A SwaSan SS: Innocent Souls by Manasvi (Part 12)

Hello guys.. As I said, I’m back with the nxt chp soon.. Hope you all like it 🙂

Recap: Shekhar and Ragini meet.. Sanskar suspecting Shekhar too..

Sanskar calls someone..

On call:

Sanskar: I want the past records of Shekhar Somani..

At that time, someone pats his shoulder.. Sanskar turns back.. He sees Ragini..

Sanskar: (smiling faintly) You owe an explanation..

Ragini: I do!! But the same goes to you!!

Sanskar: Want to listen through you first..

Ragini: You never trusted me from the past 2 years.. what’s the guarantee that you will trust me??

Sanskar: After watching what happened today.. I understood why you hate him so much..

Ragini: (smiles faintly) You never saw the whole truth.. neither today, nor that day!!

Sanskar: what are you trying to say??

Ragini: Come with me..

Sanskar took her to Shanaya’s room where she was sitting at the window looking outside..

Sanskar saw her.. From the day he met her, he always knew that there is something she never tells everyone..

Ragini held his hand and took him with her..

they went outside.. Ragini sat in the car and signed Sanskar to sit.. Sanskar sat in the car.. Ragini started the car and went to some cafe..


Sanskar and Ragini settled at a table..

Ragini: I know there are many questions running in your mind since the first day.. I was waiting for the correct time.. I guess it came now..

She continued: You might be thinking why I told my name as Ragini Malik to that man, when I’m Ragini.. just Ragini, an orphan..

Sanskar nodded..

Ragini: Because I’m Ragini, Ragini Malik in real.. I hid my identity because you all were related to Mr. Somani.. and I don’t wanted him to know about me..

Now,. you might be thinking why I used to tell you to keep some distance with that man since the start, why I hate him..

Sanskar again nodded..

Ragini: Because he killed me once with my mom.. (in a choking tone) You know how it feels when a 8 year old girl sees her mother fighting between life and death.. when she was tried to kill by her own dad whom she always loved..

Sanskar gets teary eyed listening to this..

Ragini sees him and says, ” That’s not the end Sanskar..”

Sanskar: Tell me from the start!!

Precap: Flashback of Ragini’s life..


I’m too early na.. now don’t worry everything will be cleared.. I guess I’m killing you all with so much mysteries.. so I decided to unfold some points so that you all don’t get confused.. And I’m sorry for no SwaSan scene today.. And there will be less SwaSan in the nxt chapter also.. but it’s needed..

Hope you all will like it..

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Love you all..

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