A SwaSan SS: Innocent Souls by Manasvi (Part 11)

Hello guys.. I’m extremely sorry for being so late..
In India; At Shanaya’s office:
Rabia was working in her cabin.. At that time, Akash entered in the cabin furiously..
Akash: What is this Rabi??
Rabia: What did I do??
Akash: You shouldn’t have sent her to London.. Mr. Somani is too dangerous.. He will kill her if he will get to know about her..
Rabia: Nothing will happen to your Shona.. She is a strong girl.. And Ragini dii is with her..
Akash: What?? Ragu dii is with her??
Rabia: Yes.. Don’t worry..
Akash: Okay then..
Rabia: Btw you are so mean.. You only come to talk about your Shona.. No one is worried for me??
Akash: (hugging her) I love you so much na.. ?? Sorry!!
Rabia: Ohh stop it now.. It’s okay..
At London:
A press conference is going on.. A man and a lady are sitting on chairs and a table kept in front of them.. Many reported were sitting in front of them.. They were asking many questions..
Reporter1: Mr. Shekhar Somani, tell us something about this new project..
Shekhar: Well, we all are working on it right now.. I’m thinking to extend my chain of hotel’s all over the world..(someone interrupts)
The person: That’s why he is giving a makeover to all the cafes and hotels..
Reporter: Ma’am who are you??
The person: Ohh.. I forgot to introduce myself.. I’m Shanaya.. Shanaya Mehrotara.. Right now, I’m handling the interior decoration of Mr. Somani’s café.. (turning to Shekhar) Mr. Somani, hope you know me??
Swara was wearing a black off shoulder top and a white jegging..
Shekhar: (faking a smile) ye.. Yes.. I do..
Swara passed a smile to both Shekhar and Janki..
Like this, the conference completed..
Shekhar: So, Shanaya beta, why are you here??
Shanaya: (blankly) Mr. Somani.. I’m here to get your signatures on the agreement.. I won’t start my work before that..
Shekhar: Okay.. So, where are you staying??
Shanaya: I’m searching for a hotel..
Before Shekhar could say, Janki interrupted,
Janki: You can stay at our bungalow..
Shanaya: No, ma’am.. I will search for a hotel..
Shekhar: No.. You can stay at our bungalow.. Moreover you are going to work for us..
But sir, I’m here with my assistant.. So, she will also live..
Shekhar: No problem.. I won’t mind..
Shanaya: Okay then, I guess the paper will be here in two hours.. And my PA will also come by then..
Shekhar: Ohk..
Shanaya went in..
Janki’s POV:
I don’t know why but i felt she is Swara.. I lost my son too.. He don’t talks with me..
Swara/Shanaya was in her room when Sanskar came at Shekhar’s home..
Shekhar: Sanskar beta.. Come..
Sanskar smiled and sat..
Shekhar: Son, you here??
Sanskar: Uncle, I came for some work..
Shekhar: Ok.. Go to your room..
Sanskar is like a son to Shekhar and Janki..
After two hours:
Shekhar was sitting in the hall when he heard a knock.. Shanaya was also present there.. She opened the door.. Seeing the person, she smiled..
Shanaya: Ohh.. At last you came.. I was thinking why are you taking this much time..
The person smiled..
Shekhar: Who’s there, Shanaya??
Shanaya: Sir, it’s my PA with the papers..
Shekhar: Ohh, nice.. Give me the paper, I will sign them..
Shanaya gave the papers to Shekhar..
Shekhar read and signed them.. Shekhar didn’t saw Swara’s PA till now..
Shekhar: Btw Shanaya beta, tell your PA to come in..
Shanaya: Yeah, why not!!
Shanaya: (to her PA) come in Ragini..
Hearing the word Ragini, Shekhar stood up.. He turned and saw Shanaya’s PA..
He was taken aback seeing the PA..
Ragini entered in the house..
Shanaya: Wait, I have an important work.. You both can talk.. I will be back soon..
Saying so, she went and hid behind one of the pillars.. She was able to see and listen everything clearly..
At that time, Sanskar saw Ragini with Shekhar and Shanaya hiding.. He also went towards one pillar and started listening to everything..
Ragini: Hello Sir, I’m Ragini, Ragini Malik!!
Listening this Shekhar was shocked and Sanskar was also shocked..
Shekhar: (in a trembling tone) you are not Ragini.. It’s a co-incidence.. You can’t be Ragini.. I killed her with my own hands.. I myself killed Ragini Malik and her mother.. No.. No.. You can’t..
Ragini smirked seeing his condition.. And said in a low yet dangerous tone: Everyone has to payback Mr. Somani.. Either late or early.. You are the next one.. I guess..
She continued: I can never forget what you did with me, my mother and my sister..
At that time, Sanskar saw towards Shanaya who was teary eyed..
Ragini: (lil louder) You will have to pay for everything.. For everything Mr. Somani.. Especially for what you did in change of her love..
Shekhar was horrified after listening to this.. He held his hands tightly and started running here and there..
Sanskar was about to go but Shanaya ran towards Shekhar and said, “What happened Sir??”
Shekhar: (pointing towards Ragini) tell her to go away.. Plzz..
Shanaya: But she is my PA.. How can I??
Shekhar: No.. Plzz tell her to go..
Shanaya: But why??
Shekhar: Because she.. (he stopped)
Shanaya: Yes.. Tell.. What she did..
Ragini smirked..
Sanskar was watching all this..
Sanskar’s POV
What is Bhabhi doing here?? And why is she Shanaya’s PA?? Shekhar Uncle killed her?? Who’s her sister?? She always told she is orphan.. I m very confused… And today after watching this drama, I’m sure that Shekhar Uncle is not that good and innocent that he shows.. I will have to find everything soon..
So, howz it??
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Love you all..?

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