A SwaSan SS: Innocent Souls by Manasvi (Part 8)

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And Aarsha dii, Akash is Swara’s brother only.. He is two years elder than Swara and one year elder than Sanskar..

Link to all the chapters: All Parts here

Recap: SwaNikRab talks.. Sanskar and Akash’s intro..
The scene continues from Akash shooting the man.. His eyes were red and a smirk was playing on his lips.. He said, “One down, three more to go!!”
He stood up from there, went to his car and drove away unknown to the fact that a pair of eyes were witnessing the whole drama..
At Mehrotara House:
Nikhil was sitting in the hall playing with his phone.. Swara was in her room working on her laptop.. Rabia entered in the house.. She went towards Nik and messed his hairs..
Nikhil: (setting his hairs) so what.. Rabi??
Rabia: Nik.. (she runs upstairs towards Swara’s room)
At Swara’s room:
RabHil entered the room.. They saw her working on her laptop..
Nik: Swara.. Vo..
Swara: He will be at Blueberry café & resort at 5.. Let the fun begin Nik?
Nikhil smiled and nodded.. But Rabia was lost somewhere..
SwaNik: Rabi..
Rabia: (suddenly with a jerk) Yup.. Let’s go!!

At Blueberry Café & Resort:
Akash was standing at the gate of the wearing a formal suit.. He was continuously looking at his watch.. Sanskar came there in casuals and sat in front of him..
Akash: Sanskar, why you get late always??
Sanskar: I don’t know why, but I felt that I’m gonna meet someone..
Akash: And that someone is me, idiot!!
Sanskar: No… But okay..
Akash: So tell what’s your plan??
Sanskar: Yep.. Vo.. We will… (it is never going to be continued by me??)
After five minutes two girls and a boy comes there.. They were Rabia, Nikhil and Swara..
They called the waiter and told him something.. The waiter pointed towards a cabin.. Trio went towards the cabin.. At that time, Akash received a call.. He and Sanskar both went in the cabin..

In the cabin:
Swara, Nikhil and Rabia were sitting when Sanskar and Akash came in the cabin.. Seeing Akash, Rabia stood up.. SwaSan were sharing a deep eyelock as if they were trying to recognize each other.. And poor Nikhil, he was just waiting for all of them to be back to normal mode.. He pulled Rabia back to the chair and Rabia fell on the chair with a thud??(Love you Rabu dii??) And then he snapped his finger in front of Swara.. She came to sense..
Akash and Sanskar sat on the chairs opposite to SwaNikRab..
Akash: Myself Akash Somani..
Swara’s eyes were burning in anger.. Whereas Rabia was shocked to the core.. She just saw Swara and then at Akash..
Akash: (continues) He is my young bro and my friend Sanskar Maheshwari..
Hearing Sanskar’s name, Swara looked at him shell shocked..
Nikhil was about to say something, but Swara held his hand which was noticed by Sanskar only.. She gestured him that she will talk.. Nikhil squeezed her hand..
Swara: He is Nikhil Mehrotara and she is Rabia Mehrotara.. Myself SHANAYA.. SHANAYA MEHROTARA.. (shock lagaa?? ???) Nice meeting you Mr. Akash..
They talked for some more time..
Swara: Okay then Mr. Akash, we are arranging the party here only..
Akash: Okay..
Swara saw towards Sanskar and went with Nikhil and Rabia..

At Mehrotara house:
Swara went directly to her room.. Rabia: Nik.. She is so angry!!
Nikhil: (chuckled) yep.. My angry young… (he stopped when he heard voice of breaking)
RabNik went straight to Swara’s room..
At Swara’s room:-
Swara was breaking every thing present there.. RabNik tried to stop her but Swara is Swara.. She is not stopping.. At that time, Nikhil called someone..
After five minutes, a lady in her mid thirties came there..
Nikhil: Dii.. Please tell her to be calm.. She is not understanding..
Lady: Yup Nik.. Take Rabi with you..
Nikhil nodded and left with Rabia..
The lady ran to Swara and held her.. She took Swara in her embrace and patted her back.. Swara hugged her tightly.. (Note: Swara wasn’t crying.. She was angry)

After some time:-
Swara’s POV:
Sanskar.. I met him again.. I never knew he and Bhai will work together.. But bhai, he is an idiot.. He is not understanding that they are using him.. Sanskar he looks more handsome now..!!?? I don’t know why I felt that he is sanskar, when I saw him with Bhai, and when Bhai said that he is SansKar I was so happy.. I wanted to hug him tightly..
Her trance of thoughts broke due to Nikhil..
Nikhil: Shona, don’t worry.. I’m with you..
Swara: Yup, Nik.. You had been with me always.. And I can never forget that..
Nikhil: Shona.. I love you.. How can I leave when you needed help??
Swara: I love you too Nik..
Sanskar’s POV:-
I don’t know why I’m feeling her as Swara even after knowing that she is Shanaya.. I don’t know why but my heart iz unable to accept the fact that she is Shanaya.. Don’t know what is happening to me!!
Sanskar’s POV ends..
Hope you all liked this part.. I’m sorry for being late and one more thing.. I’m going to post this ss only twice a week as I’m having my studies too..
Hope you all liked this part..?

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