SwaSan SS… A DREAM..!! Season2… Part 9… by Kakali

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Now let’s move inside the Dream,
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Here we go,

After Few Days.

@ Night.

“It will hurt you for this. I don’t know how yet, but give me a little more time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn into ashes in your mouth and you will know the debt is paid.” Swara’s sharp voice rang in the empty kitchen, where she and Ragini was facing each other.

Swara was thirsty and came to take a bottle of water where she found Ragini doing something. In order to avoid her unnecessary shits,she silently did her work. But Ragini was Ragini, how could she stop herself from taunting Swara? “Waise Swara! Don’t you think it’s been so many days since you started your countdown? I mean you said so many things that day, I will do this, I will do that bla bla and blaa! But now what? Where has your fire gone?” Ragini rolled her eyes chuckling hard.

Swara had nothing to say, she just stood there silently and listened her shits. Because she knew it’s not the right time to answer back;in words but to show her what she could do.

Ragini was eagerly waiting for her reply but “Good night Ragini!” Swara said, leaving her behind.

“What is she upto now? Why she isn’t reacting?” Ragini thought for a second seeing her silence.

SwaSan Room.

Swara entered into her room. Her eyes searched for Sanskar who was busy in his phone. “Sanskar! Is everything going well?” She asked engrossing herself in deep thoughts.

“Yeah Swara, everything is going according to the plan. My men are at work and I’m sure, they will soon giving us what we exactly want.” He answered back still checking out his mails. But not getting any reply,he looked up and found her standing still.

“Swara!” He called our her name while her chains of thoughts were broken.

“Yeah! Yeah Sanskar! Did you say something?” She asked as he lifted his right eyebrow asking her actually what’s wrong. “Nothing Sanskar! I just want to finish all this game as soon as possible. I want to leave everything and……….!” She stopped herself looking at his face losing colour.” That’s… That’s all.” She said not wanting to add further.” Good night”. She wished him.

“Good night Swara!” He wished her back, lying himself comfortably on the couch. He averted his gaze to Swara who was trying to sleep but allas! It was far away from her eyes. She felt his gaze on her and looked into his eyes. Nothing was conveyed after that, “Sweet dreams!” Both said at the same time, causing a small smile which curled up their lips. Swara changed her position and now her back was facing him.

Sanskar thought of the incident which almost changed his life.



Sanskar was still on his knees like a devastated soul. He needed some time to digest the fact that he was in dark all this 4 years after losing Kavita, thinking his Bade Papa & Laksh was reason of his misery. But after this revelation he couldn’t figure out what would he exactly do. All his planning plotting was just a waste, but he didn’t care about that. His concern was for only Swara! How her life was destroyed. His guilt increased when Swara looked at him with soft eyes; those eyes were full of emotion but not heatred. He wasn’t capable enough to match her eyes. He was losing his sence though somehow made himself stand and paced the room.

Swara didn’t stop him at all because she knew he needed time. This was not going to be easy. This revelation had shaken him up so it was too obvious to break down.


Next Day.

All the night Sanskar didn’t come back and Swara had no idea where he had gone. She was obviously worried about him.

While she was coming towards hall Ragini & Laksh was also descending steps. Trio stopped at the same place as Ragini’s smirk never left her face showing she was a winner.

“Where is your so called, sorry I mean your cheater husband? Did he left you or preparing for an another cheat?” Laksh laughed mockingly “What? I saw him last night going somewhere and I guess he is not returned yet!” He added more.

Swara stood silent for a while, but Laksh continued “You know what Swara? You deserve this, a cheater deserves a cheater only.” He said and his voice was filled with anger and pain as well.

“Oneday you will regret for your every word Laksh. Oneday I will prove myself that I have done nothing and I’m so sure that day isn’t so far!” Swara said glaring Ragini.

“Come on Swara! No more drama and all. What you will prove? What?” He said decreasing the distance between them while Ragini’s face turned pale.

“Laksh ji! Leave her!” Ragini tried to stop him going close to her but Laksh jerked her hand.

“Swara you have cheated me with my own brother Sanskar! ” He moved more closer while Sanskar came between them shielding Swara. “Dur reh Swara se! Patni hai wo meri(Stay away from Swara! She is my wife)”. Sanskar said with the fury in his eyes pushing Laksh through his chest. Ragini who was stopping her breath,took a sigh of relief seeing Sanskar.

“I know Sanskar she is your wife. A cheater’s wife! Haina Swara Sanskar Maheswari!” Laksh said with his moist eyes.

“Jaban sambhal ke Lucky!(Mind your tongue Lucky)” Sanskar said the word “Lucky” and Laksh looked at him with bewildering expression.

“You have already lost the right to call me as Lucky. Lucky died that day itself when you both cheated on me.” He said.

“Trust us Lucky! We…..!!” Before Sanskar could say Ragini interrupted “Laksh ji! Let’s go now. Here we are going to get nothing with these cheaters” she said trying to stop the matter as it wasn’t safe for her. “Let’s go Laksh ji. We are getting late”. She dragged Laksh with her leaving SwaSan behind.

Swara was happy seeing him safe and sound but also shocked, because she never expected that move from him. She observed his face carefully; his cheeks was having tear marks, hairs were messy, eyes were red and puffy,clothes were full of dirt and his fist was bleeding.

She didn’t say anything just dragged him to their room and her followed her like a lost puppy. She silently did his dressing while his head was bend down.

The whole day had been passed but Swara asked nothing to Sanskar. Yes, she needed explanation but she wasn’t going to ask either. He had to explain everything by his own.


Two Days Later.

There was a puja in Maheswari Mansion. Annapurna & Sujata had said their both respective daughter in-laws to be ready with their husband.

SwaSan & RagLak came down and did the puja while one of the guests mocked Swara. All family members were quite but it didn’t last long as Sanskar roared making everyone silent over there. Swara had been noticing his change of behaviour from past two days. He stood by her whenever someone ever tried to blame her. She didn’t understand what he was doing and why.

He himself was one of the reasons what Swara was going through. Or there was something more than that, about whom he himself was not aware of.

Now both were in their room and Sanskar was damn angry after that mess. He was literally fuming. After half an hour someone knocked at the door “Bade Papa aap?” Swara opened the door and found DP, standing there.

“Bade Papa! We aren’t lieing, why no one understands, It was all planned by Ragini. I know mistake was also mine but I didn’t want to do this. Nobody try to understands us.” Sanskar bursted out crying while DP stared at him with so much love and affection. “I’m sorry bade papa! M sorry. I know I committed a sin, but ….. I don’t know what to say, how to apologize. I’m sorry bade papa. M sorry.” Nei he didn’t want to break down but he couldn’t stop himself seeing his bade papa holding the same love for him,just like earlier days. “I’m sorry babe papa, maaf kar dijiye mujhe.” He pleaded falling in his knees.” Just because of me Swara have to bear this. Just because of my Revenge, everything is messed up here. I’m sorry”. He was crying folding his hands.

DP made him stand wiping his tears away “I TRUST YOU BOTH”. He said and SwaSan looked at him being astonished. “But this world demands proof. Prove it Sanskar. I know everything will be all right.” He said averting his gaze to Swara.

“Swara Beta! Always be happy, I trust my daughter!” He said and SwaSan nodded with tears. Yeah! This is the same Durgaprasad Maheswari she had been knowing since five years. It was true that she was more than a daughter to him. Her Bade Papa was having trust on her. What else she needed now?

“Remember Swara & Sanskar I trust you but………….!!” Sanskar cut him off “We will prove ourselves Bade Papa! I will prove Swara innocent!” He said with full of confident whereas DP passed a assuring smile making both SwaSan happy.

“Thank you bade papa, for forgiving me!” Sanskar added while tears of happiness made a way through their cheeks. “Good luck. I will be waiting for the arrival of truth infront of the whole world where you both will find me as well.” He said and waked out the room.

Both looked at each other in happiness. The small amount of hope encouraged them more, Swara was more sure about bringing the truth out now and Sanskar felt like the weight of guilt reduced a bit.

“Swara I know it’s not easy to forgive me or forget the sins I committed. But as I said to bade papa I want to repent, I want to make everything perfect which I destroyed once in my blind revenge. I want to set everything at right place, even though I know it’s not easy, because the wounds you got is not easy to be healed.” He said in his gentle voice.

Taking a deep breath he continued “Swara Zindagi mei kabhi ek aisa mouka aye zaha main tumhari madad karke apni galtiyon ka prachyatap kar saku. Toh tum hamesha mujhe apne paas khada pawogi.(Swara, in this life if I ever get a change to rectify my mistakes by helping you.Then you will be getting me always standing beside you). And I know this is the appropriate time. I want to help you out in those upcoming six months, I want to stand by you in every situation. I want to help you bringing the truth out of Ragini in front of all. Will you give me a proper change to rectify my sins?” Sanskar asked to Swara,his truthfulness was audible in his voice. He waited for her reply.

Swara thought for a second. At last in return,he gained a small smile from her, indicating HE HAD GOTTEN A CHANCE TO RECTIFY HIS MISTAKES. He wasn’t in a mood to loose it ever, now he was going to do everything that would he probably could do to make everything good. Both were having tears but nobody wanted to show to each other.

This is true that everything deserves a chance to rectify ones mistake so did Sanskar. He was repenting for his deeds, he was guilty and Swara gave him a chance. A fair chance. She understood his dilemma. It wasn’t easy though to come back and take revenge from his own family.

First of all his family wasn’t ready to accept his love, then suddenly one day someone killed his lady love and left him to die also. But he didn’t, may be there was something else written in his destiny. He found himself in hospital where he was informed that Kavita left him forever and the reason was his bade papa and Laksh. What could he done at that particular period of time? What? He had nothing except his lifeless body. There was no one for him to understand him and his sorrow and at last he choose the path of Revenge.

According to his planning he came back after 4 years to take revenge from his love ones where he found Swara as his brother’s soon to be wife and she was his college friend, no actually a very good friend of him. This fact even couldn’t stop his anger on DP & Laksh, he wanted revenge; no matter what. He forgot to notice Swara, he forgot to notice every single thing in front of his revenge.

As per his plan he wanted to break DP & Laksh and he did successfully but he himself got trapped by Ragini. She changed the whole game and became Ragini Laksh Maheswari. She proved herself as innocent and the whole blame came upon him & Swara.

Seeing her madness and behaviour towards Swara,he wanted to reveal his true identity in front of world but before he could do that Ragini had already started her drama showing him & Swara in fault and all the people believed her.

Suddenly one day a huge realisation knocked him where he find HIS REVENGE WAS FOR NOTHING. All the while, he was following the wrong path which was shown by OTHER PEOPLE.

He was dieing in guilt. He was drown into guilt. IF SWARA DIDN’T GIVE HIM A FAIR CHANCE TO RECTIFY HIS MISTAKE HE WOULD HAVE DIED OR HE WOULD HAVE FINISHED HIMSELF. So according to Swara, this chance she was going to give him was NEEDED. He deserved that.


That day was a fate changing day for both Swara & Sanskar. From that day both were in a mission. ONE MISSION.

Their unity was THE MAIN STEP TOWARDS THEIR DESTINATION. The step had already taken. Trust me much more was on the way.


Sanskar described everything, from the start of his plan till the end when Ragini betrayed him changing the whole table. Swara listened keenly and tried to get whatever points she could gather up from that information. Ragini was a sharp player, she left nothing behind. Every proof was destroyed. It was hard for them to get any proof.

But people says na WHEN YOU ARE WITH TRUTH, GOD IS WITH YOU. Same happened with them, Swara got a clue about the man who helped Ragini on that day settling Sanskar beside Swara in bed. When they were going through the video she paused and “THAT IS THE SAME MAN WHO HELPED ME THAT DAY” Sanskar said fisting his palm.

“Do you know him Sanskar?” She asked with a hope.

“Yeah! Swara I know him. He is the same man who took us to that Pandit.” He said without realising what he said but then both glanced at each other in shock “Yessss! Gotcha Swara!” He jumped from bed. “Yes Swara! If we can get him than we can get that Pandit also. Both are linked with each other! “He said with happiness while Swara passed a devilish smirk. “TICK TOCK! TICK TOCK!”

“LET THE GAME BEGIN RAGINI!” Swara thought in her mind.

Flashback Ends.

After that day they had been trying to get every possible proof against Ragini. Sanskar had sent his men to haunt down that man, he needed him by hook or by crook. Even few minutes ago he was confirming his men whether they found him or not.

After so many days both slept peacefully. But I guess Sanskar wasn’t going to get that even. Those flashes, those memories were haunting him in his sleep as nightmares. Kavita’s screams, his plead kept ringing and finally he woke up. He laughed at himself “How can you even think of getting a good sleep Sanskar?” He thought and get up from his place. Swara was sleeping, so without disturbing her, he moved towards the balcony gazing the full moon when a whisperd left his lips “I MISS YOU KAVITA!” This few words caused Swara to wipe her tears from her corner of her eyes.

Both were played by Destiny after all.

His chains of thoughts were broken by the sound of beeping. He opened the E-mail box and then a dangerous smirk spread across his face. “TIME FOR BANG BANG!” He fisted his mobile and looked at Swara for once who was sleeping from outside. He smiled looking at her peaceful face which was shining under moon light.

“This is my promise Swara! I will make everything perfect!” He said still gazing her face unaware of the fact that her sleep was also far away from her tired eyes.”It’s going to be too much now!” He smiled devilishly once again glancing his cell phone.


Next Morning.

“Ragini do you remember Mrs. Malhotra & Mrs. Sharma?” Swara asked Ragini which almost snatched her breath.

“Whoo.. whooo..are theyy?” Ragini stammered, “I don’t know them”. Her body shivered.

“You don’t know? Seriously? But you must know that the game is on.” Swara said with her very playful voice.”Tck! Tck! Ragini. Beware! Someone is one the way!”. She said and left a faint Ragini behind.


Precap- You all can guess.


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