona as he can’t live without seeing her.

Soon Swara and ragini with sujata, shomi and one of ragini’s dear cousins, uttara were ready to go for the shopping of their bridal clothes.

In Sanskar and laksh’s room…

Sanskar was pacing in the room here and there while laksh was sitting on the bed eating kurkure.

Laksh: Bhai, you already did exercise in the morning then why are you walking?

Sanskar glares at him. He snatches the kurkure packet from laksh and throws it outside the window.

Laksh (dramatically): Bhaii! What did you do? My Kurkure

Sanskar hits laksh at the back of his head and says, “I am actually feeling pity for ragini as she has to tolerate you for her whole life. (laksh makes puppy face) Stop making those faces lucky (laksh makes a serious face) here I really want to see swara and you, like a pure bhukad eating and enjoying.

Laksh: Oh ho, it’s not a big deal bhai. When shona will come back from shopping then you can see her by hiding.

Sanskar (sadly pouts): But I want to choose bridal dress for her.

Laksh: Then go to the mall and meet her.

Sanskar really wanted to punch laksh’s face, “Mr Laksh Maheshwari, I think you forgot that our mother strictly told us not to meet our brides. And you know our mother very well that she is the mother of james bond also… she will get to know that we came.

Laksh stands up and throws his hands around sanskar’s shoulders.

Laksh: Bhai, if our respective partners can change their attire and come to out bachelor’s party then why can’t we change our attires and go to them.

Sanskar smiles widely. He hugs laksh and kisses on his cheek in excitement.

Sanskar: Thank you so much lucky, for the first time you gave a brilliant idea.

Laksh pushes sanskar and rubs his cheek, “ewww, bhai. You are going to get married and these cheeks are for ragini only okay

Sanskar: Shut up lucky, I did in excitement.

Laksh (murmurs): god knows what else he will do excitement.

Sanskar narrows his eyes, “Did you say something.”

Laksh shows his 32 teeths and says, “no I didn’t.”

Sanskar (monologue): Get ready shona… your husband is coming.

Saying this he goes into the washroom.

Here in the shopping mall…

Swara and ragini, with sujata and shomi are walking in a boutique… seeing different lehengas. Ragini has already chosen a bridal lehenga for herself and now they were choosing for swara.

Swara (monologue): Hey durga maa, it is so confusing. If sanskar would be here then he would have chosen lehenga in few second as he knows better about myself than me. I wish he could be here. (pouts cutely)

Ragini notices her, “What happened shona? Missing jiju.

Swara (stammers): Me..n..no, I am not

Ragini giggles. Sujata sees a beautiful bridal lehenga. She picks it and gives it to swara. Swara takes the lehenga and goes into trial room. After few minutes, swara wore the lehenga. She was tying the dori of her blouse, just then a man enter the trial room. Swara sees him through the mirror, she turns around and was going to shout but the man puts his hand on her mouth to prevent any sound. Swara sees the man but after few minutes her eyes, which were filled with fear and anger were now filled with pure love. She removes the hand from her mouth.

Swara (happily): Sanskar

(Yes it was sanskar)

Sanskar puts his hand on his cheeks, on which there was the fake beard.

Sanskar: How did you recognise me?

Swara holds his hands, “Even my heart beats faster when you are around me, just like your heart when I am around you. And your eyes, whenever they see me, I can only see love for me.”

Sanskar smiles. He holds her waist and brings her closer, “I am impressed.”

Swara: But what are you doing here and that too in this attire?

Sanskar: I wanted to see my bride, who is looking divine in this lehenga (swara blushes) and you know that mom told us not to meet a day before our marriage so I had to change into this attire.

Swara remembers this, looks at sanskar and says worriedly, “Sanskar, what you did? Oh god, mom and ma are outside. What if they will see you here? Sanskar, we will be in great trouble….

Sanskar put his lips on hers to close her mouth. Swara widens her eyes in shock. After few minutes he broke the kiss and looks at the cute expression of swara. She realises what just happened. Heat rushed till her cheeks, making them blood red. She looks down and starts breathing heavily. Sanskar brough swara more closer and gazed at her. Sanskar smiles. He leans towards her ears.

Sanskar (huskily and intensely): You blush so much by just one kiss… I wonder how red your cheeks will become on our first night when I won’t let you sleep, the night when I will worship you, the night when we will become one forever.

Swara tightens her grip on his shoulders and breathes more heavily, by just thinking about that moment. He was correct, her knees get weak and her heart starts pounding hard against her chest by his one kiss then how will she handle herself on their first night. This mere thought made her blush more. Sanskar smiles cutely and nuzzles his nose on her heated cheeks.

Sanskar (huskily): I love your red and heated cheeks as I am the reason behind them.

Swara closes her eyes, forgetting that they are in the trial room. Sanskar gives a kiss on her cheeks and nuzzles his nose on her neck and gives pecks there. After giving few kisses he looked at swara who has closed her eyes tightly and breathing heavily. Sanskar kissed her forehead lovingly. He kisses her eyes. Swara opens her big doe eyes and looks at sanskar, who was seeing her lovingly. Their moment was broken by a knock and it was none other than sujata.

Sujata: Shona, why are you taking so much time.

Swara widens her eyes. Sanskar gets a naughty idea and starts nuzzling his nose in her neck making difficult for swara.

Swara (stammers): W…wo…m.ma, a..ctually (trying to push sanskar), han, I wasn’t able to tie the dori of my blouse.

Sujata: Open the door, I will help you

Swara: No…I mean, I have tied the dori. Ma, you go I will come.

Sujata: Sure beta

Swara: Han.

Sujata: But do come and show us, as we want to see how you look.

Swara: ji

Sujata goes away. Swara takes a sigh of relief. She then pushes sanskar.

Swara: Let me go sanskar

Sanskar: No need to see any other bridal lehenga because you are looking very beautiful in this one.

Swara smiles and runs out of the room while Sanskar chuckles.

Sanskar (lovingly): My innocent princess

He comes out of the trial room. Swara went towards sujata. They saw her.

Sujata: God save you from evil eyes, you are looking so beautiful shona

Swara smiles.

Ragini (teasingly): Shona, what happened to you cheeks, they are so red…as if sanskar bhai came hee

Swara (monologue): Oh god, why I can’t control my blush. (to ragini) no ragini, wh..y would he come? Actually..it was hot in the trial room so, that’s why my cheeks are red. (escaping the situation) acha I will go and change.

Swara starts to go and the james bond was awaken in sujata. She was looking at swara with narrowed eyes. Then she started looking around the shop. She sees a man (which was sanskar), she sees him suspiciously. Sanskar goes away from there.

Soon the ladies reached the haveli.

Shomi: Swara, ragini, go and take rest.

Swaragini nod and went to their room while sujata went to laksh and sanskar’s room where they were watching tv. She stood infront of sanskar and glared at him.

Sanskar: Hi mom

Sujata: Where were you in afternoon

Sanskar gulps and says, “Here at home… you can ask laksh”

Laksh who was busy in watching tv said, “I am not coming between you two”

Sujata: Sanskar, I am your mother so I know that you came to mall and were with swara in the trial room.

Sanskar widens his eyes in shock, “Mom…how did you know?

Sujata twists his ear, “Because when I came, I heard you talking. And when shona came to us she was blushing and I know that only my naughty son is behind her blushing.”

Sanskar winces in pain and sujata leave his ear. Sanskar grins widely.

Sanskar: Sorry ma, but I wanted to see my shona first in bridal dress. So I went.

Sujata shakes her head unbelievably and goes while murmuring.

Sujata (murmur): God knows from where he learnt all this romance. He never leaves a chance. It’s all because of ramji, even he is same as sanskar. I am wondering how many grandchildren will sanskar give.

The time flied pretty fast and finally the time came when two couple will be tied in a relationship through marriage. The mandap was decorated beautifully. The grooms were already sitting in the mandap waiting for their brides. The grooms were already sitting in the mandap waiting for their brides

Priest: Please call the brides.

The brides came down with shomi and sujata. Sanskar and laksh were mesmerised seeing their respective partners in bridal attire. Sanskar and laksh were mesmerised seeing their respective partners in bridal attire. Swara was wearing red lehenga with golden dupattar. Ragini was wearing red lehenga with golden work on it.

They say down beside their grooms.

Sanskar whispers in swara’s ear, “You are looking beautiful shona.

Swara blushes. Soon sanskar and laksh filled swara and ragini’s maang with sindoor. Then they adorned their neck with managalsutra. They took 7 pheras, promising each other that they will never leave their sides. After their marriage, they took blessings from their elders..

Precap: Two love birds finally becoming one 🙂

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