SwaSan SS: Itna karo na mujhe pyaar (Part 1)

Hi guys, I am here with short story and I hope you guys like it. And thank you for the comments on my lats post. I am so happy that I completed 25 episodes of my ff.

In a college, there were about 30-35 students students were sitting in an auditorium. They were in there final year of MBA. Three girls, who were bestfriends were talking with each other.

Girl1: What do you think swara? Why did the principal called us here
Swara who was wearing an orange coloured kurti and white leggings with matching jhumkas and open hair. Was looking divine without any makeup.

Swara: I don’t know ragu, but lets see.
Girl2 (worriedly): What is we are in trouble?
Swara: Bhavya, why would we in trouble when we didn’t do anything wrong. We are good students.
Bhavya: but kavita, kavya and mansii aren’t…but still they are here na.

Bhavya said looking at them who were wearing short dresses with tons of makeup.

Swara: Bhavu, leave all this, i don’t care about them
Ragini: But still swara i don’t know why they are always behind you, they always try to put you down, just because you are a topper and have a natural beauty

Swara was going to say something just then principal comes.

Principal: Good afternoon students, I know that you guys must be wondering that why you guys are called here. You all guys know about Maheshwari industries and Karma industries. These two multinational companies are held by our country’s no.1 young business man, Mr Sanskar Maheshwari, who was also our ex-student.

Listening to this everyone’s eyes sparkled specially girls who had crush on him because he was hot, dashing, handsome and on top of that no.1 business man…except swara and two friends, who only admire sanskar because of his business skills. Principal continued…

Principal: He wants to give chance to youngsters like you who are graduating this year. You guys are in you final year and one of the best students of this college that’s why I called you guys here. So he will be selecting only few of you for his company. So guys, please give big around of applause to Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.

And here comes our hero of this story…Sanskar in light blue shirt and dark blue blazer and pant…looking smoking hot. The girls were drooling over him

Kavita: girls, wait and watch, he will definitely choose me for his company and…for his life.
Kavya: Yes kavi, afterall you are also so hot..not like that behenji swara

Sanskar who came and smirked..but later he saw swara and was mesmerised seeing her as if he has fallen in love with her. Swara noticed his gaze, she made a frown and thinks, “Why the hell he is staring at me like that.” and then she ignores him. Sanskar smiled. He then looks at the principal, bends down to take his blessing and says, “Come on sir, i am still sanskar for you..not Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.”

Principal laughs a little and says, “ok sanskar beta”

Sanskas then faces the students, “Hi ladies and gentlemen. As you know that I came here to select few of you for my company. I will be running few workshops for next two weeks in your college. Me and some of my experienced staff will be observing your skills and intelligence. But we won’t disclose this information till your final exam results. We will be seeing your results and then choose top 8 students for my company, based on your skills from the workshop and exam results. By the end of this week, more information will be given to guys. Thank you.”

Principal: Thank you so much sanskar for giving this opportunity to our students.
Sanskar: There is no need sir…
Principal: Come on sanskar, even though you belonged to rich family but still you never had that attitude. You were on of the brightest students.

Just then bell rings and principal gave permission to students to disperse. Kavita’s gang came infront of swara.

Ragini: Kavita, leave our way
Kavita: I will but I just came to say to Ms.behenji, that only I will be chosen and sanskar will never ever look at you so don’t dream about working in his company. He will only choose good looking people like us.
Swara: kavita, Mr Maheshwari is not like that…I think you haven’t read one of his interview, he clearly stated that he believed in talent more than looks. He believes in inner beauty more than outer beauty.
Kavita: whatever…but i will never let you come in my way.
Ragini and bhavya comes in between swara and kavita.
Ragini: Ms Kavita, it’s not swara that is coming in your way, it’s you
Bhavya: Swara is not like you, who pokes nose in between other’s work…she is talented enough.

Kavita gave her attitude look to them and goes away.

Swara: you guys love me so much
Ragya: Of course shona, you are our best friend and if anyone dare to say anything against you then we won’t leave that person.
Swara: Acha, let’s I am getting late otherwise my mom and dad will get worried.
Ragini: chalo

They walked for few distance, just then swara stops, “oh god, Ragu, bhavu I forgot my notebook in the auditorium..you guys wait for me at the gate..i will just come.”

Ragini: but shona
Swara: ragu, don’t worry.
Ragini” ok baba go

Swara runs to the auditorium then she sees principal and sanskar coming out of auditorium.

Principal: Arrey swara you here.
Swara: actually sir I forgot my notebook…so i just came to take it
Principal: oh ok..by the way Sanskar, swara is also bright student, just like you. Always the topper and but still very simple and kind girl with beautiful heart. She is everyone’s favourite.
Sanskar: really sir, i am glad to know that.

Sanskar was gazing swara intensely which made swara shiver a little.

Swara: sir, can I go
Principal: sure beta.

Swara goes in the auditorium while blabbering, “why the hell he was seeing me like that. Oh god swara stop why I am even thinking about him.”
Swara goes to the seat where she was sitting. She found her book. She turns around but just then she bumps into a wall, according to her, but it was sanskar. Sanskar held her by tiny and petite waist as she was going to fall down. She closed her eyes tightly because of fear to fall down, was holding sanskar’s collar. He was memorized again as she was looking cute.

Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin

(swara slowly opens her eyes, and sees sanskar staring at her. They share a cute eyelock)

Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin…
The eyelock was broken by swara.
Swara (nervously): ummm…Mr maheshwari..please leave me
Sanskar leaves swara.
Swara (with little anger): Aap yahan (you here)
Sanskar: you forgot something at the corridor
Swara (confusedly): What

Sanskar takes out a beautiful payal (anklet)…Swara looks down at her ankles and one of her payal was missing.

Swara (thinks): oh god, why does it only happens to me.

Swara: thank you

Saying this she was going to take the payal from him but sanskar moves his hand.

Sanskar: naaa…I will make you wear.
Swara (angrily): no need Mr Maheshwari, I can wear it by my self. Give it to me.
Sanskar (naughtily): ok miss then you have to loose your payal
Swara (more angrily): fine then keep it with you only.

Saying this she starts to go but sanskar hold her hand which made swara shocked. Sanskar comes near her and whispers in her ears huskily, “Thank you for giving it to me, whenver I will miss you i will only see this payal.”

Shiver ran through swara’s body. She turned around and sanskar winks at her. Swara gets more angry. She pushes sanskar with full force and goes away. Sanskar smiles and kisses her payal. Swara reaches her house.

Swara: Mom, I am home
Lady: Shona beta, you came…go and get fresh till then i will make your favourite snacks…
Swara smiles and hugs the lady, “Thank you mom and i love you.”
Lady: I love yout too
Swara: by the way where is papa and lucky
Lady: You know that your papa is took laksh with him to office so that he can start getting experience in business
Swara: oh…mom, i will have snacks with papa lucky and you only.
Lady: ok beta.

Saying this the lady goes to the kitchen. Swara goes towards a wall, which is behind the sofas in the living room. There are two photo frames hanging, there is a couple in each frame. Swara joins her hands in namaste and then goes to her room. Her room is beautiful and simple. There are so many photos hanged on the walls. There is king sized bed in the middle and a study table at one corner. She opens her wardrobe and takes out a simple green coloured saree. She loves wearing sarees so she wears them at home. She goes into washroom. While she was in the washroom. A man comes into her room. He sees saree on the bed and smiles naughtily. He locks the door. And sits the bed. Then swara comes in the blouse and skirt only with wet hairs. She was drying her hair with the towel. The man was mesmerised seeing her like this. Swara sees the man and her eyes widens. She gets angry and forgets that she in blouse and skirt only.

Swara (angrily): What are you doing here? If mom or papa gets to know that you are here then you know na what will happen…

Man was just staring her.

Swara: wait let me call mom.
Man: are you sure…i mean atleast see you condition. What will she think seeing you like this and that too when I am in your room.

Swara sees herself and widens her eyes. She hurriedly covers herself with the towel.

Swara: Giv…give me my saree back.
Man (smiles naughtily): no…

Recap: Why should I tell you…think think…who’s the man in swara’s room. How sanskar will get swara? Who were the couples in the photo frame.

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      Hi bhaiii…thank you for understanding me. As I am only able to come to tellyupdates on saturday and sunday. So you can post on my wall anytime…I am glad that you liked it. You will get to know today that who is the man and his relation with swara. I misses you too and everyone on TU.

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