SwaSan SS – Forever Yours! (Part 4)

Forever Yours!
Part 4

Since it was already night time the Maheshwari’s stayed back in their family cottage after dinner all had settled down in their rooms. Sanskaar was laying on the bed his hand under his head and was lost in his thoughts. Swara had changed into her night wear and washed off all the makeup and had just stepped out of the washroom when she spotted a cockroach on the side table “aaahhh” she screamed and jumped on the bed this jerked Sanskaar out of his thoughts.

Swara by mistake stepped on his fingers and fell over him with a oommpphh. Swara was lost in his eyes she could just not move her eyes off him their faces just inches apart, Sanskaar’s lips parted ever so slightly which involuntarily made Swara lick her lips seeing this Sanskaar could not control his raging hormones anymore. Their lips brushed so lightly that even they could not understand if there had been any kiss at all or not. A sudden knock on the door knocked them back into their senses.

“Swara…” ”

Ji bhabhi aayi…” Swara quickly got up and went to open the door. (Coming bhabhi)

“Swara tum theek ho na? Tumhare chillane ki awaz aayi toh…” (Are you fine? I heard you scream)

“Woh bhabhi… bhabhi wooh main” (umm.. that.. ummm)
still reeling with the fact that she had almost kissed her husband she could answer. Pari looked at the state of their bed and started blushing

“Rehne do Swara main samaj gayi… continue continue” “(Let it be I understood.. Please continue)

Aare bhabhi aisa kuch nai…” (Nothing like that)but before she could complete the sentence a laughing Pari left the room.

“Kya kar kya rahi thi tum aise giri mujhe pe”(What were you trying to do that you fell like that?)
“voh me cockroach…” (umm.. cockroach) suddenly she remember the cockroach and again screaming she jumped on the bed. Sanskaar just looked at his crazy wife confused at her behaviour ‘women’ he muttered.

“Sanskaar voh waha cockroach please usse bhagao” (Sanskaar there is a cockroach over there.. please do something)

she pointed at the cockroach and Sanskaar started laughing at Swara. ‘Achha bachu tum mujhpe hass rahe ho.. ruko tume abhi mazza chakhati hoon’ (you are laughing at me.. wait I’ll tech you a lesson)

“aaahhh Sanskaar tumhare pichhe chua aaahhh” (aahhhh… there is a mouse behind you)

Sanskaar’s eyes widened and quicjly tried to climb on the bed but his leg got stuck and he fell on Swara but this time instead of being awkward they both bursted with laughter, the cockroach forgotten.

After all the lughter subsided Sanskaar got up from that position and laid besides Swara both lost in their thoughts “Sanskaar” Swara called out. “Hmmm” came his reply. “Friends?” She extended her hand towards him Sanskaar smiled at her and caught her hand and stated “friends”

Park View Garden

“Tumhe unn dono ko kuch bhi katne alag karna hoga” (you have to separate them at any cost)

“Isme mera kya faayda?!” (what will I get in return)
The other person said feigning disinterest.

“Tumhe paisa bohot pasand hai! Tumhe tumari muh maangi kimat milegi” (You love money right… you will get loads of them)

the other person smiled at this “Done” ab dono kabhi ek nahi ho payenge.” (They will never become one)Both smiled and left.

Next morning at the dining table there was a lot of chit chat going on when Durga Prasad Maheshwari interrupted them “Sanskaar beta do din baad tumhe Mumbai jana hai investors se meeting ke liye” (Sanskaar you have to go to Mumbai for a meeting with our investors in 2 days)

“Bhaisaa kyu na iske saath Swara bahu ko bhi bheej de taki inn dono ka honeymoon bhi ho jave” (Why don’t with send Swara with him too for their honeymoon)
Sujata interjected. Swara and Sanskaar started blushing.

“Haa theek hai parso tum dono Mumbai jao meeting sirf 2-3 ghante ki hai par dono 4-5 din waha rukk jao” (Yes the meeting will be for only 2-3 hours but you cant stay there for 4-5 days)

Durga Prasad stated with finality there was no declining his decision. “Okay Bade Papa” Sanskaar said. They all finished their breakfast and left for home.

“Swara voh muje office mein kuch kaam hai mujhe aane mein late hoga tum sab properly pack karlo hum raat ko flat mein shift karenge” Sanskaar informed her. (Swara I am going to office.. start packing your bags in the evening we will shift back to our Apartment.

“Woh.. woh.. kya hum yaha nai reh sakte?” (Cant we stay here?)
Swara pleaded it was already becoming difficult for hee to control her new growing affections for her husband and she and her big mouth she had already promised him that she would file for divorce after 6 months but she didn’t know how would she stop her feelings from growing if she had to stay with him alone.

“voh flat hi mera ghar hai Swara aur meri patni hone ke rishtey se ab voh tumhara ghar bhi hai” (that flat is my home swara and now yours too)
he stated. “Par…” (But) but Sanskaar continued

“kya tum meri koi baat bina behas ke nai maan sakti?” (Why cant you listen to me once without arguing) He said a little to loudly and harshly. Swara lowered her head and mumbled an Okay but as soon as he saw her face fall he was already feeling too bad for shouting at her but he wanted to put some distance in between them he could not understand the attraction between them so he just left from there without acknowledging her apology or her hurt feelings.


Swara and Sansksriti were coming back home from school. Sanskriti was unanimatedly talking about her day at school and Swara was listenig to her with a smile playing in her lips. “Beta we need to go to the bazaar first, lets go” Sanskriti smiled wildly at her and both went towards the market place. The market place was filled with so much crowd, Swara’s hold on her daughter’s hand tightened. “Baby stay close to mamma okay?! And don’t leave mamma’s hand” when Sanskriti nodded they went ahead for some grocery shopping.

After almost 45 minutes Swara was finally done with her grocery shopping they were about to leave the market place when she banged with someone. “Umm…sorr…” she bit back her apology when she saw who was the person standing opposite to her.

“Swara beta kaisi ho tum?! Kaha thi? 5 saalo se na koi phone, email kuch nai” (How are you beta, where were you… no phone, no mails since 5 years) Sharmishtha Garodia asked her daughter not being able to control her bubbling happiness at seeing her daughter after so long. She stepped ahead to embrace her daughter in her motherly warmth but shocking her Swara took a step back and a look of coldness spread on her face.

“Kaun hai aap, Madam? Kya main apko janti hoon?” (Who are you mam? Do I know you?) she asked coolly. Sharmistha was shocked to receive such coldness from her dear daughter she had missed so much. “Beta please main janti hoon ki maine tumhare saath bahot bura kiya hai lekin main tumhari maa hoon aur…” (Please I know it was my mistake but I am your mother and….) but Swara quickly interrupted her.
“Excuse me Mrs. Sharmishtha Garodia but you are no mother of mine my died the day she refused to accept me and my unborn child into her house”

“Its no more Mrs.Garodia now I am Ms. Sharmishtha Bose, the day I had to behave so coldly with you I decided enough is enough and I left your Baba for good” she quickly mumbled she silently pleaded with her eyes for her daughter to understand her helplessness at that time.

“Sorry for your lose Ms. Bose but now I more need you in my life and my daughter is my only world and don’t worry I’ll be a better mother to her than you ever were for me your daughters for you were only your pawns to diversify your business. I can only hope you have learned your lesson well Goodbye.” And she left from there along with her daughter both of them had tears in their eyes.

Outside Maheshwari Office

“Acha suniye Mr. Bakshi main important kaam se jaa raha hoon ab office siddha kal aaunga” (Listen Mr. Bakshi.. I am leaving for some important work will come directly tomorrow)Sanskaar informed his manager and left the office premises. Just as he reached the parking lot he saw a familiar person standing next to his car, he rushed towards that person and hugged him tightly “Lucky…” was the only thing he said. It was reunion for both the brothers they had been the best of friends since forever but since the day Lucky ran away from his wedding they hadn’t seen each other’s face.

“Tu yaha kya kar raha hai Lucky?” (What are you doing here Lucky?) Sanskaar was curious.

“Bhai main tujhe teri beti ke paas leke jaane aaya hoon” (I have come here to take you to your daughter) Lakshya said now grinning widely. “Tujhe… tujhe bhi pata hai iske bare mein?”(You.. you know about her?)

Lakshya looked down he couldn’t meet his brothers eyes “Sorry voh bhai Swara ko New York main hi leke gaya tha maine use pucha bhi tha kya hua lekin she just said ki please mujhe yaha se jana hai main uski halat nahi dekh paya aur usse New York bhej diya aur use settle karra ke main aur Ragini waapis India aa gaye”(Sorry Bhai It was I who took Swara to NY, I asked her all about it but she refused to answer only that she wants to go far away… I could not see her like that and so me and Ragini helped her settle there and then returned)

“Lekin tu kabhi ghar kyu nahi aaya Lucky?” (But why dint you come back home?)

“Main aaya tha bhai tap aap aur Swara Mumbai gaye the. Papa ne mujhe aur Ragini ko apnane se mana kar diya aur hum chup chap vaha se chale gaye doobara kabhi mud ke nahi dekh vaise bhai bahot ho gayi sad baate, excited to meet your daughter?” (I hd come there when you both had gone to Mumbai but papa refused to accept us that is why we left never to look back again anyways excited to meet your daughter?) Lucky asked with a goofy smile on his face.


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