SwaSan SS – Our Impossible Love – (By ZuZu) Part 1


Note- Kindly read important Author note at end !!

Link of Prologue – Prologue
Recap of #Prologue -“Swara N Laksh shooting a scene for thier upcoming movie… Swara takes selfiee with a fan and upld on fan page of hers on friends book.. Sanskaar being the first commentator makes her smile.. Swara reading her script.. Receives a msg on her page inbox.. She replies.. And thus SwaSan first convo starts.. Sanskaar a doc.. ”


Sanskaar confused whether to send her a Friend request or not…
No of thoughts strike in his mind at once..

Finally after a long conflict btwn heart n brain he takes a deep breath and add her as friend..

Sanskaar thinks -“Ive sent her a request but dunno weather she will accept or not.. Oh god what am I doing.. Well now see what happens….”

He was in deep thoughts thinking.. He knew that he is hers great fan.. But not only he there were many fans of her.. Admires and bashers too..

But He wasn’t just a mere fan it was more in his heart which he just thought as a fans love…

His thoughts were disturbed by a knock on his cabin..

He comes back to reality !!

Sanskaar began to look in file and his long fingers managed to flip the papers.. -“Yes come in !” Said he !!

-“So doctor Maheshwari was Again lost in his thoughts !! ” said the person coming in..!!

He looked at door.. -“Ya ya come doctor Abdullah.. Where were u ? ”

-“Bhai Hum Toh yahi the Sanskaar.. Where were u..” Said he frowning..

-“What Zain I was here only.. I na sometimes acts too much.. ” said Sanskaar..

-“Haan Haan mind absent body present..!! ” said Zain winking !!

-“Uff now again he will tease… How should i make a excuse now ” thinks Sanskaar.

-“Now think what excuse to make right ” this words brought Sanskaar to sense..

-“Err .. No.. No Zain its not so .. I was just thinking about a patient..” Sanskaar stammered !!

-“Seriously ! (He frowned.. ) u were thinking about patient.. Haha Sanskaar u are only a patient of heart and ur treatment is the great diva Swara Jha … Isn’t it ” said he winking..

Sanskaar stood up from his place -“What non sense.. She is a star.. Der are many fans of her.. And am one of them.. ”

-“Acha those fans won’t think about her whole day.!!” Said Zain placing hand on his shoulder..

-“No its not so Zain..” Said Sanskaar !!

-“U Feelings are more than a Fan.. If u say it as a fan love OK.. But I can say one thing for sure she will never get a other fan like u.. ” said Zain this time a bit Serious.

-“If it is so then also she is a actress and am a Comon person.. Its next to Impossible ” said he !!

Zain sighed !!

-“Bro Did u notice a thing ? ” Zain questioned !

-“What ?,” Sanskaar questioned back

“The word ‘Impossible’ ” said Zain.

Sanskaar frowned

-“The word itself says I’m possible ” answered Zain..

-“This looks good in books Zain not in practical OK ” said Sanskaar..

-“Well mera manna Toh yahi h kisi chz ko Sache dil se caho Toh vo Hume zaroor milti Hai ” said Zain..

-“Don’t get filmy Zain.. !!”

-“Hmm Janab now am looking u filmy.. Well it’s my own thought.. “Said Zain

-” Ya Ya modified from movie Om Shanti Om isn’t it.. ” said Sanskaar mockingly !!

-“Well our break is over we need to get back to work.. ” Saying this Zain left the cabin..

Sanskaar smiled at his expressions!!

He jerked the Thoughts and got back to his work..


The sets were all prepared.. Swara and laksh were doing rehearsal for the last time before shot…

Laksh -“Swara yesterday u were busy but will u come today with me ? ”

Swara -“Laksh vo.. ”

Laksh -“Can’t I have one cup of coffee with the queen of Bollywood ? ” making a sad expression..

Swara smiled at his childish expressions..

Swara -“OK ..”

Laksh smiled winningly -“So after the pack up.. U n me !! ”

Swara -“k done ” smiled.

-“Laksh Sir .., Swara mam shot is ready.. ” spot boy comes and tell them..

Laksh -“K we are coming !! ”

Spot boy left..

Laksh and Swara leaves together..!!

After one shot other continues..
Finally it was a time for lunch..

Swara went to Her van.. And sat taking a deep breath.. Acting was her passion she looked a silent yet reserved gal but deep down inside she was a fun loving person with lil childish nature..

Soon Swara heard the bang on her van door.. She got up and unbolted it’s door.. And a pair of hugged him tight Swara too smiled and hugged back.. !!

Swara -“U here.. ” she was really happy to see the person !!

-“Ha me here ” replied the person..

-“But this time ?? ” asked Swara !!

-“Will u let me in first.. Shooting questions as I am criminal ” answered the person ..

Swara chuckled .. -“Haan Haan get in.. ”

The person got in.. Swara made the person sit..

Swara sat beside -“So madam what will u have ?? ”

-“(taking deep breaths) Nothing yaar tujse milna kitna muskil h .. They were not letting me in then I showed our photos then also they were not letting me.. ”

-“Then how u came ?? ” asked Swara..

-“I ran .. Before they could catch me…” Winked..

-“Haha Aalu u came here with so much difficulty ” said Swara laughing..

-“Hey don’t call me Aalu..Aaliya Gulam Hyder..such a awsm name I have then also u call me that Aalu” said Aaliya

-“But u are My Aalu for me ” said Swara pulling her cheeks..

Aaliya took the pillows and started beating Swara -“Me Aalu .. Then u are A .. A..” (Thinking and beating)

Swara takes other pillow and both starts a cute friends pillow fight.. -“A..a..What Aalu (stretching the word Aalu) ”

Aaliya -“You are a big Aalu.. ” she laughed..

Swara -“Haan me Aalu .. ”

Aaliya runs..

Swara -“Wait Aalu ki bachi I’ll show u..”

Both makes the van a mess.. And finally stops laughing and breathing heavily..

Aaliya hugged Swara .. -“Everything can change Swara but our friendship can’t.. We have not met from long 48 hours.. So I came..”

Swara -“I love u a lot Aalu.. Only with u I can live like this.. Do what my heart says am so happy.. ”

Both sits for lunch together..

Swara opens her phone.. They took selfiee..

She opened her Fb.. And saw the friend request.. She further opens it.. And finds -“Sanskaar Maheshwari wants to become ur friend”

She smiled.. And remembered last night convo.. She accepted the request.. As soon as she accepted.. Thier reached a notification to him about its confirmation..

But fortunately.. Sanskaar went to washroom to wash hands keeping his phone on his table where Zain was waiting for him as they do lunch together..

The notification came with a beep being best friend Zain dint felt awkward to see this phone.. He immediately opened.. And his eyes popped out seeing the notification.. He thought from when Sanskaar Began to hide things from him..

As soon as Sanskaar came he saw his angry expression

Sanskaar confused -“What happened Bro ”

Zain angrily -“Don’t call me bro !! ”

Sanskaar -“Hua kya h.. ?? ”

Zain took his phone and showed him notification -“That much happened and u dint said also to me and calling me bro chi.. ”

Sanskaar grabbed the phone and was with mixed feelings of shock and happy.. -“Yaar vo aaj morning me hi I did.. Yesterday she replied my msg we had a small convo ”

Said Sanskaar..

Zain eyes popped again -“What bro Wow itna sab hogaya u dint Even said me huh I hate u.. ”

Sanskaar -“Sorry na yaar maan bhi jaa.. ”

Zain smiles mischievously -“OK I’ll but u have to do one thing as I say..”

Sanskaar -“What ? ”

Zain took his phone -“Lemme chat with her once ”

Sanskaar got Now he will say something to her about him -“No no.. U can’t ”

Zain -“Bhai voh Teri hi Hai.. I just wanna cht with bhabhi once.. !! ” he winked..

Sanskaar -“What non sense koi bhabhi nai h Teri OK !! ”

Zain -“OK I’ll not say that again but u will allow me to cht once ”

Sanskaar thinks-“it will b OK he will then never tease me.. ”

Sanskaar to Zain -“OK !! ”

Zain in chat to Swara -“Hii ”

Swara who was chatting with Aaliya and eating.. Saw the msg and replied -“Hii ”

Zain to Sanskaar -“Bhabhi is quick Haan ”

Sanskaar gives him a killer look..

Zain -” Kk ”

Zain to swara -“How are gorgeous ?? ”

Swara smiled -“Fine .. U ?,”

Zain -“C Swara am Toh totally fine.. But my friend Sanskaar is not at all fine.. ” replied ..

Sanskaar tries to snatch the phone but could not..

Swara confused..

Aaliya -“Who’s that Swara.. ”

Swara -“Fb yaar.. ”

Swara to Zain -“Who are u ? ”

Zain -“Am Zain.. His friend.. ”

Swara -“ohh what happened to Sanskaar ? ”

Zain -“Now what can I say.. He is victim of ur smile.. Ur beauty.. Ur charm.. He forgets everything around him and will be lost in deep thinking.. Its about u only.. What have u done to my friend.. ”

Sanskaar trying to snatch but Zain Begam to run..

Sanskaar -“Give my phone What are u Saying her Zain ”

Zain to Sanskaar -“Vahi Jo sachh h”

Swara’s eyes popped to see the msg -“What?,”

Finally Sanskaar sits accepting the defeat.. Thinking what will she think of him now ?

Zain -“Not what Yes.. He is changed.. Began to hide things from me..u will not get a other huge fan than him.. I can write and give u on stamp papers. ”

Swara smiled a bit -“Oh.. Hmm ”

Aaliya was seeing Swara merged in her phone she scratched it and saw the msgs -“Who are u and y are u disturbing my friend ”

Zain -“Am ur friend’s Fan’s Friend any problem ”

Aaliya -“Yes I do have pls don’t disturb her.. OK ”

Swara -“Aaliya give me the phone what are u doing.. ”

But Aaliya dint listen.

Zain -“Who are.. I wanna cht with Swara not u.. ”

Aaliya -“Swara will not she my friend she will listen to me.. ”

Zain -“U are so Annoying chipkali.. ”

Aaliya hell angry -“What u said me.. U.. U .. U Bandar.. ”

Zain -“If am Bandar u are bandariya.. ”

Swara got irked of it.. She snatched the phone.. -“Sorry Zain time for a shot.. Bye ”

Saying this she logged out..

Swara -“Pagal h tu Aaliya ”

Aaliya -“But .. ”

Swara -“Shut ur mouth.. Ive to go now it’s time for shot.. ”

Swara left..
Aaliya too left..

Here Zain -“Sanskaar bhabhi waved bye.. ”

Sanskaar got up and gave him a killer look.. -“You are finished Zain.. ”
Zain began to run.. Sanskaar too..

They Here announcement of thier name back to duty ..

They leaves for thier own work..


After a long tiering hours of shooting.. Finally it was time.. for pack up.

Laksh -“So let’s move Swara ? ”

Swara -“OK sure !! ”

After taking the leave from the production house..they reach der favourite coffee shop..
They decide to go to laksh’s favourite cafe !!

Zain -“Sanskaar chill up ur mood yaar.. ”

Sanskaar -“What chill up cz of u dunno what will happen.. ”

Zain -“Trust me best will happen now chill dude let’s go to cafe we have not visited since ages.. ”

Sanskaar gave a look -“Since ages.. A week back we visited.. ”

Zain -“So what for me its like ages.. Let’s go na yaar.. ”

Sanskaar finally agree.. They leaves for same cafe which Swara and laksh are going to visit !!


Swara & Laksh enters the shop and choose a table.. It was a 5***** shop.. Laksh as a gentle man pulled chair for her..

Swara smiled and sat..

Laksh too sat on his place..

They placed thier orders..

Laksh began to talk with her..

By time Zain and Sanskaar enters the cafe..

Swara feels unknown Feelings occupying her heart.. She turned here and der to find someone..

Laksk looking Swara -“What happened ? ”

Swara looking him -“Umm no Nothing.. !! ”

As Sanskaar walked towards her direction for table.. She felt something very different but focused on laksh..

Zain -“Manager can v have a table ”

Manager -“Sure sir that way ”

He took them to side where laksh n swara was sitting !!!

Precap -“Guess guess ?? Will be they able to meet each other.. Then what about Laksh .. What will the reactions.. Haha.. Well u guys need to wait.. I need some suggestions pls answer me OK don’t skip its for story to entertain u guys.. ”

Here guys I thought to write it like both are mature.. By mind.. Not like APHG Laddu n gulab jamun.. But as u guys Like that characters.. Tell me what type of SwaSan u want.. Like childish n fun loving.. Romantic or matured types.. According to majority I’ll furnish the story.. !!

******To Be Continued******

This story is currently on hold as I’ve to wrap up Junooniyat FF n yes Tera Hone Laga Hoon I’ve to write.. So pls have patience.. I’ll start this one soon ..

Now pls do comment about update!


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