A SwaSan SS: Innocent Souls by Manasvi (Part 1)

Hey guys.. How are you all??
I’m back!!!
So as I was having my exams, I’m having tomorrow also.. I didn’t completed my ffs.. So I’m starting a new ss “Innocent souls”.. I hope to see the same response I got for my other incomplete works!!

So here we go with the introductory episode.. It will only show their info and their background..
A big villa is shown.. So lets peep in the villa.. Its written “Maheshwari Villa”.. A big hall is shown.. A lady is serving the food at the dining table.. A man in his mid fifties and a man in his mid twenties were eating.. Just then the lady says, “Laksh, where is Sanskar??”
Laksh: I guess he is sleeping till now, mom!!
Sujata: Hee mara khatu shyam!! Yeh chore ko mai kaai Karun!! (oh my god!! What should I do with this boy!!)
Laksh: Wait mom… Lemme wake him up!!
Saying this Laksh went upstairs..
He opened the room door.. The room was a tidy one with sky blue walls and MSD’s posters.. There was a bed on which someone was sleeping covering himself fully, even the face!!!
Laksh went near to the bed and smirked.. He took the jug kept there and SPLASH!!!
(But wait wait.. Why is Laksh wet??)
Laksh was all wet, because someone from behind emptied the whole bucket on him!!!??
The boy: ??Someone was thinking to wake me up??
Laksh: ? Sanskar this isn’t done na.. I’m your big bro.. I was worrying for you.. I thought its your first day and you should be ready.. So I came to wake u up..
Sanskar: Hmm.. Is it?? (sarcastically)
Laksh: Okay.. Okay.. But lemme see you.. You are looking handsome huh.. Girls are gonna drool over you..
Sanskar: I know that bro?
Sanskar was wearing a white shirt.. A red blazer and a red formal pant.. And a red tie too..
They both went down.. Sanskar hugged Sujata and then his father..
Sanskar: So peeps.. I m going.. Bye..
Sujata: Eat something in canteen.. And concentrate on your… (interrupted by Sanskar)
Sanskar: (Folding his hands) okay okay mom.. Lemme go first..
Sujata: K.. Bye..
Scene shifts to some other mansion:
(as u all know I love peeping at others mansion, let us peep in together?)
It was “Somani Mansion”.. The mansion was a beautiful one with a big lawn around it..
A couple were sitting downstairs.. They were chatting when a girl encircled her hands around the man’s neck..
The man: Good morning Shona.. Ready huh??
Shona aka Swara: Yeah dad..
The woman: Even I m here..
Swara: Ohh mom.. Good morning..
The woman: He got a hug and me?? ??
Swara hugs her and says: Ohh mom.. You are the sweetest mom in the world!!
The woman: Thats so sweet of you!! And yeah, eat something in the canteen okay..
Swara: Okay mom..
Swara was wearing a white shirt, a navy blue blazer and a formal navy blue pant beneath it.. She was wearing a navy blue tie too.. Her hairs were tied up in a high pony tail..
She took her bag and went with his father..
Character sketch :-
The Maheshwaris’
Sanskar Maheshwari: A sweet, charming, handsome boy? a happy go lucky boy..
Laksh Maheshwari: Big bro of Sanskar..☺ love him a lot.. Sanskar’s best frnd☺
Sujata & Ram Prasad Maheshwari: SanLak’s parents…
The Somanis’
Swara Somani: A cute girl.. She is a reserved type person whenever outside..
Shekhar & Janki Somani: Swara’s parents..
**Somani in other word are Maheshwaris only.. I mean they also belong to the Maheshwari society**
So howz it??
Do comment.. And lemme know your reviews..

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    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dear☺☺

  1. Nice…continue soon

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    Interesting.. Continue.. Also try to continue other ff,if it’s possible.. How was ur exams…

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dii…
      My exams will end on 18..
      I will surely post after that!!
      And about my previous ff, I literally messed it up.. So i will start it with a new and different start taking the same concept.. A new version type☺

  4. Rabia

    Arreyyy wahhh mana januu aiii i willl surely tell ayyan ???? andd peeping is a bad habit mana ??? andd introo was good ?? postt soon anddd i think your previous story is also remaining naa? ??? isko bhi pura karo kaaam choorrr ???

    1. Manasvi

      Yeah yeah tell my bf that I m back!! So that I can hug him!!?? and Rabu dii.. Why were you peeping with me in the mansion??? and thnks.. I will post after 18 of april.. As my exams will finish on that day only.. Aur mein kaamchor nahi hun dii?

      1. Rabia

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    2. Manasvi

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      Aur kaamchor toh mein bachpan se hun.. Bas aapko aaj pata chala?

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    “Thnks ishu dii..
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    I guess you remember??
    Aa kidu hatu pan amna sudhi post nathi karu huh
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      Will try to☺

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    Hey manasvi how are you??? Seriously it was fabulous little sister… I am waiting…… For next episode and till then bye..??????
    — varun fan as like you ???

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    Interesting… Plz continue…

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    Loved it?? and love you too??
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    Take care sweetie ?

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