A SwaSan SS: Innocent Souls by Manasvi (Part 10)

Hello guys.. Manasvi is back!! Don’t look at me angrily!!? I know I’m late!! Sorry..
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At Maheshwari Mansion:-
Ragini and Sanskar reached the mansion.. They went in..
Ragini: Sanskar..
Sanskar: Ji Bhabhi..
Ragini: Sanskar.. Vo.. Where is Laksh ji??
Sanskar: I don’t know Bhabhi.. Call him..
Ragini: I was trying, but it was switched off..
Sanskar: don’t worry, Bhabhi.. He will be here soon.. He might be on the way..
Ragini: Okay..

After sometime:
At dining table of Maheshwari Mansion:-
Sanskar, RP, Sujata, Ragini, Laksh were together eating their dinner..
Ragini: Maa.. I wanted to go at my home for some days.. Actually, everyone was telling my to come from a long time.. Actually they wanted me to visit London with them..
Sujata: Why not Ragu.. You are my daughter.. You can go… Moreover, I can handle here.. Spend some time with your family.. They will also feel good..
At the same time, in the Mehrotara house:
RabNik were having dinner with Sharmishtha (their mother)..
Shomi: Where is Shona??
Rabia: I don’t know Maa.. She was with us in the resort.. (turning to Nikhil) Nokia!! Tujhe pata hai dii kahan hai?? (do you know where is dii??)
Nikhil: Rabi, shut up.. (to Shomi) Maa.. I guess she might be busy somewhere..

At that time, Swara entered in the house.. Her hairs were messed.. Her hands were lil injured.. Everyone rushed towards her.. Trio got teary eyed seeing her.. Shomi took Swara in her lap and started crying..
Swara was blabbering senselessly..
“Only because of that cheap man..no..no.. inhuman.. I had to lose everything.. I lost my Bhai.. I love him so much.. Sanskar.. My Sanskar.. It seemed he was searching Swara in Shanaya.. He remembers me till now.. Nikhil.. (she faints)
Nikhil took her in his arms and rushed to the nearby room.. He called the doctor.. After some time, doctor came.. She examined Swara..
Dr: Nikhil.. I told you not to give her stress.. But you all..
Nikhil: Sorry aunty..
Dr: Okay.. Take care of her now.. Just don’t give her stress..!!
Saying so, Dr leaves from there..
Nikhil calls Ragini..
Nik: Dii.. Swara is taking too much stress..
Ragini: Should I tell Sanskar?? No.. No.. I cant tell him..
Nik: I don’t know.. But both are suffering too much..
Ragini: Don’t worry.. I will be there tomorrow.. I will handle her.. Good night..
She cuts the call..

The nxt day morning:
Swara woke up.. After some time, she came down in the hall wearing a formal dress.. Rabia and Nikhil were having their breakfast.. Swara too joined them.. Everyone was silent.. Swara ate a little food and was going when Nikhil also stood up..
Nikhil: Chal, Swara!!
Swara: No, Nik.. It’s my fight and I will fight it all alone..
Nikhil: But..
Rabia held Nikhil’s hand & gestured him not to say anything.. Swara went from there..

At Swara’s office:
(Shanaya Mehrotara is a well-known interior designer)
She went in her cabin and called her PA..
Swara: Priya.. Work on these files and I want the designs completed till tonight.. I will check them.. But don’t work on that café of Mr. Somani.. And I’m leaving London.. Book my tickets..
Priya: Yes ma’am..
Swara started working again..
Swara called someone..
Swara: Rabi, I’m leaving Mumbai tonight..
Rabia: Ok Swara.. I will pack your bags..
Swara: I’m sorry, Rabi..
Rabia: Never ever say that stupid.. And don’t worry I will handle the office and that stupid also..
Swara: I know that.. That’s why i called you!!
Rabia: Okk.. Stop being so sweet.. I will send your bags at office only..
Swara: No.. I will come at home..
Rabia: Okay.. Done..

At the evening:-
Swara went at the beach.. She removed her sandals and started walking on the little moist and cool sand.. She started walking towards the sea and stopped at the place where the waves were touching her legs, passing a ticklish sensation to her whole body.. She laughed whole heartedly feeling the waves.. Her long, black hairs flowing in the sly due to wind..
She sat on the sand for some time.. There was very less public at the beach.. (don’t ask me the reason.. I don’t know??)
At that time, Swara received a call.. She stood and started talking..
Swara: Hello.. What happened?? Are the tickets booked??
Os: …..
Swara: (in an angry voice) I told you to book my tickets only.. What was the need to book her tickets??
Os: …..
Swara: (in a cold yet angry tone) Listen.. You’re my PA, Priya.. Never listen to what other people say.. Understand??
Priya: …..
Swara cuts the call..
She turned and someone held her shoulders tightly..
Swara gasped in pain..
Swara: (struggling) Leave me, Mr. Maheshwari!!
Sanskar: Who are you??
Swara: I told many times.. I’m Shanaya.. Shanaya Mehrotara..
Sanskar: Why did you came in our lives??
Shanaya: I’m just doing my work Mr. Maheshwari.. Your friend himself hired me..
Sanskar: (jerks her) another lie.. (points finger at her) I will find out who you are in real and also your hidden motive..
Sanskar after going from there, called someone..
Sanskar: I want one ticket for tonight’s flight for London.. No matter how will you do it.. But I want the tickets ASAP..

Precap: Swara and Sanskar in London!!

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