All the maheswari family reached hospital to enquire about sanskar’s condition

doctor: mr maheswari has lost a lot of blood due to head injury, arrange blood quickly or his condition will get critical.

Sanskar’s condition was getting critical but blood was arranged somehow and he was treated.

Doctor came out from ot .

doctor: we have tried our best and sanskar is alright now and after sometime he will get consiousness, you all can meet him.

after sometime all rush to sanskar’s room. sanskar opened his eyes slowly.

Sanskar(childish tone); umm, why you all are here, where is my mom?

sujata: what happened sanskar, i’m here

SANSKAR: you are my mom?

everyone was confused seeing sanskar so they called doctor to check him.while doctor was checking sanskar, he wasdoing wierd things which was confusing everyone more.

sanskar: umm i’m getting scared mom, when we will go home and please tell this white coat uncle to go away.

doctor: sanskar has lost his memory ,now he will behave like a kid. you all have to handle him with love and care

dp: is there is any way to cure him.

Doctor: we will try our best to cure him rest is left on god

All were shattered listening to him

ragini came and started telling her about maa baba’s marriage and all because swara was not remembring anyting but
Swara started feeling drowsy after listening to the name sanskar and she fell unconsious.

Doctor: she is suffering from memory loss do not stress to remember anything just go wiyh the flow

Everyone got shocked listening to doctor.

Here ragini recieved a phone call

Ragini: maa, baba sanskar met with an accident.

guys i,m stopping here. i think you did not like the story . i’m upset with the response you gave. i will try to update soon.you can also tell me about the scenes which you want in this ss


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