SwaSan SS… A DREAM..!! Season2… Part 6… by Kakali

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Now let’s move inside the Dream,

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SwaSanChuu Note- Guyz, before moving towards the further episodes I would like to request you all to go back to the intro & prologue and have a look. It will help you out to understand the mess I’m going to create now :D. Thank you.


Here we go,

“Shattered dreams are never random. They are always a piece in a larger puzzle, a chapter in a larger story.” The same way Swara’s broken dreams was a small piece of her upcoming story. The story of her life,her respect,her LOVE.

The day was quite long for Swara & Sanskar. Both were shattered in their own places by the wounds of their love ones. She was in deep thoughts while he was blankly staring the floor. No words were conveyed after that dreadful confession. Meanwhile Uttara & Sujata came into room.

Swara looked at them carefully to find her answers. Finally Uttara broke the silence asking forgiveness for her deeds “Swara Bhabhi! Wooo actually. I..” She was unable to match her eyes.

“Chori, mahre ko maaf mar de. Manne malum hai, mahri galati maafi ke layak koni par phir bhi….(Chori,I’m sorry.I know my deeds are not forgivable but still.. .).” Sujata said looking everywhere but Swara.

Finding no reply Uttara moved towards her “Swara Bhabhi! I…m……” her voice chocked.

“Uttu, stop saying sorry! It was not your & mom’s fault. Just because of me you both said YES to my plan, the entire fault is mine.” Sanskar said in deep whisper.

“No! Bhai it was my fault too. But …” Before she could continue Sanskar cut her off. “Noo.! You never agreed for this plan! You was against u..sss..in..gg Swaraa.” He fumbled with his words.

Swara’s face was unreadable,she showed nothing and it was hurting Uttara more. “Swara! Say something. Please!” Her plead was mix with emotions.

“I need some time Uttara!” Swara was about to leave,but Uttara didn’t let her go. She was calling her Uttara instead of Uttu, it was hurting Uttara a lot. She was well aware of her doings even the future circumstances too but still she said yes to her bro’s plan. She never wanted to hurt Swara so her mom & Sanskar. It was just a plan to break DP & Laksh using those pics. She had no any intentions to made Swara suffer, afterall she was her sister cum best friend. But now Uttara can’t change the fact that she had deeply hurt Swara & her respect and she would bear any kind of punishment that Swara will provide.

“Swara! Please”. But Swara was not ready to listen, she was almost out of the room.

“5 saal, 5 saal intezar kiya hai maine maare chore ka. 5 saal tak zinda marti ayi hu main mahre chore ke bina. Assan na tha zina apne jawan chore ko khone ke baad. Mar gaye the hum uske bina,.(5 years, we have waited 5 years for my son. I have been dying everyday without my son. We had died almost.)” Sujata continued when Swara was about to leave.

“Jee Uttara toh pagal si ho gayi thi apke bhai ke bina. Ram ji!!! thak chuke thee apni zindagi se. Sab khatam ho suka tha. Par aakhir mei hume harama chora mila us halat mei jaha sab kuch chin chuka tha usse. Kuch bacha na tha uske paas sewaye Badla.(Uttara was like a mad without her brother. Ram ji was exhausted of his life. Everything got finished but at last we found our son in a state when he had nothing, everything was taken away from him. Nothing left except REVENGE)”. Sujata’s words made Swara closed her eyes tightly.

“Swara beta I’m sorry behalf of Uttara as well as mine but we had no other options. It was needed those time, you was the only one through whom we could only break Jeeth ji & Laksh the same way they broke my son, my family.” Sujata said without moving her gaze “Being a woman and a mother of girl I knew I was doing wrong. But my motherly love couldn’t stop myself from helping my son. That why I made sure nobody could see those pics except We & Ragini.” Sujata added further.

“Swara! We all backed out when Laksh bhai didn’t believe any of our proofs. He was adamant to marry you but Ragini bhabhi finished everything. She betrayed all of us, double crossed bhai and then…..!” Uttara said still bowing her head down weeping.

Swara turned around looked at everyone. Her eyes were blank.”You all have successfully succeeded to break DP uncle & Laksh. Your revenge is complete. Now I WANT DIVORCE” Swara said very sharply making everyone shock there.

Out of the room, Ragini was silently listening their conversations. She gasped when Swara talked about Divorce.” It means Swara will snatch my Laksh ji from me. Oh No! If she divorces Sanskar ji, Laksh ji leave me and marry Swara again. No I won’t let that happen. Laksh ji is mine. Only mine. I have to do something, yh! I have to”. Ragini thought and wiped her sweat. Her innocent face turned into a dangerous smirk “Back up plan”. She murmured before leaving, her smile never left her lips.


Next day.

Swara & Sanskar both couldn’t sleep properly thinking about their past and present. Swara got up and moved to washroom, she gazed at her mirror reflection who was chuckling at her fate. Without arguing she came out wearing peach colored long Salwar.

After sometime Sanskar woke up and found Swara adjusting her luggage.

“Swara! What are you going to do?” Sanskar asked not looking at her.

“I’m going back to baadi, to my Maa & Dida.” She said without even looking at him. Suddenly she remembered that Dadi ma & Dada is angry with her and her family had left baadi shifting to her Dida’s house.

Sanskar could understand her silence. He said avoiding eye contact “I will be making everything perfect Swara! Just give me sometime, after that I will……!”. He was cut by Swara.

“You have done a lot Sanskar! Not more now! Just because of your revenge my life, my respect, my family, my relations… everything has destroyed. Do you think you can ever fix those broken relations? Can you bring back my respect which was ruined that day when….. when…. Ragini showed those pics to the whole world……” She roared back at him making him quite. “Now it’s enough! Enough of your revenge.” She said picking up her bag but Allas! She was not that strong to pic that heavy bag.

“Swaraaa! Shambhal kee!” Sanskar said immediately when she stumbled back.

She was weak but still said showing him her plam indicating him to stop coming towards her “No! Don’t! Don’t you dare Sanskar!”. He remembered the old Swara hearing her sharp voice.

“Swara! Listen. You are not well. Doctor said to take you proper rest. Please!” He said remembering the doctor’s words.

“I’m fine! And after all this I’m more than fine. Wish I could never meet you Sanskar! Never again in my life!”. Her words made his face pale.

“Swara!” Ragini barged in the room madly calling out her name.

“Swara! You aren’t going to leave Sanskar ji!” She said while sweat formed in her forehead thinking may be she got late. But thank God Swara was still there. “I’m not late though!” She thought in her mind.

Oh haa! How could Swara left without taking her answers from her sister or you can say betrayer sister Ragini! Was her madness for Laksh that much that she didn’t think twice before destroying everything? Didn’t she think about her maa & Daada Daadi’s relation? How much her sister had changed! Ragini had changed so much and could do anything to get whatever she wanted.

Swara didn’t reply back,just stood there to watch her sister’s madness.

“Swara! Did you head what I said? You aren’t going to Divorce Sanskar ji! At least not now.” Ragini said while Swara & Sanskar saw her firing eyes.

“Ragini! Everything is finished now! You got your Laksh, even I’m now going to……!”Sanskar said but Ragini cut Sanskar off “I don’t care. I haven’t got my Laksh ji yet! And I know this Swara! After leaving you, she will again snatch my Laksh ji from me. I know her. She won’t let me live happily with my Laksh ji. And I’m not letting anyone snatch him from me. He is only mine. Do you get you both? He is my Laksh ji” Ragini screamed starleting Swara.

This Ragini was new for Swara. Her half sister was so innocent and loving but this Ragini! She was something else. Who was blind in her love and could go to any extent to get whatever she wanted.

“Are you done Ragini?” Swara asked her sternly without even giving a damn to her shits.

“Noo! I’m not done. How can you leave Sanskar ji like this? He is your husband. And think about your Maa Swara! What will people say about you and your Maa’s upbringing that her daughter left her in-laws day after marriage?” Ragini said shocking Swara “Your Maa!! She is your Maa too Ragini!” Swara said snapping back.

“Haaaa.haa. My Maa also. Think about her Swara.” Ragini said trying to change her mind but in return Swara passed her a smile that made her shiver for a second “You actually don’t know my opps our Maa Ragini! She will be more than happy if I leave this house or break this marriage which is nothing but a betrayal. A betrayal from my close ones”. Swara said eying Sanskar.

Ragini’s breath was caught thinking about the future. Yeah,she knew her Maa well, she was a self determined woman who didn’t give much to society and people. Soo now she had to use her back up plane to stop Swara from breaking the relation. She had to stop Swara because she and Laksh hadn’t taken their relation to next level, he hadn’t fallen for her. So it would be taking time to make him fall for her. Till then Swara had to be away from Laksh and Swara & Sanskar’s marriage will help her out.

Swara was about to move but Ragini’s words made her froze” You aren’t going to break this marriage Swara! Not at least for 6 months. Otherwise…..!” Ragini said smirking at Sanskar and then Swara.

“What do you mean by 6 months?” Swara asked turning back.

“Ragini! Enough of your drama now! Get one thing straight into your mind that……..!” Sanskar was cut of by Ragini.”Oh! Just shut of Sanskar ji! Don’t speak in between us. We sisters are talking na? Soo be shhh!” Ragini said being annoyed.

“Swara you can’t leave Sanskar ji and break this relation for 6 months, because…!” Ragini said calmly.

“Whatever you say Ragini, I will be breaking this betrayal anyhow. I’m not going to tolerate from now onwards.” Swara said and and again started to move.

“You can’t leave because you have signed this agreement with Sanskar ji and if you try to break the rules …….our Surgom Institute will be destroyed in the very next moment.” Ragini said with a dangerous smirk making Swara & Sanskar hell shocked.

“This is the papers of your agreement.” She threw the papers on table.

Sanskar who was in total shock came back to sense listening Swara’s questions “What papers? What agreement you are talking about Ragini? Haa what happened to you? You are talking about our Surgom Institution.! Haa! Are you out of your mind? That Institute is our dream, our Parent’s dream and you are saying about destroying it.” Swara almost shouted at Ragini and on her non-sense talks.

“I won’t do anything till you will not try to break this agreement.” Ragini said smiling.

“What agreement?” She said taking the papers checking them.

“This can’t happen! I haven’t sign this papers, then how come my signature.” Swara asked in shock seeing her signature.

“It was only you who signed these papers Swara! Do you remember that day when you signed without reading the papers.


Day after that temple drama Ragini asked Swara to sign some papers.” Swara! I need your sign here.”.

“Ok! Give me a minute, let me read and then I will sign.” Swara said.

“Arey Noo! Baba! Read this later, I’m in hurry now! Please sign or else I will be late.” Ragini said showing her puppy dog eyes.

“Ok!okk! M signing” Swara signed those papers without reading while Ragini smiled widely murmuring “I’m sorry Swara!”.
[Check out the part 4 if needed].

Flashback Ends.


Swara stumbled back getting one more betrayal from her dear sister “So it was the papers”. Swara chocked between her words.

“Not only this, you have signed the contract paper of our Surgom Institution also.” Ragini added further smiling madly.

Sanskar snatched the papers from Swara and had a look and a instant smirk appeared on his face “But Ragini! To apply this agreement I have to sign this papers na? I guess you forgot my sign is not here”. He said smirking.

“And you will sign this papers today and right now!” Ragini’s voice was full of confidence.

“And why you think I will sign these papers?” Sanskar asked noticing her smirk.

“Don’t you love Uttara?” Her question changed the colours of their face..

“What do you mean by Uttara!” Sanskar asked her.

“Don’t you think it’s too late that Uttara didn’t come back from Mandir? I mean usually she doesn’t take this much time na?” Ragini asked very innocently.

Without wasting a single second Sanskar dialed her number “The number you have dialed it’s switch off. Please try again later”.

His face was getting tensed. Swara could clearly observed something was wrong.

“What happened Sanskar ji? Is her phone switch off?” Ragini asked blinking her eyes.

He again tried but get the same reply.
His eyes were blood shot red while the force of his fist turned his knuckles white. “Ragini! Where is Uttara?” He asked very calmly but dangerously.

Swara gulped looking at his furious face remembering something.”If any of you ever dare to come near Swara, I will tear your bodies apart. Mark my words!”. She shivered looking at his same intense eyes which hold the capacity to burn everything down.

Ragini’s face turned pale but still she managed to say” Don’t think about Uttara much Sanskar ji! Better you sign the papers before it gets too late.”

Swara was bewildered seeing her innocent sister’s madness. Now what more? What left out? Damn it!

Sanskar furiously took steps towards her making her scared to hell.”I said where is Uttara Ragini?”

“Sign these papers and bring my Laksh ji right now and Uttara will be here the next moment.” Ragini said gulping her saliva due to fear.

Sanskar banged his tight fist on the wall making both of them jump from their places “Ragini! You will be paying hard for playing with me!” He said looking straight in her eyes.

“Sign here now!” Ragini said hand overing the papers.

Sanskar advertsd his gaze to Swara who was looking at him with blank eyes. His eyes get softened seeing her tears. He didn’t want to make any move without her constant now. His one move would be enough to destroy her life once again. He was helpless.

“Sign the papers Sanskar!” Swara said blankly with a emotionless voice.

Sanskar closed his eyes tightly where a wide and winning smile formed on Ragini’s lips.” I did it.!” Her mind congratulated her.

“Here! Take it!” Sanskar glared at her signing the papers unwillingly.

“Bring my Laksh ji now! Don’t be late!” She said and left the room.

Swara sit there with a thud and Sanskar screamed furiously running his fingers through his hairs.


After Sometimes.

“Maa Papa ji! Laksh ji is on the way. He is coming back.” Ragini cried out of happiness.

“God bless you beta! Your prayers worked!” AP said blessing her innocent DIL.

On the other hand Sanskar was continuously checking the door as well as dialing Uttara’s number. “Why Uttu has still not reached?” He asked being impatient and tensed.

A few minutes later Uttara entered the Mansion giving the breath to Swara & mostly Sanskar. He immediately huged her “Uttu! You are okk na?” His concern was clearly audible in his voice.

Uttara was confused seeing his behaviour” Haa! Bhai, m perfectly fine. What will happen?” She asked with a question mark.

“Where were you? And why this much time? Moreover where is cell phone?” Sanskar shooted one after another question marking her more confuse.

“Woo Bhai, I was returning back when I met one of my school friends. I got busy with her, besides I had no phone with me to contact. Don’t how but I left it may be.” Uttara said clearing all the doubts of Swara & Sanskar.

“Why Bhai! Anything wrong? I mean?” Sanskar cut her off” Nei! Uttu! Don’t worry everything is all right.” He said tapping her cheeks.

Ragini was noticing everything adjusting the dining table. Sanskar passed a glare where Swara was disgusted by her tricks. Ragini was smiling wide “Everything is happening the way I want. Now it’s final show time. “She smirked looking at them.


Swara was more devastated getting one more betrayal from her sister. She couldn’t figure out what would she actually do. She was about to leave Sanskar but again circumstances forced her to be with him. She had to be with him for another 6 months. God knows what she would be facing more. “Well is this called DESTINY in front of whom we have to bow our head down not being able to win over it?” Let’s see.


SwaSan’s Room.

Ragini entered the room “This is the copy of your agreement Swara! Keep it safe for upcoming 6th months.” She said taunting Swara.

“Why are you doing this Ragini? Why all this? What you are going to get after destroying everything? Waise bhi you ruined our relations. Now what next?” Swara asked jerking her through shoulders.

“It’s all because of Laksh ji! I want him! I love him Swara! If I wouldn’t have done this I could have never got my Laksh ji!” She said cryingly.

“Ragini! Have you thought if I ever say all this to Laksh?Your planning & plotting everything.! What will you do?” Swara asked folding her both hands over her cheast.

“No! You can’t do that. You will not say anything to Laksh ji! And I know he doesn’t trust you anymore. You are a betrayer for him who slept with his brother………..!!” Sanskar roared at her “Shut your f**king mouth up Ragini! Just shut up!” His next move made Swara & Ragini scared. His hand was placed on her neck pressing her throat “One more word you will bark against Swara! I will kill you..” He was still pressing her neck. Swara came back to her sense and tried to mave him back” Sanskar! Leave her.! Leave her Sanskar! She will die!” Swara was trying to push him but couldn’t. She was witnessing the same furious Sanskar after so many Years. It will be not easy to stop him.

“Sanskar! I said leave her.! You have my swear.” Swara shouted while Sanskar looked at her with wide eyes and the next moment he left her throat.

Ragini was coughing badly, tears flowed from her eyes making it red. Swara passed a glass of water to her.

“Enough of her drama now Swara! It’s enough! Tomorrow morning I’m going to make everything perfect. I will accept my crime.” Sanskar said not thinking further.

“You aren’t going to do anything like that!”.Ragini said with fear.

“I will! I will Mrs Ragini.! Let’s see who will stop me! You just wait and watch.” His threatens made her quiet for a second.

“I won’t let you do that..NEVER!” Ragini left the room thinking.” Time to use the triumphcard now!”. Her dangerous smirk was more than enough to let us know SOMETHING REALLY VERY BAD IS ON THE WAY.


Precap- Bang bang..!! Watch out Ragini! Now you are going to face me, SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI.


Hilo guyz! Finally I post this chapter.! Yeeei.! Oki, I’m myself not satisfied with it. Hope it was worthy enough to read.
If someone is expecting that he will fall for her instantly then I’m soo sorry to say It will be taking a bit more time. I hope you all understand. Weeeiiiii! A humble request to all the readers to read the prologue and intro again.! Mainly the prologue and Swara’s character intro. Many readers have many questions but all I can say “TRUST ME”.This is just a start.


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