SwaSan SS – Forever Yours! (Part 3)


Forever Yours!

Everyone was quitely having their breakfast at the table when suddenly Sanskaar interrupted breaking the silence

Sanskaar- “Bade Papa, Maa, Papa, Mom I think ab mujhe apne flat waapas shift ho jana chahiye bahot din huye yaha reh ke” (I think I should shift back to my flat.. it’s been quite a few days)

Sujata interrupted him

Sujata- “Beta tu itne jaldi chala javega?! Mhare ko mhari bahu ke saath thoda aur wakhat bitana hai” (You will leave so soon.. I want to spend some more time with my daughter in law)

Sanskaar- “Par Mom abh toh saari rasme bhi ho chuki hai na!” (But mom all the rituals are done with)

Durga Prasad understanding a mother’s delimna stated

Durgaprasad- “Sanskaar beta ek akhri riwaz baaki hai, humare parivar ke saare Shadi shuda joode humari kul devi ki puja karne liye gao jaate hai toh hum sab kal niklenge waapas aane ke baad you can return to your flat” (There is one last ritual left, in our family all married couples do puja at our village temple after that you can shift back to your flat)

Sanskaar- “Okay Bade Papa” Sanskaar replied which seemed to be the converation ender.

In the evening Swara starting packing for both her and Sanskaar when Sanskaar entered his room he saw Swara touching his cupboard and a photoframe fell out from his drawer. Swara bent down to pick up the frame it was a photo of Sanskaar smiling cutely at a young girl around his own age his arms around her shoulders they looked soo much in love Swara felt an unknown anger bursting inside she couldnt understand why would she feel angry it was not like she and Sanskaar had married out of love. He could very well have a girlfriend she might not know of.

The shuffling sound Sanskaar made made Swara glance up she tried to come up with a reason but Sanskaar marched towards her in anger and snatched the photo out of the grasp and kept it inside his drawer effectively closing his cupboard and locking it. He faced Swara a look of pure anger was flashing in his face.

Sanskaar- “Tumhari himmat kaise hui meri cheezo ko haath lagane ki?!” (How dare you touch my things)

He took a step towards her with a look of predator waiting to pounce on his prey. The intensity in his eyes made her take a step back. He kept on taking a step towards her and she kept backing when her back touched the wall. He grabbed her aggressively by grabbing her arms, his hold too tight to break free from and pulled her towards him. Their faces mere inches from each other Swara could feel his hard breathing on her face which send shivers down her spine her reaction to him was unfathomable to her. Here he was angry on her and she could not understand her own reaction to it, instead of being scared she wasnt sure what she was feeling.

He shook her harshly once again

Sanskaar- “Batao Swara tumne meri cheezo ko haath kyu lagaya?” (say… why did you touch them?)

Swara- “Woh main… main woh… you are hurting me Sanskaar” (Umm.. that…)
realising the position they were standing in Sanskaar let go of her and turned around unable to face her. He knew very well that he had crossed his limit. That photo did not mean anything to him anymore after Kavita’s relevation on his wedding day but the way Swara was warming her way into his heart was scaring him he did not want this feeling it was just too soon. He was about to leave when Swara muttered

Swara- “Main toh bas aapke kapde pack kar rahi thi” (I was just packing your bags)

Sanskaar- “I am sorry Swara for my behaviour but ainda meri cheezo ko haath mat lagana I can do my own packing” he was about leave again when she another question at him (I am sorry but please from next time don’t touch my things without my permission)

Swara- “Sanskaar agar voh apki girlfriend hai toh koi problem nai I don’t expect you love me you can very well continue your relationship with her balki main try karungi 6 months ke baad divorce file karne ki so that you can be with her” (Sanskaar even if she is your gf no problem.. I dont expect you to love me.. I will try to file for a divorce after 6 months)

Swara said the whole thing in breath smiling but her insides were breaking she never used to believe in divorces but she could not let him stay in an umwanted marriage if he wanted one she would give him. Sanskaar did not reply he just left from there not noticing her tears that had started to flow from her eyes.

‘How can she even think about divorce and all main yaha soch raha hoon iss shaadi ko ek mauka dene ki and she’ (Here I was thinking about giving this marriage a chance and she…) he banged his fist to the wall and left the house to cool off.

Next day everyone left for the kul devi puja, the four elders in one car and the four youngsters in another. Swara and Sanskaar had taken the front seat whereas Pari and Adarsh were romancing on the backseat. There were a very few moments when they could spend quality time together. Though Annapoorna did not like this arrangement made by Swara ,DP had agreed so she could not oppose. Sanskaar and Swara were passing awkward glances to one another their hands brushed accidentally when they both tried to change the radio channel.

Parineeta- “Rehno do na Swara kitna romantic song hai” Pari said smiling happily. (Let it be)

Sanskaar- “Dont touch my radio” Sanskaar sulked.

‘Gussa toh iski naak pe rehta hai’ Swara muttered. (see he is always angry)

Sanskaar- “Kya kaha tumne?!, kuch kaha na” (What did you say? did you say something?)

Swara- “Nai kuch nai” (No, nothing)

Sanskaar (mimicking her)- “Gussa meri naak pe rehta hai” (He is always angry) he repeated the sentence which made Swara gulp but she put on a false bravado.

Swara- “Haan toh kya juth kaha maine! Jab dekho tab chillate rehte ho.” (Yes, I am not lying you are always shouting)

Sanskaar was going to make a reply when Adarsh interrupted him

Adarsh- “Pari you know iss type ke jagde ko kyakehte hai?!” (You know what is such type of fighting called)

Pari- “Kya Adarshji?!” (what?(

Adarsh- “Pent up s*xual frustr…”

Sanskaar- “Aisa kuch nahi hai bhaiya”
(Nothing like that)

Sanskaar interrupted him before Adarsh could complete his sentence. Both Adarsh and Pari laughed at them and both Swara and Sanskaar’s face had turned tomato red due to blushing. The rest of the ride went smoothly with Swara and Sanskaar stealing glances when the other was not looking. The whole family reached the mandir and kul devi pooja was done by Sanskaar and Swara.


Sanskaar read the note he received today for the hundredth time

‘Agar tum sach janana chahte ho toh aaj shaam ko Durga Maa ke Mandir ke piche aa jana’ (If you want to know the truth meet me in the evening behind the temple.)

nothing else was written on the note. He decided to analyse the note later first he had to go pick up Preeti from her school he had promised Pari bhabhi to so normally he wouldn’t have agreed but today he was missing Preeti and so decided to go anyway. He quickly drove to Ryans International School where preeti had just recently taken admission. He picked up Preeti from her class when he remembered he had wanted to give some donation to the school so they both went to the Principal’s cabin. He was about to knock when the door opened from inside and the same girl he had met yesterday was coming out of the cabin. “Bye Preeti” she said and went outside skipping as usual ‘that girl has too much energy to be skipping everytime’ Sanskaar muttered.

Principal- “Have a seat Mr. Maheshwari, How may I help you?” the principal said.

Sanskaar- “Who was that girl?”Sanskaar inquired he was totally confused by that masi incident.

Principal- “Ohh that girl! She is a new admission Sanskriti Maheshwari, her mother has recently shifted to Kolkata they are from New York. Ohh by the way what a coincidence even her surname is Maheshwari maybe thats why Preeti and her have become close friends”

Sanskaar did not pay attention to the rest of the conversation his mind was still reeling with the facts he just had come to know about. He quickly handed over the donation cheque to the principal and left.

It was evening time, Sanskaar finally decided to go to the mandir. When he went to the backside of the mandir he saw Ragini over there waiting for him.

Sanskaar- “Tumne mujhe yaha kyu bulaya?” (Why did you call me here?)

Ragini- “Aapko sach batane ke liye! Main janti hoon ki apke maan me bahot saare questions honge unke jawaab dene” (To tell you tue truth, to answer your questions)

Sanskaar- “Accha toh batao yeh Sanskriti koun hai?” He finally asked the question he was dreading. Ragini smiled and stated (who is Sanskriti?)

Ragini- “Apki aur Swara ki beti” (Yours and Swara’s daughter) Sanskaar had guessed that much but Ragini stating it out so clearly made his eyes pop out in shock

Sanskaar- “beti.. meri beti but kaise?! Swara ne kabhi kuch bataya kyu nahi? Kyu chali gayi voh?” (My daughter… why din’t she tell me? Why dod she leave me?)

Tears were flowing out of his eyes he could not believe he had a daughter. His daughter he wanted to laugh. He wanted to talk to her, know her likes dislikes he had missed 4 years of her precious life thinking about that made him sad once again. Ragini could very easily guess the train of his thoughts so she stated.

Ragini- “Dekhiye usne kabhi mujhe bataya nahi why she left but I know she still loves you agar aap phir uske aur apni beti ke saath rishta jodna chahte hai toh main apki help karungi” ( Listen she never told me why but if you want I can help you woo her back)


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