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swara is in love with Laksh…he belongs to a poor family bt of arrogent ,possesive and rude nature,he is also mad for swara..bt swara’s parents denied for their allince and rejected laksh..in anger and frustation he insulted her dad ..so swara in anger get ready for marriage with SANSKAR..,he is very sweet and caring person,he is only having one younger sister Ragini and he can do anything for her..their marriage takes place..bt swara has already take her decision that she will never love her husband and never give him any rights..she also not even see his face during their marriage and also after that…

one full month passed she niether see him or talk to him…bt sanskar in return loves her..bt never pressurised her for anything…he also not tries to take his husband rights…ragini was living in abroad for her studies..they both are living alone in the house…now after six months of their marriage…swara started to talk with him..as she is giving exams…and he helps her in that..soon they become good friends..bt swara don’t feel for him.she also no longer remain in contact of her parents..as she thinks becoz of them she is not happy…one day when she was returning from her college she finds sanskar with a girl in his car..they were very close…swara tries to ignore them ..bt alas!cann’t she furiously went to her room..she thinks this is the reason why sanskar is not having problem with her and her behaviour..bt why she is not happy…no she cann’t react like this and at the next moment to her surprise..sanskar cameup to her with the same girl..sanskar introduce her to swara as his friend kavita..and she is going to stay here for 15 days..swara unwillingly greets her and take her to the guest room..at night kavita see both of them are living in seperate rooms..actually she wants sanskar..so she feels very happy..and says if swara is not going to live with u..the i can share ur room..swara feels like killing her..bt before sanskar says anything she say..no need as today i am shifting back to my room…i was having some problem that is why we are not sharing room bt this is for only 3 days right sanskar..sanskar was hell shocked..bt only say yes..swara went into room and shuts door on her face..he doesn’t understands her..she angrirly asked him to sleep silently to the other side of her bed..and he obeys her.like this some more days passed now kavita understands the there is no relation between swasan..so she try to came near sanskar..and swara also observes her.as when sanskar came for breakfast kavita tries to serve him bt swara do as fast as she can..before her swara bid him biee..

sanskar just smile on swara’s childess behaviour. He knows that she is jealous of kavita and he is enjoying it..now swara take care of everything of sanskar ..as a good dutiful wife ..one day all three went for a party ..this is first tym when swara gout with her husband bt there kavita play her game..some of their common friends were talking that they were believing that kavita and sanskar will marry eo bt he marry swara…one of them says that aftr that kiss I didn’t expect that they will not marry now it is enough for her..she leaves the place in teary eyes..sanskar noticed it and he run behind her..she is in her room when he enters..he put his hand on her shoulder..but she jerked..swara:u kissed her…u both r going to marry…then why me..snas:u r talking like u never kissed anyone..haa swara:no ..never..i am not like u…he smiles..okk so u feel jealous that I kissed her..swra:no …who said..sans:ur face..and he turned her to face mirror soo…jelousy =love..so u love me…swara:noo…I can’t love u ..u ..kiss..bt before she completes..he kissed her…soon they release…soo..now what..swara was blushing hard..bt she has many questins in her mind..before she ask any thing he says…yes I kissed her bt that was becoz of a bet and on her hand..we are just friends..i also know u were thinking that why I behave so normal with u ..when after 6 months of our marriage u even not talk properly..so.my answer is..in starting I was not really prepared for this marriage..so I feel good when u are away from me..bt slowly I fall for u..bt want to give u full tym u need to accept this..and I think it is enough..bt now also u want tym..then I should go to kavita…swara immediately hugged him tightly and said..i will kill u ..if u leave me..i love u..he says I love u too…here kavita thinks…that they were fighting..so sanskar needs her so she went to their room..bt to her surprise..they both were sleeping peacefully in eo embrace…

in morning swara make her leave their home..and now they are happily married couple..swara totally forgets about laksh…
BT….there is lot more for her in future…….

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    Nice…. I think laksh will come with ragini to sankars house….

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